13 Awesome Nail Polish Gift Sets for 2023

The 13 best rated nail polish gift sets for any occasion pin https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Looking to put a smile on someone’s face? You can’t go wrong with nail polish gift sets.

They’re cute, customizable, and they’re easy to wrap!

There’s also a nail polish gift set for everyone.

Vegan friend? No problem! Need a halal polish? We’ve got you covered.

Serial polish collector, who has everything? We’ve even got a fix for that too!

Nail polish gift sets work for so many people and for so many occasions – from birthdays and baby showers, to anniversaries and Christmas.

They also make great corporate gifts, or even wedding favors!

In this post, I’m gonna show you some of the very best nail polish gift sets available.

This isn’t a thrown-together list – oh no!

The nail polish gift sets you are about to see have been carefully curated.

Each gift is rated on these key criteria:

  • Value for money.
  • The packaging.
  • The variety of products or colors.
  • Uniqueness.
  • Desirability.

So let’s dive right into my ultimate favorite nail polish gift sets!

1. OPI – Customised 3 polish set.

opi1 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

In nail polish gift sets you always get that one color that’s just a bit, well….meh.

Not with this set you don’t!

For $34.95 plus shipping, OPI lets you choose 3 full-sized polishes from 34 of their most iconic colors.

6 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

This means you can easily tailor your selection to the recipient’s tastes and even their skin tone. (Check out our article on how to match nail polish to your skin tone here).

You also get to choose the packaging.

There are 20 possible designs, with cute options for bridesmaids, congratulations, Hannukah and thank yous as well as the usual birthday and Christmas designs.

2 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

You can also add a personalized message on some of the options.

Let’s go through our checklist:

  • Is it value for money?

Not bad, without shipping it works out at just over $11 dollars per 15 ml bottle.

  • How nice is the packaging?

10/10 – The box designs are totally cute and you get to pick your fav!

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Yes, with 34 colors to choose from you can ensure a nice variety of colors.

  • How unique is it?

Because of the customisable packaging and color options, your gift will be very unique!

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Absolutely, I’d be very happy to get this super cute and thoughtful gift.

2. Zoya – quad gift sets.

2 1 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

At $30 plus shipping for 4 nail polishes, Zoya’s Quad box nail polish gift sets are a great value gift option.

There are currently 16 different gift box combos to choose from.

They all come in a sleek, minimal, black-windowed box. The box is very sophisticated and stylish and works for any occasion.

Zoya’s quad sets are slightly better value than the OPI 3 polish gift sets, but with Zoya you don’t have as much choice in the colors and there’s no options for customising your gift 🙁

They have nice options for holo polishes and a cute sparkling option, but in a lot of them the colors are a little bit same-y.

Let’s see how Zoya’s quad nail polish gift sets match up with our checklist:

  • Good value for money?

Yes, great value! – it works out at $7.5 per 14.78 ml bottle.

  • How nice is the packaging?

8/10 – It’s sleek and feels lux but it could be more exciting.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

In some boxes you get a good selection, but others seem a bit too similar.

  • How unique is it?

The lack of customisation options leaves little room for creativity and personalisation.

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Yes, Zoya polishes are fantastic quality and this is a gift that says “you are sophisticated and stylish”.

3. Smith and Cult – cult favourites nail trio.

smith cult fav nail trio https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

I lurve Smith and cult’s polish bottles, they make great gifts because they’re just so boujie.

Their “cult favourites” trio gift set comes with 3 polishes and a super cute pink pouch for $49 plus shipping.

2 2 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

You don’t get a choice of colors and there are no options to customise, but the shades are gorgeous and very versatile.

You get:

  • A dark metallic crimson red – The Message.
  • A creamy rose nude – Forever Fades Fast.
  • A metallic gold – Consequence of fame.

All these polishes are full-sized and are 8-free formulas so there are no nasty chemicals.

They are also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

Time to consult the checklist:

  • Is it good value for money?

It’s not the cheapest option. Smith & Cult polishes usually sell for $18 per bottle.

In these nail polish gift sets, It works out at just over $16 per 14 ml bottle – plus you get the cute pouch.

  • How nice is the packaging?

10/10 – the packaging is elegant and classy. Totally IG-able.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Yes, you get 3 different colors that will work well for most people.

  • How unique is it?

There are no options to customise, and I suspect most people will already have a red and a gold, but what it lacks in uniqueness it makes up for in cuteness!

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Smith & cult polishes? Yes! This particular gift set, no.

I’m not into red or gold – the pinky nude is really cute though.

4. Nails inc – Nude in the tropics.

nude in the tropics https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

This four polish collection is 73% plant based, which is astounding for a nail polish!

