Christmas nail colors you’ll love to own in 2023

Looking for some cute on-trend Christmas nail colors?

Whether you want something festive for a big bash or winter polish inspo, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll show you our favorite nail polish shades that will take you through this year’s holidays.

And as an extra little Christmas bonus, we’ll also give you some expert tips and advice for choosing the right nail color for you.

So scroll down and check out our top nail polish picks for the 2023 holiday season!

Christmas nail colors 2022

Let’s kick things off with the classics.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without an abundance of red, green, and gold.

Forest green, candy cane red, and glitzy gold are classic Christmas shades that will never go out of style.

For a simple, stylish, and traditional look, wear one of the colors below on their own, and your nails will be selfie and Santa-ready.

Or you can combine 2 or 3 of these classic colors in a cute design to create a little festive magic.

The perfect Christmas red nail polish:

Toy to the World by Essie is the perfect Christmas red.

I wear it a lot.

ESSIE toy to the world red christmas nail polish 2

It’s a vibrant coral with undertones of pink that was released in 2021.

You might also like Wrapped in Luxury which is a deeper burgundy red from the winter 2022 collection.

essie christmas red polish wrapped in
Wrapped in Luxury

A festive forest green:

I’ve tried a few different greens, but I like this one for Christmas vibes.

It’s OPI’s Called My Studio’s on Spring.

My Studios on Spring forest green christmas polish

I also like Essie’s Force of Nature which is a classic forest green from the Winter 2022 collection.

I found that this color goes with a lot more than I’d imagined.

essie force of nature green polish

A gorgeous gold:

OPI’s Sleigh Bells Bling is a gorgeous metallic gold from the 2022 Holiday collection.

I tried a nail art design with this and Toy to the world and the colors go really well together.

opi Sleigh Bells Bling gold polish

I’m also crushing on Zoya’s Goldie which is a cool-toned gold for cooler-skinned beauties.

I don’t usually wear gold polish, but I love wearing this one because it doesn’t seem too warm and rich against my skin.

zoya Goldie gold nail polish

If you want something a little less traditional/obvious but still festive, try an eye-catching glitter polish in red, green, or gold.

Opi’s Decked to the pines is a great alternative green color for 2022 for example.

opi Decked to the Pines green shimmer polish

You could also go for a metallic finish in copper, silver, eggplant, or ice blue.

I find that Christmas red polish goes really well with blue, and silver by the way.

No matter what route you go, your nails are sure to make a statement this Christmas!

Holiday nail colors

Here are some more great nail colors for the 2022 holiday season.

Silvery chrome

Chrome polish comes in every color. But silver is what’s trending right now.

Chrome silver is best described as a high-shine alternative to silver.

It has a mirror finish and a little more impact than classic silver.

Try OPi’s Go big or go Chrome.

opi Go Big or Go Chrome silver polish


Pink may seem like an odd choice for the holidays, but every shade from the palest ice-cool pink to the fiercest Fuschia is fair game this year.

Since pink is a trending nail color for Christmas 2022, You’ll find some really nice options in the OPI Winter 2022 collection.

My favs are Merry and Ice

opi Merry Ice pink christmas polish

and the glitter polish called I pink it’s snowing.

opi I Pink Its Snowing

Lux brown

Most of the winter 2022 nail polish collections have a luxurious brown in there.

Stay on trend for Christmas 2022 with OPI’s Bring out the big gems

opi Bring out the Big Gems brown polish

– a stunning metallic reddish brown shade that looks great on warm skin tones.

Or try Essie’s Midnight Delight – a Cognac brown that is more neutral so works well for neutral and cooler skin tones.

What nail colors are in for winter 2022?

So we’ve already talked about silver chrome, pink, and lux brown which are all trending for winter and Christmas 2022.

So what other colors are in right now?


Well, gray is another color that nearly always features in winter and Christmas collections, and this year is no exception.

Essie has 2 gray polishes in its 2022 Wrapped in Luxury collection.

Sleigh it

essie sleigh it polish

is a warm mid-toned gray with brown undertones and works really well for those with warmer skin tones.

