Nail color combinations: ultimate guide for 2022.

In this post, we’re going to look at what nail polish colors go well together. Our focus today is on 4 and 5 nail color combinations from OPI.

If you want to learn more about how to match polish colors on your own – check out this post.

And if you want to use 3 colors – check out this amazing resource.

4 or 5 color combos are great for creating that wow factor that gets everyone talking and the compliments rolling on in.

All the colors in this post are OPI.

If you want to mix and match across different brands, then I suggest finding a color that’s very similar to the one suggested in the combination you like.

You’ll find that a lot of these colors are available in both gel and regular polish, so whatever your preference, you should be able to find something that works for you.

Ok, let’s jump straight in.

4 nail color combinations

Hue is the artist? – Mexico city move-mint – Viva OPI – Black onyx

Alpine snow – Rub a pub pub – You’ve got that glas-glow – Reds heads ahead

Suzi needs a loch-smith – Rub a pub pub – Red heads ahead – Alpine snow

Orange you a rock star? – Dance party teal dawn – Positive vibes only – VI Pink passes

Orange you a rock star – Positive vibes only – Alpine snow – Dance part teal dawn

Chopstix and stones – How does your zen garden grow – Kanpai OPI – Black onyx

Another Ramen-tic evening – Kanpai OPI – Tempura-ture is rising – Black onyx

Kyoto Pearl – Toying with trouble – Glitzerland – Suzi Will Quechua Later!

Somewhere over the rainbow mountains – I love you just be cuso – Don’t toot my flute – Alpine snow

My solar clock is ticking – Como se llama? – Somewhere over the rainbow mountains – Machu peach-u

Suzi chases portu-geese – Tile art to warm your heart – Sun, sea and sand in my pants – Closer than you might belem

Samoan sand – Cajun shrimp – Alpine snow – Black onyx

Girl without limits – Pretty pink perseveres – Yes My Condor Can-do! – Glitzerland

It’s a boy! – Don’t bossa nova me around – Worth a pretty penne – In the cable car pool lane

Suzi without a paddle – Is that a spear in your pocket? – Exotic birds do not tweet – Super trop-i-cal-i fiji-istic

Pale to the chief – Freedom of peach – CIA color is awesome – Never a dulles moment

5 nail colors that go together

Telenovela me about it – Hue is the artist? – Black Onyx – Don’t tell a sol – Verde nice to meet you

Mi cas es blue casa – Telenovela me about it – Don’t tell a sol – Mariachi makes my day – My chihuahua doesn’t bite anymore

A hush of blush – Let’s be friends – Hello Pretty – All about the bows – A kiss on the chic

Stay off the lawn – Many celebrations to go – A hush of blush – Isn’t she iconic – Alpine snow

Grabs the unicorn by the horn – Suzi needs a loch smith – Boys be thistle-ing at me – Black onyx – Alpine snow

Music is my muse – Positive vibes only – V I pink passes – Orange you a rock star – PUMP up the volume

PUMP up the volume – Dance party teal dawn – V I pink passes – Alpine snow – Black onyx

Suzi san climbs Fuji-san – How does your zen garden grow – Tempura-ture is rising – Hurry-juku get this color – Another ramen-tic evening

Alpine snow – Grandma kissed a gaucho – Alpaca my bags – Seven wonders of OPI – Don’t toot my flute

My solar clock is ticking – Como se llama? – I love you just be cuso – Alpaca my bags – Alpine snow

Somewhere over the rainbow mountains – Grandma kissed a gaucho – Yes my condor can-do – Alpaca my bags – Don’t toot my flute

Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn – Don’t Toot My Flute – Pink bubbly – Orange you a rock star? – Hate to burst your bubble

Now museum now you don’t – We seafood and eat it – You’ve got nata on me – Suzi chases portu-geese – Lisbon wants moor OPI

Icelanded a bottle of opi – Check out the old Geysirs – Turn on the northern lights – Aurora berry-alis – Suzi and the arctic fox

I manicure for beads – She’s a bad muffuletta! – Humidi-tea – Let me bayou a drink – Alpine snow