Pink and white ombre nails: 36 beautiful designs for 2023

Pssst! Wanna see some cute pink and white ombre nails?

If you’re looking for some ombre inspo, you’re in the right place.

We’ve scoured the feeds to find the best of the best when it comes to this girlie but sophisticated look.

Whether you’re a gel nail fan, a dip powder addict, or a polygel princess there’s definitely a pink and white ombre design here for you.

We’ve got a variety of pink shades, nail shapes, and nail art ideas.

We’ll also answer some of your questions at the end of this post, so be sure to check those out if you have any questions about ombre nails.

Let’s get started!

Here are our favorite pink and white ombre nails!

Table of Contents

1. Pale pink and white ombre with diamonds.


Let’s start with diamonds, because who doesn’t love diamonds?

Even though I’m a minimalist at heart, I still can’t resist a diamond-encrusted mani.

These square nails are super long and super pretty! Plus, they get bonus points for being so shiny!

The pink is very natural looking and fades beautifully into the soft white, so the overall look is kept chic, classy, and feminine.

This design would be fabulous for special occasions – imagine the compliments!

I love the texture on the middle finger too, it really adds interest.

2. Warm pink and white ombre nails


These understated chic coffin-shaped pink and white ombre nails are perfect for daily wear.

If you’re looking for something that will look polished and pulled together with a lot of different outfits, this design is great for that.

These eauties are incredibly versatile, they will fit in everywhere.

You could wear them to work, shopping, out to lunch, on dates, or on a night out.

This is a warm pink that works great for those with warmer skin tones.

3. Pink and white ombre nails coffin.


Could these be your perfect summer nails?

These long coffin shaped pink and white ombre nails are a brighter pink shade.

The blend on these is flawless!

I love how they added the tiny gems to complete the look.

Again this is a versatile design that will go with almost everything in your closet.

4. Pink and white ombre nails oval.

nails by kim

This candy pink shade fading to an almost pinkish white is super cute.

Add a little subtle sparkle to catch the summer sun and you’re good to go!

The oval shape is also very practical, as this is the shape that is least likely to break.

5. Pink and white ombre nails with design.


This is inspired! Pink and white ombre nails for Halloween.

So different, unique, unexpected and creative!

In this cute nail design, the classic red bloodsplatter is replaced by a soft peachy pink shade.

It almost gives you a 3 ombre nail effect.

The spiderwebs have silver clusters in the centre and tiny gems on the outer edges to make them stand out.

Really matches her gorgeous ring, too!

6. Pink and white ombre nails with glitter.

leelees nails x

If you love a bit of glitter on your nails, this could be the design for you.

The ombre is very subtle and chic, giving an overall elegant look.

To get this look, choose a very natural blush pink shade and a bright crisp white.

The accent nail is actually quite easy to do.

First swipe a bright white across the top corner.

Then swipe your glitter-loaded brush in a straight line from the bottom third to the top corner.

The beauty of this is that you don’t need a perfectly straight line because the glitter will cover up any imperfections.

7. pink and white ombre nails almond.

naturalnail studio

Aren’t these just so beautiful!

Up to now, we’ve only seen pink white and silver nails.

But this design proves that pink can work just as well with gold.

I love the almond shaping, the pearl gems and the gold leaf elements.

Those flowers are so delicate.

I think these might be my favorite, something about them makes me feel calm and tranquil…

These would be perfect for a wedding or a special event.

The shade of pink is very natural which means that they should last ages too!

8. Light pink and white ombre nails.


Want something a little more edgy?

Try a stiletto shape with your pink and white ombre.

These nails are classy and sassy.

The white shade is quite creamy and the pink is a light bubblegum shade.

You could easily rock these nails anywhere.

9. Pink and white ombre nails with striped design.


Why not mix things up by choosing a less popular pink shade?

As you can see, this coral pink looks amazing as an ombre.

Coral pinks work really well on warmer skin tones because of the red/orange color.

Add a few simple stipes to take your ombre to the next level.

10. Cool pink and white ombre with silver gems.


This shade of pink is perfect for those with cool skin tones. It’s icy and delicious!

The pink at the bottom is kept quite low down.

This is a really good idea because when it comes time for a fill, the ombre will still look balanced.

11. Natural pink and white ombre with shimmer.


Ombre based nails are super versatile.

An easy way to change them up is to add a subtle shimmer to your nails.

This design used silver shimmer and gold glitter to add a touch of elegant opulance to the finished look.

12. Perefectly shaped pink and white nails with minimal gem design.


Oh the shaping!

Wow. It’s amazing how many looks you can achieve with a simple ombre.

This look is feminine, yet edgy and ultra modern.

The shine is perfect, too.

13. Pink and white ombre nails short square.

chonte nailz

This look is naturally understated and elegant.

With this nail design you’re always going to look polished and pulled together.

If neutral, simple and oh so chic is your vibe, try this one out.

14. Simple pink and white nails.

rubynails x

This design proves that you don’t always have to add gems or designs to have beautiful-looking nails.