While Carols and Caviar

essie carols and caviar polish

is a darker, moodier blackened gray shade with cool blue undertones.

I wore this a few times this winter and I can highly recommend it for fellow cool-skinned beauties.

Alternative greens

Other green shades are also trending for Christmas 2022.

Sage and teal in particular are great alternatives to the classic Christmas greens.

Try OPI’s Tealing Festive

opi Tealing Festive polish

or Essie’s Head to Mistletoe.

essie head to mistletoe polish

Christmas nail colors ideas

If you’re in need of inspiration for your Christmas nail color choices this section’s for you.

Here are some nail color ideas for you to try out this Christmas.

Classic Christmas nail colors

  • Cherry red
  • Candy cane red
  • Forest Green
  • Emerald green
  • Bright Gold
  • Crisp pure white
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Royal Purple

Sophisticated Christmas nail colors

  • Blue Gray
  • Soft white
  • Copper
  • Sage green
  • Pale gold
  • Royal blue
  • Sky blue

Neutral Christmas nail colors

  • Dove gray
  • Charcoal gray
  • Olive green
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Chocolate brown
  • Tan
  • Navy
  • True red (not technically neutral but works like one because it’s become a classic).

Fun Christmas nail colors

  • Hot pink
  • Lime green
  • Teal
  • Bright purple
  • Mint green
  • Bold orange
  • Anything glittery or metallic

Dark winter nail colors

  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Mustard
  • Dark Brown
  • Black
  • Charcoal gray
  • Royal blue
  • Forest Green

Best Christmas nail colors

The best Christmas nail color for you is going to be one that matches your skin tone, your outfit, and the occasion.

So in this section, I want to give you some tips and advice/things to consider when choosing a Christmas nail color.

Tips for choosing the best Christmas nail colors

  1. When in doubt – go red. A classic red is the easiest Christmas nail color to pull off. It will suit all skin tones so you can’t go wrong.
  2. Consider the age of your hands. Older hands should stay away from blues and bluey purples as these colors can draw attention to the signs of aging like blue veins etc (reds and reddish orange shades are most flattering on mature hands).
  3. Think about the occasion. Whether you’re going for a traditional family dinner or a festive night out, make sure your nails are appropriate for the setting.
  4. Think about what you’re wearing. This is super important. after all, you don’t want your nails to clash with your favorite party dress! If you are worried about color matching, choose a neutral nail color like white, navy, tan, or gray.
  5. Consider your skin tone. How light or dark your skin is and whether you’re warm or cool-toned can affect how good your polish looks. This is a great article that will help you figure out what nail polish colors will suit you best.
  6. Wear what suits your style and personality. If you like bold, eye-catching nails then Christmas is a great opportunity to embrace that! But if you’re more of a minimalist type like me, then keep it simple and don’t be tempted to jazz it up just because its Christmas.
  7. Check what colors are trending. You’ll notice that this is the last item on my list of things to consider. This is deliberate. Cause’ who cares what colors are trending if they don’t suit your personal style? By all means, wear trending nail polish colors, but make sure they work for you before you buy.

Let’s wrap this up

Christmas is a time when we can really let our creative side out and experiment with fun nail colors.

This year, consider trying some of the trending nail colors for winter 2022 or going with a classic and more traditional look.

Whichever color you choose, make sure it matches your skin tone, outfit, occasion and personality.

Happy polishing!


What are the best christmas nail colors?

The best Christmas nail colors will vary depending on your skin tone, outfit, occasion, and personality.

However, some popular Christmas nail colors include red, forest green, Bright gold, Silver, and Blue.

How do I choose the best Christmas nail color for me?

First, find out whether you are cool-toned or warm-toned and go with a polish in the same tone as your skin.

Another way is to try to match the intensity of your skin’s lightness or darkness when choosing a nail color.

What should I avoid when choosing a Christmas nail color?

Avoid non-Christmassy colors like bright yellows and pastels and any color that doesn’t work with your skin tone or outfit.


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