What color nail polish goes with a white dress? Ultimate Guide.

Everyone should have a white dress in their closet. A simple white dress is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that exists! A white dress can work for any occasion. It goes with everything and it’s so easy to dress up or down. So, what color nail polish goes with a white dress?

Well…the choices are pretty much endless.

So, if white goes with almost all colors, how do you narrow it down?

Don’t panic, because, in this post, we’re gonna look at the best nail colors to go with your white dress.

I’m going to recommend specific nail polish shades that go perfectly with white.

I’ll also share tips, tricks, and advice for picking out the perfect nail color for you.

We’re just about ready to deep dive into what color nail polish goes with a white dress?

In a hurry?

Here’s the short and fast answer to what color nail polish goes with a white dress?:

Most nail polish colors go with a white dress. Try Black, Navy, Beige, Brown, Taupe, or Gray nails with a white dress if you like neutrals. You can also wear Gold, Silver, or Copper nail polish. Olive, Forest, Sage, or Emerald Green work great with a white dress. Cherry, orange, or orangey-red will go too. Sky or Royal Blue, Lemon, Mustard or bright Yellow, and lilac, violet, or teal nails will also work well.

Now you have some ideas – fantastic!

Let’s go deeper and see what color nail polish goes with a white dress and the kind of looks you can create.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Table of contents:

Tips, tricks, and advice for picking out the right polish color

“How do you match your nails to your dress?”. I’ve heard this question so many times.

A lot of people struggle when it comes to matching nails to their outfits.

So, in this section, we’ll go over a few key things to think about when you’re planning your overall look.

First, let me say that the information and color matching throughout this post works for any white clothing, not just dresses.

You can wear any of the nail colors suggested here with a white shirt, a white tee, a white sweater… well, you get the idea.

Please don’t to tempted to skip over this section, because these tips are like gold dust.

Once you’re done reading, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make great color choices.

So when you’re planning an outfit, where do you start? 

Well, here’s the first question to ask yourself.

What do I like and what suits my style?

A white dress can be tough to style because it’s basically a blank canvas.

There are so many different directions you could go in, that it can be hard to make a decision.

Do you glam it up, or dress it down?

Should you go for an edgy, grungy look, or something a little more elegant and timeless?

The nail polish color you pick should reflect your personal taste.

Think about what suits you and your preferred style.

If you’re not sure what you’re current style is, look through your closet and pull out your favorite pieces.

You could also ask your friends or take a quiz online.

Want a vintage look or an artsy vibe? 

Then you might pair your white dress with a delicate brown, warm yellow, peach, lavender, or pale green nail polish.

Like a casual, minimal, or boho look? 

Then white, gray, blush, or rose pink could be just the thing.

Want to grab some attention with a bold or sexy look? 

Then royal blue, canary yellow, or a bright cherry red polish could be great choices for you.

If a nail polish color goes with your dress, but you don’t like it – stay away! 

With a white dress you can easily find a color you’ll love and want to wear again and again.

On to the next question to ask yourself.

What time of year is it?

Considering when you are going to be wearing your dress can help you to hone in on the perfect nail color.

We all know that some colors are seasonal.

Here are a few examples:

Spring colors – pastels, coral, lemon yellow, sky, and baby blues.

Summer colors – bright shades of orange, yellow, lime, and Fuschia.

Fall – earthy greens, browns, oranges, and mustard yellows.

Winter colors – cool blues, white, silver, gold, and berry reds.

Nail polish brands always bring out new collections for every season. 

You can use these collections as a source of inspiration when you’re picking out nail colors to go with your outfit.

If you’re wearing your dress in fall, choosing a nail color from a fall collection is a no-brainer.

Not only will it work for the season but it’s also a great way to stay on-trend. 

Here’s another key question to ask yourself:

What’s the occasion?

Take a moment to think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing in your dress.

This can really help you narrow down your color choices.

Is it a special occasion or a formal event like a prom?

If it is a formal event, you might rule out pastels and neutrals. 


Because pastels and neutrals are more appropriate for daytime events or outdoor activities.

Metallic polishes like gold, silver, rose gold, or copper are great choices with a white dress for a formal event.

You could also go for any nail color with a metallic finish, like emerald green for example.

Bold nail polish shades and jewel tones work well for formal events. So does classic red and navy.

