Nail polish 3 colors: Beautiful 3-Color OPI combos.

Looking for nail colors that go together? This is a huge list of nail polish 3 color nail polish combos that match perfectly. In this post, I’m going to give you all my best tips and tricks for how to match nail polishes.

Plus, I’ll give you 5 foolproof formulas to help you with your color selection.

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And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can find some stunning 4 and 5 color combos here.

You can use this list however you want.

It’s a great reference guide that you can refer to when you’re thinking of buying a new polish.

Or you can use it to get inspiration for your next mani.

If you are interested in learning about the color theory behind these combinations, then here is a really good resource that explains why these color combinations work.

Let’s dive right in.

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How to make nail polish 3 color combos Method 1

How to make nail polish 3 color combosmethod 2

Nail polish 3 colors that go together – list of OPI shades

How to make nail polish 3 color combos Method 1

If you want to create a nail polish 3 colors combo, there are a couple of different ways you can go about it.

The first (and in my opinion the easiest) way to match nail polish colors and to create a 3 color combo that works well together is this:

Simply use any 3 neutral nail polish colors, like the ones listed below:

Examples of neutral colors

Black, white, gray, cream, navy, beige, taupe, sage green, olive green, champagne, ivory, nude, blush, brown, tan.

Neutral colors are a great basis for 3 color nail combos.

Because neutrals contain little to no color, they mix well with most other neutrals as well as stronger colors.

You can mix and match 3 different neutral colors together and your nails will look chic, modern, and minimal,

Here are a few examples of 3 nail polish color combos you can try:

Black, white, and nude

Ivory, olive, and sage

Navy, beige, and tan

Gray, white, and navy

How to make nail polish 3 color combosmethod 2

Here’s another method you can try for making a 3 color nail combo.

First, choose any 2 neutral colors that you like.

Then for the 3rd color, add in anything you like!

Since the first 2 colors you choose are neutral, (remember that neutrals go with everything) you can pick almost any other color of nail polish and it will work.

Here are some examples:

Black, white, and hot pink

Navy, white, and cherry red

Gray, white and pink

Sage, beige, and soft yellow

How to make nail polish 3 color combosmethod 3

So the third method that you can use to combine 3 nail polish colors together is this.

Mix 2 complementary colors and 1 neutral.

You already know what neutral nail polish colors there are.

But what are complementary colors?

In color theory, complementary colors are colors that are highly contrasting.

If you look at a color wheel, you can tell which colors are complementary to one another.

Because complementary colors are always directly opposite each other on the color wheel.

Here are some examples of complementary color combinations:

Red and green

Blue and orange

Purple and yellow

Complementary colors create a bold and high-impact look.

If you want your nails to catch everyone’s attention, go for a 3 color combo with 2 complementary colors in it.

Here are some examples of complimentary nail polish 3 color combos:

Lilac, lemon, and beige

Emerald, burgundy, and taupe

Sky blue, coral, and cream

How to make nail polish 3 color combosmethod 4

This method involves using 3 analogous colors.

Analogous colors are next-door neighbors on the color wheel.

Any group of 3 colors that appear together on the wheel are analogous.

In other words, they are the 2 colors on either side of the main color you are looking at on the color wheel.

So let’s say that you want to use red in your nail combo.

The colors next to red on the wheel are red-orange and orange.

This means that you can combine red, red-orange, and orange on your nails.

Using analogous colors like these creates a harmonious look that’s very pleasing to the eye.

Here are a few more examples of analogous color combos:

  • Yellow, yellow-green, and green.
  • Violet, red-violet, and red.
  • Blue, blue-violet, and violet.

How to make nail polish 3 color combosmethod 5

My 5th and final method for creating 3 nail color combos is to keep it monochrome.

What’s a monochromatic color scheme?

A monochromatic color scheme is where you use different shades of the same color.

It helps to create a cohesive look.

Following this method is easy, you really can’t go wrong.

just choose 3 shades of the same color.