It’s also vegan, cruelty free and halal friendly.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for someone who is conscious about what they put on their skin, this is perfect because it’s also 21 free!

For $25 plus shipping you’ll get 4 x 14 ml full sized bottles in a cute, eco-friendly leafy green box.

This is an off the shelf buy, so no customisation options.

You get 3 shades of pink and a clear topcoat (the topcoat is 80% plant based and dries glossy in the sunlight).

Here’s what’s in the box:

2 3 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/
  • A candy pink
  • A warm dusty pink nude
  • A browny nude pink
  • A clear topcoat

Let’s check this one against our key questions:

  • Is it good value for money?

Excellent value! It works out at just $6.25 a bottle plus shipping.

  • How nice is the packaging?

9/10 – This is cute! The gold writing is a nice touch and the green leaves really contrast nicely with the pink!

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Even though it’s all pink, pink does tend to work for everyone and there is a fair bit of variety in the shades, so a thumbs up overall.

  • How unique is it?

It scores major points for being mostly plant based and 21 free!

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Absolutely! I can see my posts on social media already…

5. Jin Soon – Make your set.

jin soon https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Jin Soon’s slogan is “high fashion in a bottle” and their gift sets certainly look the part!

For $38 plus shipping you can create your own Jin soon high fashion 3 polish gift set.

They come in a chic and stylish black gift box which contrasts with the individual white polish boxes inside.

You are literally spoilt for choice with this one. You can choose any 3 polishes from a total of 87 different colors! How awesome is that?

2 4 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

You can have basic neutral colors in the mix if you want, but there are also some amazing fun shades to choose from (Blue Iris and Soubrette are fabulous) and some awesome glitter options – got my eye on Shake it and Fab too!

The polishes are all vegan friendly and are 10 free with no parabens.

Let’s run Jin Soon’s gift set by our checklist:

Is it good value for money?

Certainly not the cheapest option – after all, this is high fashion darling!

Jin Soon polishes normally sell for $18 each, so you are saving $16 dollars when you buy 3 and getting a nice gift box!

However, they come in 11 ml bottles which is slightly less than the 14 to 15 ml standard.

This set works out at just over 12 and a half dollars per 11 ml bottle.

How nice is the packaging?

9/10. The box is sleek and minimal.

I love how you just get to see a peek of the color through the tiny slit in the centre of each polish box – it really adds to the excitement!

Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Hell yeah! This is the biggest selection of colors I’ve seen for a customised nail polish gift.

How unique is it?

Pretty unique. With so many color choices, you can easily tailor it to your friend or family members tastes.

Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Yep. 100%. This is a winner!

6. Deborah Lippman – Brave, Honest, Beautiful gift set.

BRAVE HONEST BEAUTIFUL https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

What a great name for a gift set! I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be seen as brave, honest and beautiful!

In this Deborah Lippman gift set, you get 9 x 8 ml bottles (so the same amount of polish you’d get in around 5 full sized bottles).

The price is $45 and for that you get 7 full coverage cream polishes and 2 shimmer polishes.

BRAVE HONEST BEAUTIFUL 2 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

This is a timeless collection, so the colors are classy and elegant.

You’ll find sophisticated shades that are all very chic and wearable.

This is a gift set that will work for any skin tone so no need to worry about clashes.

Here’s a list of the colors you get:

  • Light grey
  • Gold shimmer
  • Cool stony blue
  • Peachy pink
  • Teal with blue and pink shimmer
  • Deep mauve
  • Anchor blue-gray
  • Classic red
  • Plum

All Deborah Lippman polishes 10 free, vegan and not tested on animals.

Let’s go to our checklist:

  • Is it good value for money?

Very reasonable. It’s 5 dollars a bottle (but remember they are only 8 mls each).

I did some math and that works out at roughly 9 dollars per 14 mls (full sized bottle).

So the price is competitive.

  • How nice is the packaging?

7/10 – nothing special but it’s pretty.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Yes, you get a good selection of polishes that are versatile and very wearable.

  • How unique is it?

Not very unique. There’s no option to customise and this set doesn’t have a cool unique selling point like some of the others.

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

It would make a great gift for someone who doesn’t already have a ton of polishes, but it’s not for me personally as I already have my basics covered.

7. Orly – Create your own custom color.

original2 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Are you the creative type?

Ever thought about making your own signature nail polish color?

Well that’s exactly what you can do with Orly’s custom color gift option!

For $20 plus shipping you can customise your very own nail polish color using a photo.

You even get to name your creation!

It only works on mobile.

Here’s the URL:


I’m super excited about this, the possibilities are endless!

Why not take a pic of your friend in her fav sweater and make her a nail polish to match!

