Pink ballerina nails: 25 beautiful designs you’ll love

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What are ballerina nails?

Ballerina nails are nails that are shaped like a ballet slipper – hence the name.

Nails that are done in the ballerina style can be long or short, gel or acrylic.

They can also be any color, including pink!

Ballerina nails are slightly rounded at the sidewalls with a squared-off tip.

They are very similar to coffin nails.

But ballerina nails are slightly narrower at the tip and they don’t have the super straight sidewalls like coffin nails do.

I guess you could say that ballerina nails are a softer, more feminine, and more rounded version of a coffin nail.

Coffin nails

Ballerina and coffin nails look very similar. But there are some subtle differences between the two.

Coffin nails look edgier than ballerina nails. This is because they are sharper and narrower than ballerina shaped nails.

The sides of coffin nails are super straight (not rounded like ballerina nails) which gives a very extreme and “fake” look.

Ballerina nails, in contrast, are a little more rounded and natural looking compared with coffin-shaped nails.

Ballerina nails vs coffin

People often confuse ballerina nails with coffin nails because they are quite similar.

But they are not the same.

Coffin nails are different from ballerina nails in 2 key ways:

  1. First, coffin nails have very straight sidewalls whereas ballerina nails are far more rounded. Ballerina nails are therefore a little wider than coffin nails typically.
  2. Second, because they are rounded to a point, ballerina nails have narrower tips.

Now that we’ve cleared up any confusion about ballerina nails and coffin nails, let’s take a look at some stunning pink ballerina nails!

1. Light pink and white ombre ballerina nails.


2. Long pink ballerina nails.


3. Pink marbled ballerina nails.


4. Light pink ballerina nails.


5. Baby pink ballerina nails.

6. Pink ombre ballerina nails


7. Hot pink ballerina nails


8. Summer pink ombre ballerina nails.


9. Pink ballerina nails with coral pinky and glitter.


10. Pinky purple ballerina nails with krusty the clown design.


11. Coral pink ballerina nails.


12. Pale pink ballerina nails


13. Natural pink ballerina nails.


14. Pink ballerina nails with butterfly design.


15. Neon pink ballerina nails with glitter accent nail.


16. Pink ballerina nails with gold gem details.


17. Short pink ballerina nails.


18. Pale pink ballerina nails with pink glitter.


19. Distressed pink ballet nails with gems.


20. Pink ballet nails with hearts, texture, and glitter studded pinky.


21. Long baby pink ballet nails with clear silver glitter accent nails.


22. Nude pink ombre ballerina nails.


23. Ballerina nails in mixed pink colors.


24. Natural plain pink ballet-shaped nails.


25. Bright pink ballerina-shaped nails for summer.


Final thoughts

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