It helps to have some contrast between the shades.

So if you are using pink for example, you might go for a dark, a medium, and light pink.

Nail polish 3 colors that go together:

Now it’s time for some inspiration!

Below is a huge list of exact polish shades that work well together.

All the polishes listed below are OPI, but if you want to use similar colors from another brand, then you should still get great results.

Hue is the artist – My chihuahua doesn’t bite anymore – Verde nice to meet you

Don’t tell a sol – Mariachi makes my day – Telenovela me about it

Black onyx – Hue is the artist? – Mexico city move-mint

Isn’t she iconic – A hush of blush – Let’s be friends

A hush of blush – My favorite gal pal – Born to sparkle

Let love sparkle – Alpine snow – Hello Pretty

All about the bows – Let’s be friends – Hello pretty

Let love sparkle – Glitter to my heart – Alpine snow

Many Celebrations to go – Big apple red – Alpine snow

Stay off the lawn – Many celebrations to go – Isn’t she iconic

Grabs the unicorn by the horn – Suzi needs a loch smith –
Boys be thistle-ing at me

PUMP up the volume – Orange you a rock star? – Black onyx

PUMP up the volume – Dance party teal dawn – V I pink passes

Music is my muse – Dance party teal dawn – Positive vibes only

Throw me a kiss – Chiffon-d of you – Bare my soul

Another ramen-tic evening – Chopstix and stones – Kanpai OPI

Tempura-ture is rising – Another ramen-tic evening – Kanpai OPI

Another ramen-tic evening – Arigato from tokyo – All your dreams in vending machines

Midnight in Moscow – We the Female – March in Uniform

Toying with trouble – A Little Guilt Under The Kilt – Glitzerland

We the Female – March in Uniform – Glitzerland

My solar clock is ticking – Alpaca my bags – Lima tell you about this color

My solar clock is ticking – Alpaca my bags – Yes my condor can do

Lisbon Wants Moor – Summer lovin’ having a blast – Lima Tell You About This Color!

Suzi chases portu-geese – Sun, sea and sand in my pants – Tile art to warm your heart

Suzi chases portu-geese – Sun, sea and sand in my pants – No turning back from pink street

To be continued – From here to eternity – Silver on ice

Taupe-less beach – Miami Beet – Lincoln park after dark

Getting nadi on my honeymoon – Suzi without a paddle – Polly want a laquer?

Not so bora-bora-ing pink – Flashbulb fucia – Humidi-tea

Less is norse – This isn’t greenland – Reykjavik has all the hot spots

Less is norse – Turn on the northern lights – Check out the old geysirs

Turn on the northern lights – Suzi and the arctic fox – Less is norse

Turn on the northern lights – Arora berry-alis – One heckla of a color!

This isn’t greenland – Reykjavik has all the hot spots – Less is norse

Black onyx – Cajun shrimp – Malaga wine

Two timing the zones – Is that a spear in your pocket? – Getting nadi on my honeymoon

Coconuts over OPI – Suzi without a paddle – Is that a spear in your pocket?

Pale to the chief – Shh…it’s top secret – Squeaker of the house

OPI by popular vote – We the female – Pale to the chief

CIA – color is awesome – Madam president – Pale to the chief

Designer Series – Radiance – I’m sooo swamped! – Black onyx

Designer Series – Radiance – Humidi-tea – Alpine snow

Designer Series – Radiance – Rich girls n po-boys – Black onyx

Spare me a french quarter? – Crawfishin for a compliment – Designer Series – Radiance

Be there in a prosecco – Black onyx – O suzi mio

Tiramisu for 2 – Worth a pretty penne – A Red-vival City

My gondola or yours? – Amore at the grand canal – O suzi mio

Final thoughts:

So there you have it. My complete list of 3 color nail combos!

I hope that you enjoyed this “Nail polish 3 colors that go together” post and that you found it useful.

Good luck with your nail art and happy polishing!