If you need something that’s going to work for work, but can also take you to the bar, this is the perfect design for that.

Matching up outfits is also going to be a breeze with this design.

15. Short square pink and white nails with glitter.

daintynails lakemary

This is another classic look with a subtle silver glitter.

Glitters come in lots of different sizes, colors and types, so it’s easy to mix thing up.

So many different looks that you could do based off this design.

16. Elegant pink and white short square nails with silver glitter pieces.


A classy, short square design with just a few flakes of silver glitter.

This design and length would be great for everyday wear.

17. Almond ombre with a slight shimmer.


These almond shaped nails feature a very pale blush/nude pink color.

The design is very clean and simple and the blending is very well done.

The pink shade in this ombre is also highly versatile.

18. Short natural looking pink and white ombre nails.


If you want a slight twist on the classic french manicure, an ombre like this one will do the trick.

It’s very natural looking and minimal. Just perfect for everyday.

19. Bright pink ombre with gems.


This is a brighter bubblegum pink ombre that fades to a very pinkish white.

The nails are quite long and the gems add a nice touch of sparkle.

I like how they have mixed up the gem sizes including tiny ones and bigger ones.

That accent nail really pops!

20. Short square pink nails with white ombre tips.

nails by cassiemarie

This design and length are great for those who need or like to keep their nails practical.

With these natural -looking beauties, you can easily type and do basic chores without your nails getting in the way.

This is a soft baby pink shade in case you’re wondering.

21. Barely there pink nude ombre with butterflies.

mjnailz 949

This is an extremely subtle take on the pink and white ombre trend.

The pale, fleshy nude pink is barely there. It’s almost a perfect match for her skintone.

There’s quite a lot of soft, pearlescent white at the tips.

The minimalist design is then finished off perfectly with these little silver glitter butterflies.

22. White nails with a hint of pale pink.


You can change up the look of your nails by using different shades and quantities of white.

This design uses a lot of bright pure white to create the look.

The pink is very pale in this design making the blend extremely subtle.

23. Practical medium length pink and white nails.


These light pink nails create a strong contrast against the dark skin.

If you have dark or olive skin and want less of a contrast, use a warmer, deeper pink shade and a soft – off white.

24. Soft pink and white nails with a silver confetti centre.

a1 nails ashford

This is a cute idea for summer nails that uses a blush pink shade and silver glitter.

The glitter has different shapes in it making it look like confetti.

This is a great look for a wedding or special occasion.

25. Classic mid length pink and white nails on fair skin.


If you have pale skin, lighter pinks like this one are going to look amazing on you.

Choose a nude or blush pink shade and a soft white to get this chic and sophisticated look.

26. Milky pink and white minimal nails.


This is another simple clean and modern design that will go with any outfit and work for most occasions.

Milky pinks are great for ombres because they blend really well.

Nails like this would be a great choice for bridesmaids.

27. Pink nails with white leaf design and dots.


This cute design has a white leaf motif and a very subtle glitter finish.

There are also tiny little white dots to finish of the design.

You’ll need a dotting tool to do those.

The oval shape means your nails won’t snag or catch on anything so they should last ages!

28. Medium length pink and white ombre nails on dark skin with one accent nail.


This design is perfect for a bride.

It’s very natural and the single accent nail really draws attention to the ring finger.

If you have a gorgeous ring that you want to show off, try this design and wait for the compliments to come rolling in.

29. Light blush pink fading into white on fair skin.


This is another very practical and simple ombre nail design.

The pink is almost nude which makes the nails look very natural and understated.

30. White-tipped accent nail and gems design.

prayers polish

This design has a basic ombre plus a few little extras.

First, we have the straight tipped accent nail to break up the design a little.

Then we have a glittery cluster of gems sitting on the middle finger for a second accent nail.

The unusual shaping at the tips really works well with this design.

31. Long square nails with gems and glitter tips.


A great way to add interest to your nails is to play around with the placement of your gems and glitter.

This design uses gems to lone the cuticle area and glitter around the tips to create a balanced nail art design.

32. Pink nails with white tips, silver glitter and strawberry accent nail.

nohtki kamnik

These nails have a lot going on, and they are stunning!

First we have the varying tip sizes, bigger on the index finger and the pinky and smaller on the middle finger.

Then we have a super sparkly glitter over the whole nail.

To top it off we have this beautiful accent nail that looks like it has strawberry pieces encased in it!

Love! Makes me think of summer rain.

33. Pale pink and white with silver glitter.


This is a much simpler version of the previous design.

Choose a silver glitter or holo with small pieces and you too can rock this look.

34. Sharp stiletto nails in a simple pink and white design.

hollywood nails greenock

Stiletto nails always add a touch of edge.

These nails are a perfect balance between feminine and fiesty.

35. Pinky purple nails with silver gems details.


Our last pick are these stunning purply-pink nails with silver gem detailing on 2 of the fingers.

The c curves on these are great!

That’s it! I hope you found some good inspiration for your next mani.

Happy nailing and see you next time!


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