Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Nail Colors: What goes with a Gold dress?

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Planning to knock ’em dead in your Gold dress? But what color nail polish goes? Let’s find out! In this post, we’ll look at what color nail polish goes with a gold dress.

We’re going to go pretty deep into this.

But for those of you with parties to get to, here’s the answer in a nutshell:

Black, White, Navy, and Beige nail polish work with a Gold dress. You can wear Emerald green, Blush Pink, or Red nail polish too. Charcoal and slate gray, most shades of Blue, and Coral or Seafoam nails will work well with a Gold dress.

Now you have a basic idea of what polish colors to pair with gold.

But don’t grab that polish bottle just yet!

Let’s learn a bit more about what vibes these colors create when you put them with gold.

I’ll also recommend some exact nail polish colors that will go with a Gold dress.

Here’s a table of contents for easy navigation:

Table of contents:

What color nail polish goes with a Gold dress? Neutral polish colors that work.

Black and white

Navy blue

Charcoal and slate gray

Dark tan, Beige, or Cream

Chocolate Brown

Sage green

What color nail polish goes with a Gold dress? Complementary polish color that works.

What color nail polish goes with a Gold dress? Other polish colors that work.

Final thoughts

What color nail polish goes with a Gold dress? Neutral polish colors that work.

Gold isn’t always the easiest color to match.

Types of gold can vary quite a bit.

Some golds have a lot of brown in them (think antique-gold).

antique gold color

While others are more like bright, vivid yellows.

bright yellow

Because of this variation, you might have to play around a bit to get your perfect match.

Neutral colors are great because they are always a safe bet.

For a gold dress, go for warm deep neutral shades like dark beige, dark taupe or chocolate brown for your nails. hese shades complement the warmth of the gold dress.

Like Olive, Chocolate, Ivory, and Cream.

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Here are the best neutral polish colors to pair with a gold dress:

Black and white


Black and white are both great choices when it comes to matching with gold.

Black and gold together are dramatic and luxurious.

White and gold can look angelic and expensive.

The best white polish to pair with a gold dress is an off-white.

Look for an off-white polish with red, brown, or gray undertones.

Chamois, Ivory or Ash White will all pair beautifully with your gold dress.


Blue is the complementary color for gold (more on that later).

Navy blue nails are sophisticated and classy, so the perfect match for luxurious gold.

I wear navy nails with everything from blue jeans to white trousers to dresses in every color.

You can’t go wrong with navy nails because they go with every outfit!

Charcoal and slate gray

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Charcoal and slate gray both have undertones that compliment gold.

Charcoal is black and white with a hint of blue.

Since blue is gold’s complementary color, this makes charcoal and gold a perfect match.

Slate gray typically has undertones of blue, red, tan, or purple.

All colors that pair well with gold!

Dark tan, Beige, or Cream

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The undertones in beige and gold are very similar.

Though these 2 colors look good together, they will not provide much of a contrast.

Instead, you will get more of a monochrome vibe.

Like gold, cream also contains some yellow.

So feel free to wear cream polish with your gold dress for an understated look.

Dark tan is in the same family but will give you more of a contrast against the gold.

Chocolate Brown

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This is a bold and sophisticated choice when paired with gold.

It can read as a little masculine though.

Sage green

A lot of people don’t realize that sage green is neutral.

It’s actually an extremely versatile color.

The earthy natural tones in sage work to ground and balance gold.

Use Sage green polish if you want a sophisticated, yet unexpected nail color.

What color nail polish goes with a Gold dress? Complimentary nail polish color that works.

Complimentary colors are basically opposites.

To find them, look at a color wheel, then look at the color that’s directly opposite.

The complementary color for gold is blue.

So most shades of blue nail polish will work well with a Gold dress.

You already know that navy blue polish goes with a Gold dress.

But try pairing your Gold dress with many blue shades of polish from sky blue to cobalt.

You’ll be amazed at how awesome your nails look and at how many compliments you get!

You can also try blue-greens like teal, turquoise, and seafoam.

What color nail polish goes with a Gold dress? Other polish colors that work.


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There are a few shades of green that will look fantastic with a gold dress.

Try painting your nails in shades like mint or seafoam for a modern and playful vibe.

Or go with olive, sage, or forest green for a more traditional look.

Blush or Rose Pink

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Blush pink and gold together are youthful, light, and fun.

Blush pink nails will add a touch of femininity and dreaminess to your overall look.

Rose pink does a similar job but is a bit more grown-up and stylish.


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Purple is a great choice for your nails if you’re wearing gold!

Depending on the shade you choose, purple can be dramatic and opulent or tranquil and girly.

Try a vivid dark purple for extra drama or lavender for a more serene and playful vibe.


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Teal is a deep blue-green that works perfectly with gold.

It’s a calming color that is very dignified.

With your gold dress, teal nail polish will send the message that you are calm and confident.


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Magenta is a mix of red and violet.

Both of these colors pair well with gold.

Magenta and gold together is edgy and adventurous.

So go for Magenta nails if you’re feeling daring and bold!


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Red nails are classic, just ask the French!

A gold dress with red nails is the perfect Christmas combination.

If you’re wearing your gold dress over the holiday season, you can’t go wrong with red.

Paint your nails red if you want a look that’s classy and timeless – oh la la!


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Coral with gold is a fun color combination that no-one will expect!

It’s youthful, playful and fun.

And coral works amazingly well with gold.

Try this combination in spring or summer for a dazzling look.

Final thoughts

Now you know what color nail polish goes with a gold dress.

Wow, who knew there were so many nail polish colors that go with gold!

I hope you got some great info and inspiration from this post.

All the colors we’ve talked about for nails can also work for shoes, handbags, and accessories too.

So have fun choosing your polish!

And have a great time wearing your gorgeous dress 🤗


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