Nailed it: The Top 8 Nude Gel Polishes to Try Now

Wanna find the best nude gel nail polish for you?

I can help you out with that.

In this post, I’m going to share my top 8 nude gel nail polish picks.

All of the polishes in this post are soak-off gel polishes that last for 10-14 days and require UV light to cure.

I love nude nail polishes, they’re absolute lifesavers!

You can rock a nude nail polish anytime, any place, and for any occasion.

Nude nails are elegant, sophisticated, and about as versatile as manicure gets.

So what’s the best nude gel nail polish?

Let’s take a look at some great ones.

IBD Just gel nail polish – Cashmere Blush(click to check price)

This next gel polish color is called Cashmere Blush.

It’s a light nude with subtle peachy undertones that work well for any skin tone.

If you want a barely-there color that will work with a french manicure (or just enhance your natural nail color) then this is a great one to go for.

The hint of warmth in this polish makes this the perfect nude for warm-skinned beauties.

The color is so natural looking that your manicure will last for ages and you’ll barely notice if you get a chip!

DND DC Duo 303 Essential – Gel & Matching Lacquer Polish(click to check price)

Ever loved a color so much that you had to have it in gel and regular polish formulas?

Sometimes, you want the staying power and fast application time that gel polish offers.

But sometimes you also need to give your nails a little break from gel polish.

That’s where this duo set comes in.

You can choose whether to paint your nails in gel or lacquer, which I like to do sometimes during the week.

If my nails need doing on say, Wednesday, I’ll use the non-gel laquer and then do something fancier for my weekend nails.

The color is called Essential, and it definitely lives up to its name.

You just might need this in your life!

Kiara Sky Gel Polish – Bare With Me(click to check price)

This sandy beige nude from Kiara Sky is made in the USA.

The shade is called Bare With Me.

It’s a smooth, rich beige that looks very sophisticated and chic.

It works for all skin tones, but the best thing about this gel nail polish is that it’s 100% cruelty-free.

Kiara Sky doesn’t test on animals and is fully certified by PETA

So you can indulge in this nude gel polish, safe in the knowledge that no animals were harmed in its making.

MEMEDA Gel Nail Polish – nude 3(click to check price)

Now, this is the kind of nude that gets me excited!

Simply named “Nude 3” this is the softest, most delicate, peachy pink nude gel polish.

The gel polish goes on smoothly, with no streaks and the result is a glass-like finish that’s super modern-looking and shiny.

If you have fair skin with cool undertones like I do, this could be your new favorite too!

And even if you don’t, this will still look stunning on most skin tones.

If sheer, natural and classy is what you’re going for, this could be the one.

GAOY Sheer Nude Gel Nail Polish – Natural Pink Translucent Color 1301(click to check price)

If you want the Korean jelly gel nail polish finish that’s trending right now, you might want to give this one a try.

This is from GAOY and it’s called “Natural Pink Translucent Color – 1301”.

It’s a light, delicate pink that goes on sheer but can be built up for more opacity if you want.

I like to wear it with 2 coats, but you can go for 3 or 4 if you want a really intense color.

This is such a pretty shade and it’s perfect for summertime.

The quality is great from this brand, too.

This is the best sheer gel nail polish I’ve tried.

GAOY Sheer Nude Gel Nail Polish Set – 6 Neutral Skin Tones(click to check price)

If you’re not sure which type of nude shade you’re going to like best, why not try a set?

The value for money on these jelly gel polish sets is pretty good.

For less than it costs to buy 2 full bottles, you get 6!

Not a bad deal if you love your nudes and want to experiment.

Each of the 6 jelly nudes in this set can be worn sheer or more opaque depending on the number of coats you do.

The colors are absolutely stunning, they are highly pigmented and there’s something for every skin tone.

These jelly polishes apply perfectly and don’t chip easily at all – I’m in love!

Beetles Gel Polish Set- 6 Colors (Libra Collection)(click to check price)

If you haven’t heard of Beetles gel polish yet, where have you been hiding?

This is a great brand that’s very popular, particularly on Amazon.

They do a beautiful nude series called the Libra Collection which is a perfect set of 6 colors.

The colors range from an almost white pinkish nude to a pinky brown that almost looks tan.

These are all colors that look great on everyone, and like Korean jelly polishes, you can increase the intensity of the color by adding extra coats.

The different looks you can get from this set are really endless.

And the value for money with Beetles is always great.

Bluesky gel nail polish – Make It Yours (AW2113)(click to check price)

The final nude polish I wanna share with you is this one from Bluesky.

Bluesky gel nail polishes are really good, and perhaps a little underrated.

I used to use them a lot when I first got into gel polish.

They last ages, don’t chip easily and the colors are great.

This one is called Make it Yours, and it’s a light pinkish brown nude that’s great for those with pale skin and soft coloring.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best of the best gel nail polishes on the market, it’s time to decide which is for you.

Need some tips for picking out the perfect nude?

Read on.

How do you pick a nude nail color?

Picking the perfect nude is easy once you know how.

Don’t worry though, because, with nudes, it’s pretty hard to go wrong!

Basically to find the perfect nude you need to focus on 2 things.

They are:

  • The depth of your skin color
  • The undertone of your skin

Let’s look at each of these aspects in a bit more detail.

How to match the depth of your skin

The depth or intensity of your skin should help you to narrow it down a lot.

How do you do that?

Well, you look at nude polishes that match the intensity and level of your natural skin.

So if you have very pale skin with soft coloring, look for a pale nude that’s soft and delicate.

If you have medium skin, look for a medium nude, not too light, not too dark.

You want to match your skin to the nude shade you choose as closely as possible.

This will give you a natural and seamless look.

How to match your undertone

For undertone matching, you need to know if you are warm or cool.

Warm-skinned beauties will look best in warmer-toned nudes like beiges and peachy nudes.

Whereas cool-skinned beauties should go for nudes with cool pink, mauve, or taupe tones.

If you’re not sure what your undertone is, here’s a quick test you can do at home.

Stand in front of a mirror in natural light and take a good look at the veins on your wrists.

Do they look green?

If so, you have warm undertones.

Do they look blue or purple?

If so, you have cool undertones.

If they look a bit of both, then you have neutral undertones and you’re lucky because that means you can wear any nude!

Now that you know how to pick the perfect nude for you, it’s time to get shopping!

So scroll on up and make your choice!

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