Also, the type of event could be a factor in choosing your nail polish.

Is it a celebration, or something a little more serious?

The nail color you choose to wear to a friend’s wedding may be quite different from what you’d wear to a work event, funeral, or job interview.

I’m just giving you some suggestions here.

There are no rules in fashion, only creativity. 

Wear a pastel to a formal event and a metallic one to lunch if that’s what your heart wants!

I’m just trying to give you some stuff to think about in case you need a little help to narrow it down.

Here’s another example:

Let’s say that you are planning a look for a first date. 

You might choose a polish in a color like blush, lavender, or rose pink.


Because those colors are feminine and romantic.

Whatever the occasion, it’s always a good idea to think about the vibe you want to create and pick out a polish that will help you to achieve that vibe.

A note on skin tone

The undertones in your skin can complement or clash with certain colors.

Want the best possible nail polish colors for you?

Look for colors that match the undertones in your skin.

Do you have cool undertones?

Then cool nail polish colors or those with cool undertones will be the most flattering.

And if you’re a warm-toned beauty, look for warm-toned polishes.

Not sure what the heck I’m talking about?

Read this post on how to match nail polish colors to your skin tone.

Now, let’s see what nail polish colors work well with a white dress.

We’ll start with neutrals.

What color nail polish goes with a white dress? Neutral polish colors that go.

Neutral nail polish colors are the best!

No matter what you’re wearing, you can not go wrong with neutrals.

They go with everything and they work for any occasion.

I love neutrals so much, that I wrote a post all about them.

Check it out. It’s called 14 nail polish colors that go with any outfit.

1 or 2 of the colors might surprise you!

White is a neutral color, so you can wear it with any other neutral nail polish color.

But, some neutrals will work better for you depending on your skin tone and the look you want.

Here are the best neutral nail polish colors to pair with your white dress.


Black and white are a glamourous and stylish combination that will never go out of fashion.

A word of caution though. If you are super pale (like me) or you have soft coloring, then black nails might look too gothic on you.

If gothic is the look you’re going for, then great! But if not, you might want to consider navy blue instead.


I can not get over how amazing navy nails are!

Navy nails are sophisticated, classy, elegant, and timeless.

They’ve become my go-to for formal events.

I love how navy and white look together – elegant but unexpected.

Navy nails are also incredibly versatile.

Depending on what you wear, they can give you a moody, dark feel that’s appropriate for a funeral. 

Or they can elevate an outfit to fashionista status.

Wear your white dress one day, then throw on blue jeans the next. 

It’s crazy how much navy nails can elevate a blue-jeans outfit!


Beige nails with a white dress might seem boring. But it doesn’t have to be.

Personally, I love the refined, elegant, and timeless looks you can create by pairing beige and white.

It’s a minimalist’s dream!

For me, beige nails with a white dress communicate understated, effortless, stylish elegance. 

If you want to look fabulous in a way that seems as though you didn’t try too hard, this is a great combination to try out.

Beige nails and a white dress will work really well with brown or tan accessories, so if your shoes are brown – you just found your ideal combo!


Brown nails may not be the most glamourous choice of nail color.

But brown can work really well as a nude on dark skin. 

I wouldn’t suggest wearing brown with your white dress for a formal event.

But if you’re looking for an earthy, natural vibe that’s casual and perfect for summer – hello brown nail polish!


Are your shoes, bag, or other accessories gray, or tan?

If so, taupe nail polish will compliment your white dress outfit perfectly!

Even if you not wearing any gray or tan, taupe nails will give you a sophisticated look that’s modern and chic.

For a relaxed, casual vibe, taupe nail polish is also a great choice.


Wanna look that oozes cool sophistication?

Try a stone-cold gray nail polish.

When wearing white, theoretically, you can wear any shade of gray nail polish.

However, If you want contrast – it’s best to stick with mid to dark grays.

Mid, cool-toned grays (like stone) are perfect with a white dress for a modern, minimalist look.

You should avoid lighter grays because they won’t provide enough contrast.

Cool-toned colors that match a white dress

The colors in this section are all cool-based.

They tend to be the most flattering for cool-skinned beauties.

If the veins on your wrist look blue, then your skin has cool undertones, and the polish colors in this section will be the most flattering for you.

You can also wear these nail colors if you have neutral-toned skin.