Or you could create a color based on a favorite lipstick, glasses, jewelry, paint color, piece of art – anything really! The only limit is your creativity.

I had a go myself and the process is super easy.

You just choose an image and you’ll get some color suggestions.

pick 3 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Pick the one you like and then you can either keep it as it is, or play with the saturation and brightness until you like what you see!

6 1 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Once you’re happy you can give your polish a unique and personalised name (maximum of 35 characters) and then add it to your cart.

Let’s run this gift option by out checklist:

Is it good value for money?

At $20 dollars for a single bottle (double the usual price) this stuff aint cheap!

But if you have a great idea for a shade and a name – the reaction could be priceless!

Your gift will be extremely unique and personal – so I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

How nice is the packaging?

Um, you don’t really get fancy packaging with this one, just a regular orly nail polish bottle with a customised label.

Is there a good variety of products or colors?

You can make a polish based on a personal photo, Orly’s sample photos or any image you can find online. So orly scores maximum points for color choice!

How unique is it?

Doesn’t get any better than this.

With the color and the label both being fully customisable – this one scores maximum points for creativity and uniqueness.

Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Yep, definitely! I want one so bad!

You will get super brownie points for effort with this one – even though it’s really easy!

8. Sunday’s –  Wellness gift box.

2 5 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Sunday’s is a lifestyle brand that focuses on self-care.

Their nail polishes are all non-toxic, vegan friendly and salon quality.

All the polishes are made in New York, which is where their 3 nail salons are based.

For $56 you can get a Wellness gift box which contains 3 full sized (14 ml) polishes.

You get to choose the 3 colors you want, and there are plenty of different shade options.

Each color has a number (or a letter and a number) so you should be able to easily keep track of the colors you like and create a trio that anyone will love!

The polishes come in a simple white box that’s very minimal and elegant – a perfectly classy gift for any occasion.

Let’s see how this gift set performs according to our checklist:

  • Is it good value for money?

At over $18 per 14 ml bottle – this is one of the more expensive options on our list.

  • How nice is the packaging?

8/10. The simple white box this gift set comes in is elegan, stylish and fits the brand perfectly.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Yes, absolutely – you get to choose from favourites from a total of 61 different options.

  • How unique is it?

With so many color options, it’s easy to create a unique personalised gift.

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Yes! In case you’re wondering – I like 21, 31, 32, 36 and 50.

9. J Hannah – Create your own 3 set.

3 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

If you (or whoever you’re buying for) loves natural, earthy, or muted colors then this create your own gift set is bound to please.

J Hannah is an L.A jewelry designer that makes stunning polishes based around all things natural, from artichokes to ancient relics.

There are 16 unusual (but oh so calming and tranquil) shades to choose from, and a custom 3 polish gift will cost you $52 plus shipping.

2 6 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

The 3 polishes you choose will be full sized bottles – 14.8 mls each.

A word of advice – the mini sets on J Hannah’s website are super cute but they are terrible value for money compared to the create your own set.

In the mini set – you get 5 x 3.7 ml minis which is 18.5 mils of polish in total. The price is 54 dollars for the mini set.

The set I’m recommending (Create your Own) is much better value. Yes, you only get 3 colors instead of 5 but you get 44.4 mls of polish (that’s more than double) for 2 dollars less than the mini set!!!

Hannah J’s colors are absolutely gorgeous. I love how you can read about the inspiration behind each color on the website.

This is the perfect gift for someone with a warm skin tone because warm skin tones suit earthy colors with a lot of yellow in them, and this collection seems to be predominantly warm colors.

Let’s bust out that checklist:

Is it good value for money?

It’s on the expensive side. This set works out at just over 17 dollars for a bottle.

How nice is the packaging?

8/10. A classy white box with very simple and minimal branding.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

With only 16 colors in the entire collection – with this brand it’s more about quality than quantity.

The choice is very limited. If you like blues and purples you’re out of luck.

How unique is it?

The concept and the colors are both very unique.

Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Nope. I’m a cool toned gal so most of the colors wouldn’t work so well for my skin tone.

10. Butter London – Zodiac Nail Vault.

layer comp 3 2 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

At a whopping $150, this is the most expensive gift set on our list.

But if you want to really treat someone, this is a great option that shows that you wanted to go above and beyond.

In this zodiac themed gift set, you get 12 full sized 11 ml polishes (from the Patent Shine collection) that will take you through the whole year!

1 1 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Plus you get a topcoat and a strengthening treatment as well!

There’s a great mix of colors, including a dark and a light gray, a pale and a rose pink, a moody blue, a vampy red, an off white and a nude, a dark and a light purple, a classic red and a sunny yellow.

