22 Nightmare Before Christmas & Jack Skellington Nail Designs for 2023

Everyone loves The Nightmare before Christmas! If you’re thinking of trying out Nightmare before Christmas nails or Jack skellington nails, you’ll find all the inspiration you need right here.

We’ve scoured all the top social feeds to find you the very best nightmare before Christmas-inspired nail designs.

We’ve got all your favorite characters from the movie including Jack Skellington, a variety of nail lengths and shapes, and designs ranging from super simple to fabulously complex.

Sound good?

Then let’s look at the designs!

1. Acrylic nightmare before Christmas nails

iluvurnailz https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

I love the use of Jack Skellington nails and bright colors in this cute nail design. Makes a nice change from all the usual black and white.

2. Jack Nightmare before Christmas nails

indiglownails https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

This is my favorite nail design featuring Jack. It’s unique because it’s so elegant and sophisticated.

The red, black, white, and cream color palette helps keep the look chic and timeless.

3. Christmas nightmare before Christmas nail design

juice nailslb https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

This Jack Skellington nails design is perfect for the festive season! Love how they capture the spirit of the movie.

Nightmare nails aren’t just for Halloween, they’re Christmassy too!

4. Black and neon green Tim Burton Halloween nail design

mandmrun50 https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

Want a classic, spooky nail design that’s pretty simple to achieve but very effective?

Here it is in neon green and black.

5. Stripes, Jack, and gems nail design

mermaidculture https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

This is a great example of how you can incorporate gems into your nightmare before Christmas nail designs.

I love how the green gems tie in perfectly with the Oogie boogie and spider webs.

6. Sally Nightmare before Christmas nails

misashton https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

You see a lot of designs that have Jack Skellington on them, because let’s face it, Jack is a lot easier to pull off than Sally.

If you’ve got the skills, adding Sally to your design will take your nails to the next level.

7. Purple and black nail design with glitter and gems

misashton2 https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

Purple and black are classic Halloween colors. But how do you add a little something extra?

Throw in some fully gem-encrusted nails of course – fabulous!

8. Mix and match Nightmare before Christmas nail design

moniquesuniquenails https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

I love the contrast in this design between the stark black and white stripes and the colorful patchwork nails.

The Jack and Sally drawings are really cute too!

9. Patchwork nightmare before Christmas tips design

nailart.vee https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

This is so cool! Patchwork can sometimes look a little bit childish.

But this artist has absolutely nailed it with these super funky patchwork tips.

I might have to give this one a try…

10. Mixed characters and stripes Halloween nail design

nailedbymary https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

Why should Jack and Sally have all the fun?

I like how in this nail design, we get to see some of the lesser-known characters like Zero the dog and the Oogie boogie man getting some love.

11. Jack and Sally featuring Zero and the Oogie Boogie nail design

nailz by dev 1 https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

Here’s another awesome design with 4 characters from the movie.

The color choices here are very clever. The orange and green really work well and give off perfect Halloweeen vibes.

12. Black and white design on long nails

pampernailgallery https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

This is one of the best Nightmare Before Christmas nail designs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot!

I love how it looks like an artist’s sketchbook. The grayscaling is genius and the characters are so well drawn!

13. Glow in the dark nightmare before Christmas nails

pampernailgallery2 https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

It’s so nice to see some glow-in-the-dark nails that aren’t green!

This blue backlit design is eerie and so much fun. Your nails are sure to get noticed!

14. Cute nightmare before Christmas nails

phanies nails https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

If you want something a little more cute and girly, try adding baby pink or lilac to your design!

Throw on some huge gems and voila – cute Halloween nail perfection.

15. Fun nightmare before Christmas nail design

tengoku nails https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

I love how these nails are giving me anime vibes!

It’s a super fun comic book style design that will have the compliments rolling in.

16. Zero nightmare before Christmas nails

tengoku nails2 https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

If you love Zero the dog. You’ll love this awesome black white and red design.

I love how the images stretch over 2 nails each.

This is a simple design with a big impact.

17. Nightmare before Christmas nails short

thegigijiggles https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

You don’t need long nails to pull off an amazing nightmare before Christmas nail design.

Check out this great design on super short nails, it looks fantastic!

I love the soft color palette too.

18. Black and gold nightmare before Christmas nail design

thegossipnailbar https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

If you want a design that will work well for Christmas then this one is perfect.

Classy gold and black stripes with cute little white holly leaf details.

Add some red berries and you’ve got yourself a classic Christmas color pallete.

19. Glitter stripes Halloween Jack Skellington nails design

whatsupnails https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

I’m loving the use of holo glitter in this design.

This would be really easy to do with some well-placed striping tape and a cool decal.

20. Nightmare before Christmas nails simple

acadiasaesthetics https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

This design is simple and easy.

Just paint your nails purple, black and white, and add a few stickers.

21. Oogie boogie nail design

ajl.nails https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

Here’s another design with an unusual use of color.

The cobalt blue and turquoise go really well together and I love how they’ve tied in the stickers with the blood drips.

22. Jack and sally are in love design

baybee.grrrl https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

Awww, so cute! Maybe Nightmare before Christmas nails can work for valentines day too….?

Alright, you’ve seen all the designs, now let’s take a look at some of the best products to give you some Jack and Sally goodness.

The best Nightmare before Christmas stamping plates

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and fun way to do your nightmare before Christmas nails, this stamping plate is a must-buy.

The designs are great and it’s super easy to do.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Stamping Plates (click to check price)

Our favorite Nightmare before Christmas nail decals

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07PW4NGPC&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=amazonjoe0d 20&language=en US https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/ir?t=amazonjoe0d 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07PW4NGPC https://nailhow.com/nightmare-before-christmas-nails/

If you prefer to use decals, this set of waterslides can’t be beat.

The designs are awesome and are easy to use and fun to do.

Just soak them in water for a few seconds then slide them onto the nail.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington and Sally Waterslide Nail Decals (click to check price)

Our favorite nightmare before Christmas nail stickers

These stickers are peel and stick ones that are printed on clear vinyl.

They are very cool and so easy to apply.

Because the background is clear, you don’t need to worry about the designs clashing with your chosen polish color.

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Nightmare before Christmas Style Jack & Sally Nail Decals (click to check price)

Final thoughts

That’s it! I hope that you enjoyed looking through our cream of-the-crop nightmare before Christmas nail designs!

Feeling inspired?

Good, now go rock those nails!

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