There are quite a few shades of green that really pop against a white dress.

For maximum impact, I recommend emerald green!

Emerald green adds a touch of luxury to a white dress that’s chic and sophisticated.

It will help take your look to the next level for formal events.

Try wearing an emerald green polish with your white dress, I guarantee you’ll get a ton of compliments!

OPI does a gorgeous emerald green polish. It’s called Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san. 

Or try Zoya’s Giovanna.

Sage and white also work really well together.

I love sage nails with a white dress for the summer.

Sage and white are great if you want something a bit more casual.

I love Essie’s Sage you Love Me.

If you want something with impact but not too formal then you might want to consider Forest green.

This is another strong green shade that goes with a white dress and makes a bold statement.


Teal is a cool, blue-green shade that looks fabulous with a white dress.

It’s a versatile color that works for any time of year.

Teal works for any occasion. But it’s a particularly good color to wear for job interviews.

This is because teal communicates clarity of thought and calmness.

I like OPI’s Is That a Spear in your Pocket?

And Essie’s Garden Variety.


Want a look that’s elegant, romantic, and feminine?

Then a purple polish could be your perfect match.

Light soft purples, like lilac and lavender, for example, complement a white dress beautifully.


Most blue polish shades will work with a white dress.

For a relaxed, summertime vibe – try a sky blue polish like Essie’s Borrowed and Blue.

But if you want to make a statement, go for something like royal blue or even cobalt.

If you’re looking for a bold blue that suits all skin tones – I’d recommend Zoya’s Tallulah.

What color nail polish goes with a white dress? Warm-toned colors that work.

The colors in this section all have warm undertones, which means that they will look best on warm-skinned beauties.

You don’t necessarily have to have a warm skin tone to wear these colors.

But if your skin is warm, then these nail polish shades will compliment your undertones perfectly.


For a pop of color that will breathe life into a white dress, opt for yellow nail polish.

Yellow is the perfect accent color for white.

It works particularly well for spring and summer outfits.

You could go for a bright, sunshine yellow like Zoya’s Pippa if you want something bold with plenty of personality.

Or you could try a pastel lemon yellow like Essie’s Summer Soulstice or Zoya’s Daisy or mustard yellow like OPI’s the IT Color.

OPI’s No Faux Yellow is very high impact and will totally liven up your outfit!

It’s an amazing bright yellow shade that won the 2021 Glamour Beauty Award.

Earth tones that compliment a white dress

Earthy nail polish colors pair nicely with white.

We’ve talked about sage green already.

You can wear sage anytime you want an earthy, toned-down look. 

Sage green also works like a neutral – so you can wear it with most things.

If you want relaxing, summer festival-type vibes – pair your white dress with sage nails.

If you want stylish and sophisticated (but still earthy) – then try Olive green.

Browns and terracotta shades should work well too.

Check out CND’s Clay Canyon or Zoya’s Dea.

Bold polish colors that work with a white dress

Do you want noticeable nails that will grab everyone’s attention?

If so, this is the section for you.

Let’s take a look at some bold and beautiful polish options.

To get those nails noticed!

Yellow and green

For maximum impact, look for super strong yellow and green shades.

Think neon. The brighter the better!

Yellows with Sunshine in the name or the description are usually a safe bet.

Stay away from washed-out pastel shades and mustard. 

It doesn’t get much bolder than OPI’s award-winning No Faux Yellow.

Chartreuse is an attention-grabbing yellowy-green shade. 

Lime green is another good option to draw all eyes to your nails.

For a green with a kick, try Zoya’s Link. 

It’s an in-your-face Neon green that screams “look at me!”.

Orange and Red-orange

Depending on the shade you choose, orange is a great choice for a bold or a boho look.

It’s perfect for summer festivals. 

Orange is a fun color that’s both punchy and positive.

Dial up the intensity and the heat with nails in a vibrant red-orange shade.

Look for bright, punchy corals, or reds with a lot of orange in them.

If you like red-orange nails, Zoya’s Virginia and Rocha are amazing shades to try out. 

What color nail polish goes with a white dress? Metallic nail polish colors that work

If you like your metallics, I’ve got awesome news!

Gold, silver, copper, and rose gold all work really well with a white dress.

So go crazy with nails and accessories in any metallic you like!

