Light blue nail polish (55 beautiful shades for 2023)

Everyone should have a light blue nail polish in their collection!

Pale blue nails are super versatile, and they’re trending hard right now.

Since Pantone named periwinkle color of the year (for 2022) everyone’s been going crazy for light blue everything, nails included!

If you’re currently crushing on light blue nails, you came to the right place!

This post is packed full of useful information about light blue nail polishes.

We’ve gathered together all the best light blue polishes from popular brands like Essie, OPI, and Zoya.

We’ve also included some expert tips to help you choose the right light blue polish shade for you.

Sound good?

Let the hunt for your perfect light blue polish begin!

What color is light blue nail polish?

Light blue nail polish is a pretty wide term.

There are lots of different blue shades that come under the umbrella of “light” blue.

Light blues could be true blues, green blues, or even purple blues.

So if you’re looking for light blue nail polish, you’ve got lots of options to choose from!

Below are some of the words that might be used to describe light blue nail polishes.

Light blue nail polish names:

  • baby blue
  • sky blue
  • pastel blue
  • cornflower blue
  • tiffany blue
  • robins egg blue
  • aqua
  • periwinkle
  • powder blue

This is not an exhaustive list, maybe you can think of 1 or 2 shades I missed…

Anyhoo, now that we have some idea of the different colors of light blue nail polish, let’s look at some beautiful light blue nail polish colors!

Best light blue nail polishes

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best light blue nail polishes for you.

Here’s the full list of gorgeous light blues:

OPI light blue polish

opi Its a Boy light blue polish

It’s a Boy! – a light, breezy baby blue that’s perfect for spring.

opi Suzi Without a Paddle light blue polish

Suzi Without a Paddle – a cool tranquil light blue nail polish shade.

opi Gelato on My Mind light blue polish

Gelato on My Mind – a sweet, icy cool pastel robin’s egg blue.

opi Eternally Turquoise light blue polish

Eternally Turquoise – a soft and shimmery pale blue-green.

opi To Infinity Blue Yond light blue polish

To Infinity & Blue-Yond – a cool-toned sky blue polish shade.

opi Sky True to Yourself light blue polish

Sky True to Yourself – a light sky blue with plenty of shimmer.

opi Cant Find My Czechbook light blue polish

Can’t Find My Czechbook – a showstopping aqua blue.

opi To Be Continued... light blue polish

To Be Continued… – a soft and demure periwinkle blue shade.

opiReach for the Sky light blue polish

Reach for the Sky – a cool and stunning space cadet blue.

opi kanpai opi light blue polish

Kanpai OPI! – a light periwinkle gray-blue polish color.

opi Cant CTRL Me light blue polish

Can’t CTRL Me – a light blue with shimmer from the x-box collection.

Essie light blue nail polish colors:

essie blooming friendships light blue polish

blooming friendships – a light sky blue with yellow undertones. Perfect for warm-skinned beauties.

essie getting intricate light blue polish

getting intricate – a charming eggshell blue.

essie dye mentions light blue polish

dye-mentions – a pale powder blue nail polish shade.

essie flight of fantasy light blue polish

flight of fantasy – a muted pastel blue from the spring 2022 collection.

essie salt water happy light blue polish

salt water happy – a sugary sweet light Atlantic blue shade.

essie bikini so teeny light blue polish

bikini so teeny – a cornflower blue that’s pretty and provocative.

essie behind the glass light blue polish

behind the glass – a playful dusty blue color.

Orly light blue polish:

orly far out light blue polish 1

Far Out – a cornflower blue that stands out from the crowd.

orly Forget Me Not light blue polish

Forget Me Not – a pastel sky blue that’s as delicate as a flower.

orly Glass Half Full light blue polish

Glass Half Full – aqua blue with a subtle shimmer.

orly Bleu Iris light blue polish 1

Bleu Iris – a light pastel cornflower blue.

Zoya light blue polish names:

zoya Emerson light blue

Emerson – a modern, light baby blue.

zoya Kristen light blue polish

Kristen – a gull gray with a hint of blue.

zoya Blu light blue

Blu – a dreamy and delicate soft baby blue nail polish color.

zoya Eleni light blue polish

Eleni – a light seafoam blue.

zoya Lillian light blue polish

Lillian – a faded aquamarine blue.

zoya Lake light blue polish

Lake – a soft, cool-toned blue.

zoya Lake light blue polish 1

Fisher – a sunkissed seafoam with gold micro-shimmer. Perfect for a day at the beach.

zoya Mosheen light blue glitter polish

Mosheen – an icy blue topper for when you need a little extra something.

zoya Yummy light blue polish

Yummy – a happy and light sweet sky blue that looks great on both light and dark skin.

zoya Rayne light blue polish

Rayne – a spring metallic turquoise blue.

zoya Rebel light blue polish

Rebel – a light sky blue metallic with silver shimmer.

zoya Val light blue polish

Val – a calming, relaxing mid-tone sky blue.