3 1 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Let’s consult the checklist on this one.

  • Is it good value for money?

Yes. Each 11 ml polish works out at just over $10 dollars.

  • How nice is the packaging?

10/10. This comes in a large, very impressive black zodiac themed box with gold writing. The polishes are displayed in a wheel which is unique and interesting.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Absolutely. You get a good variety so there’s bound to be a color they love!

These colors are all very wearable too.

  • How unique is it?

The zodiac theme makes this nail polish gift set extremely unique.

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Yes, please!

11. Cote – 6 Piece Traveller set.

cote travel2 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

This 6 piece traveller nail polsh set from French brand Cote contains 6 x 11 ml bottles of polish and will set you back $42 plus shipping.

This is a selection of fall and winter colors and as you would expect from the French, they are all tres chic!

Each of the colors in this gift set are also technically neutrals which means that they should go with any outfit – yay!

You get a red, a navy, a slate gray shimmer, a cappuccino brown, a taupe and a pinky-taupe nude.

Despite being French – these polishes are made in the USA.

All the polishes are vegan and cruelty free, and the bottles are made from italian glass.

Their brushes are also very good quality and easy to use.

But how do they stack up against our checklist?

  • Is it good value for money?

It works out at $7 dollars a bottle, which isn’t the cheapest of the bunch considering the bottles are only 11 mls but it’s certainly not bad value at all.

  • How nice is the packaging?

7/10 Very chic. They come in a minimal white box.

They’ve tried to arrange them like test tubes or something which is a bit different but doesn’t really work for me.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Yes the variety of shades is really good. There’s no-one these colors won’t work for!

  • How unique is it?

I guess the test-tube-esque presentation is kinda unique but the colors are classic.

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Sure. you can never have too many neutrals. I wear neutral polish more than anything else because it goes with everything!

12. Tenoverten – Rose holiday limited edition set.

rose https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Tenoverten is another NY based salon that’s also made a name for itself in the polish world.

They offer upmarket, exclusive, limited edition gift sets which can change at any time.

For $45, at the moment you can snag their Rose Holiday limited edition gift set.

You get 3 full sized (13 .3 ml) polishes and an 8 ml natural rose nourishing cuticle oil.

This set also comes with a limited edition conscious hand care pouch.

The cuticle oil is packed full of lovely, nail nourishing ingredients like rose flower oil, as well as jojoba, pomegranate and sweet almond oils.

And the polish shades (Jane, watts and Hester) are all pink.

You get a canyon clay shade (which is like a reddish brown) a mauve, and a pinky nude.

Let’s consult our checklist:

  • Is it good value for money?

Um. So so. Works out at $15 for each 13.3 ml bottle – but that’s without counting the cuticle oil.

It’s not the best and it’s not the worst.

  • How nice is the packaging?

6/10. It is limited edition, but is basically a canvas bag.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Not really. It’s basically 3 shades of pink.

 They are all different though, and very wearable.

  • How unique is it?

Very unique, this gift set is limited edition so it won’t be around for long!

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Yes I would be very happy with this. The rose cuticle oil sounds amazing and the shades are cute.

13. Holo taco – Frosted Metals Collection set.

1 2 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

Do you love shiny things?

HoloTaco is the brainchild of Cristine Rotenberg, who runs the Simply Nailogical Youtube channel.

Her frosted metals collection is bringing the bling.

2 7 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/

It will cost you $65. And for that you’ll get 5 x 12 ml metallic foil polishes with serious sass!

These are not glitter nail polishes, so they are a lot easier to remove than glitters, but they still give you that glitter look – without the hassle.

The names of these polishes are great. Here’s what you get:

3 1 https://nailhow.com/13-awesome-nail-polish-gift-sets-for-2020/
  • Fake date – a frosty metallic lilac.
  • Mint money – It’s money colored don’t ya know!
  • Cheap champagne – a frosty rose gold.
  • Cold shoulder – An icy blue hue.
  • Gift receipt – a sassy silver.

Let’s run through that checklist one last time:

  • Is it good value for money?

It’s somewhere in the middle – works out at $13 per polish.

  • How nice is the packaging?

10/10. It’s super cool, and shiny.

  • Is there a good variety of products or colors?

Well, they are all metallics… but there are different colored metallics.

  • How unique is it?

It’s limited edition, so pretty unique.

  • Would I like to receive this as a gift?

Of course – who doesn’t love shiny things?

Let’s wrap this up.

So, that’s it.

I put a ton of research into finding the very best nail gift sets out there, so I hope that I saved you some time and money by helping you find the perfect nail polish gift set for your special someone.

Happy shopping – see ya!

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