Purple french tip nails: 47 designs you’ll love

Are you feeling the color purple right now? Wanna see some purple french tip nails?

I’m about to show you the best of the best.

Purple is the perfect color to make your nails stand out. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s confident.

Purple is an inspiring color that makes a strong statement.

After scrolling through thousands of designs, I’ve whittled it down to 47 of the cutest, hottest, and trendiest.

From the deepest purple to the most playful pastels, from the sharpest stiletto to the coolest coffin nails, you’re about to be blown away by the variety and the creativity of some amazing nail artists.

Ready to check out some of the best purple-tipped nails on the planet?

Let’s get you inspired.

1. Purple nails with texture

allured https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

We’re starting with a design that’s equal parts trendy and tactile.

I love the futuristic look of these pointy purple beauties.

2. Long lilac french tips design

byalyssa https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This is a classically elegant look with a twist that’s right on trend for spring and summer.

3. Cute purple french tip nails with hearts

1.800.nailme https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Isn’t this just the cutest? I’m all about these purple hearts and lilac french tips.

4. Purple french glitter tips

alo nailedit https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

I love the contrast you can create by pairing a classic nude pink with dramatically bold purple glitter.

The perfect combination of class and sass.

5. French manicure with purple tips and multi-color detail

angelinas.nails https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This design is super cute and pretty easy to pull off.

Grab a dotting tool and a thin nail art brush and you’re well on your way.

6. Pastel purple french tip nails

beautenailspa tt https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This chic design should inspire you if you love your long coffin nails.

7. Dark purple french tip nails


Who says french tips have to have a nude base?

They don’t!

Play around with color combinations to create the perfect contrast for your french tipped fantasy.

8. Thin purple french tip nails

beautyby.vaida https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

I’m loving the gold glitter detailing in this barely there french tip design.

9. Light purple french manicure

beautybyyoshi https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This design proves that you don’t need to go to a salon to get perfectly proportioned french-tipped nails.

Adding a darker border makes the tips really stand out more.

10. Purple french manicure

betsysnails https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Actually, this is more of a purple-pink shade.

This person has chosen a playful color that’s vibrant and fun to wear.

11. Pink and purple french tips

buba.nails kasiaj https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This is another popular twist on the french manicure that’s currently trending.

You can achieve this look easily if you have a steady hand!

12. Light purple french nails

by en.tle https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

These two colors pair beautifully together to create a look that’s very chic and modern.

You could wear these nails in the office, on a date, anywhere really!

13. Purple french nails

bylennonbeauty https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This is a fresh, bold look that’s very playful, fun, and youthful.

Perfect for school or college.

14. Purple marbled french tip nails

claw mee mantie https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

If you like designs with a bit more detail, why not do a marbled french tip design?

It adds a touch of attitude to a classic design.

15. Purple crystal glitter french tips

creationsbyhani https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Are you in love? OMG I’m in love!

So pretty. She looks like she’s wearing crystals. I think this is my favorite design on this list.

16. Bold purple french tip nail design

d nailartist https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This is a purple holo glitter french tip masterpiece that totally works.

17. Purple pink and white french tip nail design

ellielouisenails https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Can’t decide which shade to use? Mix it up a little by adding 2 or 3 purple shades into your french tip design.

18. Purple glitter french tip nails

emmalouise.nailartist https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

I love how a simple glitter tip design can be so versatile.

You can change up the shades or the length of the tips and get a totally different look.

19. Purple and pink french tip nails


This is another great twist on the french tips with borders trend. French tips with reverse borders!

20. Light purple french tip nail design


Another idea that might be fun to try is mixing up french tips with fully painted nails in the same color.

Using the french tips as accent nails makes things look less matchy and the jewels add another level of complexity.

21. Almond purple french tip nails

jvnnailz https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

22. Pinky purple nails with french tips

kathysnailsbristol https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Brighter colors used for the tips make the design look more youthful and fun.

This is a great look for summer.

23. Purple french tip nail design with floral accent nail

la vie est nails https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This rich purple is giving me late summer/early fall vibes.

I love how the green and purple work so well together. I wish they’d repeated that design on both hands…

24. Dark and light purple french tips

lafl0r.amarilla https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Another two-tone crisis cross tip design, this time on short nails.

If you try this out, make sure you’re consistent with which shade goes on top!

25. Summer purple tips nail design

lucys diamond nails https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This is just classy, elegant, and beautiful. Sometimes simple is the way to go.

