65 Beautiful Nail Color Combos For the Perfect Match.

This is a comprehensive list of nail color combos. You can use it as a quick reference guide when buying polishes oras inspiration for when you are choosing which nail polish colors to put together.

If you would like to know why these colors work well together, check out our post that covers nail polish color theory here.

In this post, we’ll keep it simple and focus on perfect polish pairings – i.e 2 color combos only.

If you want 3 color combos, check out this post.

And if you want 4 and 5 color combos, you can find a list of those in this post.

You can find the full list here.

All the colors listed here are OPI, but you don’t need to stick with them if you prefer another brand.

The basic color theory is the same, so just find a similar color in your favorite polish brand, and voila, perfect nails!

OPI shades:

2 nail color combos:

Telenovela me about it / Verde nice to meet you

Don’t tell a sol / Suzi’s slinging mezcal

Verde nice to meet you – Hue is the artist

My chihuahua doesn’t bite anymore – Verde nice to meet you

My chihuahua doesn’t bite anymore – Hue is the artist

Don’t tell a sol – Mariachi makes my day

Viva OPI! – Mexico City Move-mint

A hush of blush – Let’s be friends

Isn’t she iconic – A hush of blush

Isn’t she iconic – Let’s be friends

Many celebrations to go – A kiss on the chic

Hello pretty – A hush of blush

Hello pretty – Let’s be friends

A hush of blush – My Favorite Gal Pal

Let love sparkle – Glitter to my heart

Many celebrations to go – Big apple red

Stay of the lawn – Many celebrations to go

Black onyx – Isn’t she iconic

Red heads ahead – Black onyx

Alpine snow – Grabs the unicorn by the horn

You’ve got that glas-glow – Good girls gone plaid

Edinburgh-er & tatties – Good girls gone plaid

Suzi Needs a Loch-smith – Rub-a-Pub-Pub

Things i’ve seen in aber-green – You’ve got that glas-glow

Don’t bossa nova me around – Dance party teal dawn

Orange You a Rock Star? – Dance Party ‘Teal Dawn

Pump up the volume – V I pink passes

Orange you a rock star? – Music is my muse

Pump up the volume – Orange you a rock star

Chiffon-d of you – Ring bare-er

Engage-meant to be – Throw me a kiss

Bare my soul – Alpine snow

Hurry-juku – Tempura-ture is rising

Tempura-ture is rising – Kanpai OPI

Chopstix and stones – Samurai breaks a nail

March in Uniform – We the Female

Two-timing the zones – Pink bubbly (glitter)

Yoga-ta Get This Blue – Lima Tell You About This Color!

Made it to the seventh hill – Suzi chases portu-geese

Suzi chases portu-geese – A red-vival city

Closer than you might belem – You’ve got nada on me

Russian navy (glitter) – Alpine snow

Pompeii purple – Samoan sand

Strawberry margarita – Funny bunny

Samoan sand – Cajun shrimp

To be continued – Russian navy

Getting nadi on my honeymoon – To infinity and blue-yond

Don’t bossa nova me around – O Suzi mio

Worth a pretty penne – Yank my doodle

Senorita rose-alita – Mural Mural on the Wall

Smok’n in havana – Yes My Condor Can-do!

Less is norse – This isn’t greenland

Reykjavik has all the hot spots – Less is norse

Lincoln park after dark – Gelato on my mind

I can never hut up – Two timing the zones

Black onyx – Coconuts over OPI

Yank my doodle – Squeaker of the house

We the female – Pale to the chief

CIA – color is awesome – Suzi the first lady of nails

Spare me a french quarter – Got myself into a jam-balaya

Rich girls n po-boys – She’s a bad muffuletta!

Designer Series – Radiance – I manicure for beads

Humidi-tea – Crawfishin for a compliment

I cannoni wear OPI – Worth a pretty penne

Worth a pretty penne – My gondola or yours?

Be there in a prosecco – Amore at the grand canal

That’s it! I hope you found these nail color combos inspiring!

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