Jolie vegan light blue polish:

joliev eganYou Are Stunning light blue polish

YOU ARE STUNNING – a light, icy blue that’s delicate and dreamy.

Holo Taco light blue polish:

holo taco BEP BEP BLUE light blue polish

BEP BEP BLUE – a light cornflower blue that’s highly pigmented. Make sure you use base coat so your nails don’t stain!

10 Free light blue nail polishes:

10 free HANGIN WITH MY PEEPS light blue

HANGIN’ WITH MY PEEPS – a soft and light pastel blue.

10 free SMOOTH SAILING light blue

SMOOTH SAILING – a pastel blue with a hint of periwinkle.

Peacci light blue nail polish:

peacci Double Denim light blue

Double Denim – a classic denim blue.

Yapa beauty light blue polish:

yappy Poppy light blue 1

Poppy – a bluey-purple polish.

Dear sundays light blue:

dear sundays L.03 light blue

L.03 – a milky sky blue periwinkle shade.

Flora 1761 light blue polish:

flora 1761 FORGET ME NOT light blue

FORGET-ME-NOT – a sky blue polish color.

ILNP light blue nail polish names:

ilnp SNOW GLOBE light blue

SNOW GLOBE – pastel baby blue with gold flakes that’s perfect for winter.

ilnp BLUEBIRD light blue polish

BLUEBIRD – a muted periwinkle with vibrant electric blue flakes.

ilnp high dive light blue polish

HIGH DIVE – a cool, crisp blue-violet shade with neon power.

ilnp RAINSHOWER light blue polish

RAINSHOWER – a pale periwinkle pastel with orange shimmer.

Pear nova light blue polish:

pear nova my candy rain light blue polish

MY CANDY RAIN – a pale turquoise cream.

Smith & Cult light blue:

smith and cult EXIT THE VOID light blue

EXIT THE VOID – a pale periwinkle.

Cote Light blue polish:

cote No. 118 light blue polish 1

No. 118 Chalky Light Blue – a milky light blue that’s relaxing and calm.

Olive and June light blue nail polish:

olive and june HONEST TRUE

HONEST & TRUE – a serene blue nail polish color.

jin soon light blue polish:

jin soon AERO light blue

AERO – a sweet and playful baby blue.

Butter London light blue polish:

butter london Candy Floss light blue

Candy Floss – a soft powder blue.

Barry M light blue polish:

barry m Lake House light blue polish

Lake House – a soft and light baby blue color.

barry m Periwinkle light blue

Periwinkle – a light blue nail polish shade.

CHINA GLAZE light blues:

china glaze DONT BE SHALLOW light blue

DON’T BE SHALLOW – a light blue that will see you through spring and summer.

Nails inc light blue:

nails inc Regents Place light blue

Regents Place – a cornflower blue nail polish shade.

Wow! That was quite the list!

I hope you found something you like.

Now that you’ve perused all the polishes, let’s talk about who can wear light blue nail polish.

Does light blue nail polish suit everyone?

Light blue is a universally flattering color that can be beautiful for anyone.

It doesn’t matter if you have fair skin, medium skin, olive skin, or dark skin.

There’s a light blue polish that will work for you.

If you have pale skin, particularly with cool tones, then any light blue shade is going to look beautiful on you.

Medium-skinned beauties may like to go for a medium to light sea blue. Green blues like tiffany blue can also help to accentuate tanned skin.

Olive-skinned beauties may want to avoid pastel blues and choose something that’s a little less soft.

Dark-skinned beauties can wear almost any light blue nail polish color.

But you may want to avoid going too light as this will contrast a little too much.

Pastels like sky blue look beautiful against darker skin.

Any age group can wear light blue polish.

However, light blue isn’t always the best choice for those will older hands.

That’s because blue nail polish can draw attention to blue veins and age spots.

If you want to make your hands appear more youthful, avoid blue entirely and go for an orange-red shade.

When can you wear light blue nail polish?

In this section, we’ll talk about how versatile light blue nails are.

Can you wear them all year round?

Do they work for special occasions?

How about a job interview?

Let’s find out.

Seasonally, light blue nails are perfect for spring and summer. They’re light, airy, and fresh.

But they can also work well for fall and winter too.

In fact, some light, icy cool blue shades are actually kinda perfect for the cold winter months.

Light blue nail polish is a great choice for special occasions like a wedding, prom, or a party.

It also works well for casual events like a trip to the beach or a day out shopping with friends.

