Morgan Stewart’s Nail Polish Color: Find Out Her Secrets.


She’s sassy, stylish and she shares all her best beauty tips. If you love the E! Daily Pop host and star of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Morgan Stewart, then this post is for you. Right now we’re going to answer the question “what color nail polish does Morgan Stewart wear?”.

Here’s the short answer:

Morgan Stewart likes to wear nail polish colors from Essie’s Gel Couture collection. Her favorite nail polish shade is Pre-show jitters which is a soft, alabaster white. There are 10 white shades in Essie’s gel couture collection and Morgan Stewart loves them all. Pinky and peachy nudes are also part of her everyday look. She wears hot pink and crimson red nail polish occasionally.

Now that you have a basic answer, let’s go a bit deeper and find out what nail polish shades Morgan Stewart loves and why. 

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What color nail polish does Morgan Stewart wear? – Light Neutrals.

What brand of nail polish does Morgan Stewart wear? 

What other nail polish colors does Morgan Stewart wear?

Final thoughts

What color nail polish does Morgan Stewart wear? – Light Neutrals.


Morgan Stewart’s nails always look great. Her manicures last longer because of the nail polish colors that she chooses to wear.

Morgan always looks pulled together because she chooses neutral nail polish colors for her everyday look. 

Neutrals are classy, elegant, and they go with any outfit. Neutral nail polish colors like white, cream, gray, ivory, navy, and black are a no-brainer if you want to make sure that your nails will never clash with what you’re wearing.

Morgan Stewart usually wears neutral nail polish colors on the lighter end of the scale. She likes white, off-white, and very light, almost-white, tints.

She also wears pinky and peachy nudes, and bright, crisp white on occasion.

She’s a huge fan of alabaster white, which is a soft, warm, white shade with yellow undertones. 

Alabaster white works for all skin tones and is a great color to wear year-round.

What brand of nail polish does Morgan Stewart wear? 

She tags all of her nail posts with her favorite brand, Essie. In a recent interview she said: 

“I definitely keep my nails classic and consistent…One of my favorite colors would have to be a creamy alabaster-white – like Essie’s Gel Couture Pre-show Jitters.”

Morgan Stewart is all about affordable beauty.

She likes Essie’s couture range because they are long-lasting and don’t cost the earth.

Why does she always wear neutral nail polish colors?

By sticking with her favorite white shades, Morgan ensures that she gets the most out of her manicures.

Not only do her signature white shades look classic and stylish, but the light colors she wears also hide minor chips and make regrowth less obvious. 

Another huge benefit to keeping your nails light and neutral is that they will go with everything in your closet.

This means that you don’t feel the need to change your nail color as often.

So, channel your inner Morgan and your nails will last a lot longer and go with everything!

What other nail polish colors does Morgan Stewart wear?

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Wearing the same nail polish color all the time can get a bit boring.   

A leisurely scroll through Morgan’s lifestyle blog, Boobs and Loubs, reveals that she does occasionally like to change it up a bit.

In summer, she sometimes likes to wear hot pink nail polish. 

And she has also been spotted wearing a crimson red color, like Essie’s Beauty Marked.

You may have noticed that she rarely wears dark colors or bright and bold nail polish shades.

That’s because these colors don’t last as long and are not as versatile.

Morgan Stewart isn’t a fan of dark nail polish colors. She tweeted:

“I also don’t like dark nail polish – I have decided”

Let’s wrap this up

Morgan is a smart cookie. Her nail polish strategy is on point.

Keeping your nails light and neutral can save you time and money.

It also helps to combat decision fatigue when it comes to matching outfits.

I think it’s a good idea to stick to neutrals for most of the time.

But I also like to have a few other colors for special occasions, or just to mix it up a bit if I get bored.

I hope you enjoyed my “what color nail polish does Morgan Stewart wear?” post and I’ll see you on the next one.

Much love 🤗


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