Why not choose your favorite necklace, ring, or earrings, and paint your nails to match!

Of course, any nail polish color that has a metallic finish is also fair game.

Think shimmery green, metallic purple or electric blue for example.

Do you love rose gold? Try Zoya’s Esme or Essie’s Penny Talk – they’re both gorgeous!

For silver, go with something like OPI’s Silver on Ice.

I don’t wear gold nail polish, but my gold-loving friends say Soleil by Zoya is good.

It’s an antique gold that’s great for warm skin tones.

Other polish colors that go with a white dress

Still on the hunt for that perfect polish match?

Then check out these ideas for some other polish colors that go well with a white dress.

Blush pink

I love the softness of blush pink nails with a white dress.

Blush nails are understated and chic. 

They give you a feminine look that’s delicate and romantic – perfect for a date.

My favorite blush shades are Joss by Zoya and Don’t Make Me Blush by China Glaze.

Raspberry red

Berry shades like raspberry are a good color to pair with a white dress all year round.

But I especially enjoy this combination in the fall and winter months.

If you like raspberry nails and glitter – try Blaze by Zoya – it’s stunning!

Dusty rose

This is one of my personal fav’s.

Dusty rose nails look dreamy and oh so classy with a white dress.

If you have light skin, or soft coloring and the image of an English country garden appeals to you, then get yourself a dusty rose nail polish.

Nails Inc in the color Uptown is good. So is Dior’s Incognito.

Prom nails for a white dress

If you’re wearing white to prom, this section is for you!

Prom is a formal event, but it can also be an opportunity to show off your creativity and personality.

I’m guessing you already have your dress picked out, right?

Then let the dress guide you in your choice of nail color.

What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s break it down.

Here are some things to think about.

Tips for choosing prom nails to go with a white dress

First, take a few seconds to think about how you would describe your prom dress.

Is it classicly elegant? Fun, and flirty? Minimal and modern? Or Quirky and different?

When you’re choosing a nail color for prom, try to match the overall look of the dress.

For example, if you’re wearing a dress that’s elegant, classy, and very formal, then you’ll want a nail color that matches that vibe.

Some great options for a more traditionally formal white dress would be navy, emerald, forest green, taupe, gray, gold, dusty pink, and sage green.

If your dress is on the fun and flirty side, then you might get a little more playful with your nails.

Some great ideas for a fun flirty white prom dress would be bright yellow, hot pink, or lavender nails. Coral and peach nails would work too.

For a modern and minimal look, plain nails in another neutral color like white, gray, navy, tan, or beige will do the trick.

What are the undertones in your dress?

My second tip is to look at the undertones in your dress. Are they warm or cool?

If your dress is more of a yellowish-white, like ivory, it’s warm.

If it is pure white then it’s most likely cool.

Once you know if the white shade of your dress is warm or cool, a great trick is to find a nail polish (in any color you like) that has the same undertone as your dress.

So if your dress is cool, look for nail polishes with cool undertones, and vice versa.

If you’re not sure whether a nail polish color is warm or cool, check the polish descriptions.

Zoya is great at explaining the overall tone of the polish and you can search on their website by warm or cool.

Do you want your nails to stand out?

My third tip for matching your nails to your prom dress is to think about how much you want your nails to stand out.

I mean, it’s prom so you’re probably going to want all eyes on your dress, right?

In that case, you might want to keep your nails simple and avoid too much bling or eye-catching colors.

A good way to gauge this is to think about how “busy” your dress is.

Does it have a lot of detail on it? Or is it more understated?

You can compliment a detailed prom dress by adding a modest nail color and design.

If you have a lot of detail on your dress then you don’t want a ton of gems, glitter, etc on your nails, as this will draw attention away from the dress.

If your white prom dress is minimal, vintage, or understated, then you might want to go bolder with your nail choice.

You could go for a highly contrasting color cobalt blue or a bold metallic to finish the look.

Final thoughts

So what have we learned by studying what color nail polish goes with a white dress?

There’s no need to stress about finding the perfect polish match for your white dress.

White is neutral. It goes with anything and everything.

That means it would be really hard to choose a polish color that didn’t work at all!

Answer the questions above, think about your personal style and the look you want, then take it from there.

I hope you enjoyed my what color nail polish goes with a white dress? post!

Good luck and have a magical time in your white dress 🤗

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