26. Long purple french tips with bright pink borders

lyss nailz https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Long nails? Try super long tips! These beauties are purple and pink perfection, don’tcha think?

I love how thin those lines are.

27. Light purple sparkly nails

miss m.nails liverpool https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Here’s another great idea to mix things up.

Instead of a flat base, go with a subtle shimmer, it will transform your nails into shiny superstars.

28. Pastel purple french tip nails

nailartbynaneth https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Here’s another bordered french tip design.

I put this one in because I wanted you to see how different it looks when you increase the width of the borderline.

29. Deep purple french tipped nails with glitter

nails by.dania https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

The drama! I adore this sophisticated, expensive-looking glitter-dipped nail design.

That milky white pink base is perfect!

30. Bold purple french tip design with flaming hearts

nails by nancyn https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Sometimes, you want your nails to have a little something extra.

This is one of those designs that help you take it to the next level.

31. Light purple and white nails

nails emilia https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

White nails are fabulous. But they can get a bit boring after a while.

Jazz them up a bit and make them even more fabulous with purple french tips!

32. Square purple tip nail design

nailsbykarenm https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

I included this design because I wanted to show how tips look on different nail shapes.

Here the sharp edges make the tips look more severe.

33. Purple and fuchsia french nail tips design

nailsbyliz6th https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Playing around with different shades for your tips and borders can be super fun and can change up the look completely.

34. Cute pastel french tips in pink, purple, and lilac

nailsbymeag https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

This nail artist has transformed a regular french tip design into a negative space masterpiece simply by leaving a gap and then doing a “border” in the same color as the tip.

Genius! I’m loving this look.

35. Elegant french tip design in purple

nailzby kaayy https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

See how the look completely changes when the tips are rounded as opposed to square?

It really softens the overall look and makes it more feminine.

36. Two-toned purple french tip nail design

nikki does nailss https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Dark on light, or light on dark? Which do you like better?

37. Purple tips with animal print in black and white

nokti.gracanica https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Wanna add in a nail art element that’s fun and unexpected?

The answer is animal print!

I mean, those puppies really stand out!

38. Unusual wavy purple french tip nail design

oh.blondi https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Here’s another cool and unusual twist on the colored french manicure trend.

Make the lines wavy.

This is easier said than done, but it does look amazing.

39. Purple french tip nails

polished.bykayy https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Adding bright white borders to your purple tips will really add definition and help get your nails noticed.

40. Shades of purple french tip design

prim polished by aachalsanghvi https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Adding pastel-looking colors, jellies, or anything that looks translucent or sheer is another great way to mix things up a little.

You could even stamp a design on top, too.

41. Light purple french tip nails

studiomel.hr https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

I’ve included this design because part of the reason it looks so flawless is because of the perfect match to the skin tone.

This is something to keep in mind when you’re choosing colors for this type of design.

42. Dark purple and black nails

sylwia.ka https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Black borders and chunky glitter pieces make this design perfect for evening events.

This is a great idea for special occasion nails too.

43. Coffin nails with purple french tips

thenailbarmia https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

These coffin shaped nails with purple glitter tips are stunning.

This design, compared with the last one, shows how dramatic the difference can be when you go for small glitter pieces instead of bigger ones.

44. Abstract french tips in light purple and pink

tiffanyabbigailebeauty https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

If Dr. Suess was doing french tips, I’d wager they’d look like this!

They’re still french tips with borders, but they are all wavy and creative.

This is a design for those who like to go outside of the box.

45. Purple and white french manicure

tiffanyabbigailebeauty2 https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Why have one border, when you can have 2?

This design has 2 very similar colored borders.

One is white, and the other is either an off white or a very pale gray.

The shaping of the tips is also a little different from anything we’ve seen so far.

46. Rounded purple french tips with glitter

urokk dla wlosow i ciala https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Long rounded nails with very thin tips give you a very subtle, elegant, and sophisticated look.

These are especially pretty.

47. Purple french tips

v.nails beauty https://nailhow.com/purple-french-tip-nails/

Our final design is this one with strong purple tips and a tiny heart accent nail.

I hope that you enjoyed browsing through these designs and that you found some inspiration for your next gorgeous manicure.

Happy nailing!


  • Phoebe Meadows

    Phoebe Meadows is a self-proclaimed nail addict, always on the lookout for the latest trends and techniques. When she's not creating stunning nail designs, you can find her researching the latest nail care products or experimenting with new techniques.