Neon pink nail polish: ultimate list of 31 colors and names

Craving a bright pop of color for your nails? Looking for a neon pink nail polish?

Finding the perfect neon pink polish is no easy task.

If only the words “neon pink” were right there on the bottle, our nail lives would be so much easier!

But no, to find your perfect pink, you’ll need to go through all the clever, funny, or exotic-sounding names that nail polish makers use.

These oh-so-cute names might make you smile, but they don’t tell you anything about the actual color in the bottle. Arrrrghhhh!

If only someone would make a list of all the neon pink nail polishes out there!

Well, take a deep cleansing breath and relax my lovelies, because we’ve done just that.

So now, you can find stunning neon or electric pink nail polishes quicker than you say neon pink!


Here’s a little taster of what’s to come:

Here are some of the best neon pink nail polish shades. OPI – Strawberry Margarita, Essie – Pucker Up, Zoya -Janie, Orly – Neon Heat, Zoya – Zelda, Smith & Cult – Plastic Beach, Cote – Neon Pink and China Glaze Neon & on & on.

Now that you know some of my favorite neon pinks, let’s dig a bit deeper and find yours!

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this post:

Neon pink nail polish OPI

I love OPI nail polishes! They are great quality, not too expensive and they come in every color you could possibly ever want!

So, to kick things off, here are five dazzling neon pinks from OPI.

La Paz-itively Hot opi neon nail polish

Check out the stunning neon pink nails below:

Strawberry Margarita opi neon nail polish

Fluorescent pink nail polish, perfect with cocktails.

Exercise Your Brights opi neon nail polish

Neon pink nail polish opi

Flashbulb Fuchsia opi neon nail polish
Pink big opi neon nail polish

Add a touch of sparkle with this neon pink OPI nail polish.

Essie neon pink nail polish

Are you an Essie fan? Then you’ll wanna check out these vibrant pink hues.

There are 3 stunningly bright pinks to choose from, I’m crushing on Mod Square so hard right now!

Pucker up essie neon nail polish

Brighten up your summer with light neon pink nails.

bachelorettebash essie neon nail polish

Ahhh such beautiful pink neon nails!

mod square essie neon nail polish

One of my current favs. Love this bright neon pink polish!


Zoya neon pink nail polish

Here are 4 eye-catching pink shades from Zoya that will have you fluorescent – ly surprised:

ali Zoya neon pink nail polish
janie Zoya neon pink nail polish

This is a super cute neon bubblegum pink polish.

lola Zoya neon pink nail polish

Check out this gorgeous neon pink polish.

Zelda Zoya neon pink nail polish

How bright is this bright neon pink?


Orly neon pink nail polish

Who knew that there were so many neon pinks to choose from?

We’re not done yet!

Here are another 6 awesome brighter than bright pink hues from Orly:

Va Va Voom

Love the contrast of this neon hot pink nail polish against the blue in this pic.


Neon Heat

So hot! I think I’m gonna try a neon hot pink nail polish mani pedi!


After Glow

Love these light neon coral pink nails.


Beach Cruiser

Beach please! Now, where is my bright neon pink polish?


No Regrets

Buy this Orly neon pink nail polish and you’ll have no regrets.


Oh Cabana boy

Wow, this electric pink nail polish is fiyah!


Deborah Lippman neon pink nail polish

No need to waste time choosing a neon pink if Deborah Lippman is your fav brand.

They just have 1, and it’s super cute.

FIRE WITH FIRE deborah lippmann neon nail polish


Smith & Cult neon pink polish

Don’tcha just love these gorgeous bottles?

If you love Smith & Cult as much as I do, you’ll adore this heavenly Guava pink.

Cote nail polish – neon pink

At last! A name that tells you what’s in the bottle! They do exist!

Keep it simple with this classic Neon pink from Cote. Oh, la la!

Nails Inc neon pink

Here are the kings of neon from Nails Inc:

Barry M neon pink

Wanna be seen? Try this hi-vis neon nail paint from Barry M.

It’s sure to get your nails noticed!

Danger! This electric pink nail polish is hazardously hot.

China Glaze neon pink 

Try these 2 vibrant colors from China Glaze, your nails will never look so shiny!

Pacifica (vegan) neon pink nail polish

Wanna make sure that no animals were harmed for the sake of your neon manicure?

This lil’ neon number from Pacifica is Vegan and 16 free, so no guilt with purchase.

It’s watermelon, too, yummy…

yapa (non-toxic) neon pink polish

Yapa makes quality nail polishes that are gluten, cruelty-free, and nontoxic.

Check out Liz below for a real safe pop of neon hot pink nail polish.

yapa Liz non toxic neon nail polish

100% Pure (vegan and non toxic) neon pink nail polish

The fuschia is bright, and so are your nails! With Zero hassle.

This is a 20-free neon masterpiece.

Ella and Mila (toxic-free cruelty-free vegan) neon pink polish

This is described as a “bright highlighter pink”. Takes me back to my school days.

Neon pink nail polish gel

Looking to make your neon pink manicure last even longer?

No problem! 

Check out these neon pink gel nail polish shades for a vibrant manicure that will last up to 2 weeks!

Here’s my list of neon pink gel nail polishes:

Born Pretty makes a hot pink that comes in the Neon set, but unfortunately, they don’t sell it as a single color:

born pretty gel neon nail polish

AIMEILI Neon Peachy Pink (click to check price on amazon)

MEFA Pink Gel Nail Polish Set (click to check price on amazon)

Final thoughts and tips for wearing neon pink nails

Now you have plenty of shades to choose from – yay!

Before you go, here are a couple of useful tips for how to wear neon nail polish.

  • Use a pure white base coat to help the neon color pop.
  • to tone down your neon nails, try wearing outfits in neutral colors like black, white, gray or beige.
  • Pair your neon pink nails with other bright shades like cyan, canary yellow, and lime green for a vibrant summer look.
  • Keep your nails on the shorter side. Super long talons in neon pink are scary!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it helped you find your perfect neon.

Happy pinking!

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