Pale blue nails might be ok to wear to work, depending on the field you are in.

If you are in a very conservative work environment, you may want to save the light blues for the weekend.

Light blue nails may not be the perfect choice for a job interview.

If you want to make a good impression, navy blue is a much better choice.

What does light blue nail polish mean?

Light blue nail polish does have a specific meaning on TikTok.

We’ll get to that in a second.

First I want to talk a little bit about what light blue polish symbolizes.

Psychologically, light blues are associated with calmness, tranquility, and relaxation.

Being the colors of the sea and the sky, pale blues are seen as refreshing and free.

It’s a creative and dreamy color that’s often linked to gentleness and innocence.

But what does it mean on TikTok?

Well, light blue nails have become bro code for “this girl is taken”.

So if you wear light blue nails, some people may assume that you have a boyfriend.

Are blue nails in fashion?


Light blue nails have been trending since Pantone revealed Veri Peri (a deep periwinkle shade) as 2022’s color of the year.

Light blue nails are also all over TikTok and pretty much every other social feed right now.

Blue nails are always popular in spring and summer, so you won’t regret investing in a bottle or 2 of light blue nail polish!

Light blue nail polish with glitter

Light blue nails are pretty simple. They’re very laid back and chill.

If you like to spice things up a bit, you can always add some glitter to your light blue nail polish.

You could go for a light blue polish with holographic glitter or try something sparkly like blue confetti nails.

No matter what style you choose, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd!

How to choose the right light blue nail polish shade

Tips for choosing a light blue nail polish

There are so many different shades of light blue nail polish to choose from.

It can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

In this section, we’ll give you some tips on how to pick the perfect light blue shade for your nails.

We’ve already talked a little about fair, medium, olive, and dark skin.

But what we haven’t touched on is your skin’s undertone.

Maybe you know your undertone already, if that’s the case, feel free to skip this section.

But if you want to know more, read on.

How do I find my undertone?

Basically, you either have warm undertones, cool undertones, or neutral undertones.

How do you know which one you are?

An easy way to find out is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear green, then you have warm undertones.

If your veins look blue or purple, then you have cool undertones.

And if you can’t really tell whether they’re green or blue, then you may be a lucky neutral (neutrals can wear almost any color as long as they don’t go super warm or super cool).

Here’s a useful post with tests to help you determine whether you are warm or cool.

Once you know your skin’s undertone, the next step is to look for nail polishes with the same undertone.

This will create a harmonious look.

So, for example, I have fair skin with cool undertones.

The best polish colors for me are going to be cool colors, like blue, purple and green.

When it comes to picking out a blue, I’m going to lean towards the icy cool blues.

Blues with a lot of purple in them are warmer (because you need red – a warm color – to make purple).

So those with warmer skin would be better going for a purple-blue shade.

Hopefully, that makes sense to you.

Now that you have a handle on undertones, let’s talk about what colors go well with light blue.

What colors go with light blue?

If you want to know what colors to wear with your light blue nails, or you’re looking for nail art inspo, this section’s for you.

Let’s see what your color-coordinating options are.

Here’s a list of colors that go with light blue and some ideas on the different looks you can create:

  • Dusty rose – an elegant and dreamy combination.
  • Peach – a little more lively and lighthearted.
  • Lavender – calm relaxing vibes.
  • Lilac – dreamy and calm.
  • Navy – sophisticated and chic monochrome look.
  • Midnight blue – unexpected fashionista vibes.
  • White – classic combo for effortless chic.
  • Cream – elegant summer look.
  • Beige – neutral/minimal with a pop of color.
  • Black – for an edgy urban look.
  • Tan or chocolate brown for an earthy look
  • Gray – sophisticated and a little formal.
  • Coral – playful and fun.
  • Apricot – complementary and bold.
  • Blues with the same undertone (eg teal and turquoise) for a pulled-together look.
  • A bold yellow or orange for a sassy eye-catching fun look (tangerine and sky blue look great together).
  • Sage green for elegant and romantic vibes.
  • Mint for a youthful, playful look.

Try not to pair red and pale blue, they have a tendency to clash because they are not analogous or opposites on the color wheel.

It can also be difficult to get certain shades of pink to work well with light blue.

Final thoughts

So my lovelies, what have we learned?

Light blue nail polish is a versatile color that can be worn in many different ways.

It suits almost everyone with the possible exception of those with mature hands.

It’s important to consider your skin tone and undertone when choosing the right shade of light blue polish, but with so many shades to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect one for you.

Some colors that go well with light blue nails are dusty rose, peach, lavender, navy, and white.

Light blue is a great color for summer but can also be worn all year round.

I hope you found this article helpful and that you now have a better understanding of how to wear light blue nail polish.

Happy polishing!


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