Light pink nails 66 designs and shades you’ll love

Don’tcha just love light pink nails?

On the one hand, they can be feminine, elegant, and chic. 

On the other, they can be cute, playful, and fun to wear.

I get excited about light pink nails!

There are so many shades of light pink to choose from, from pale peachy pinks, to baby pinks, and barely-there pinkish nudes.

Light pink nails work for almost any occasion and if you choose the right shade, they’ll work with most of your closet, too.

Whether spring, summer, fall, or winter, pale pink nails work hard to keep you looking perfectly polished all year round.

Psychologists believe that pink nails say you’re kind and creative and have a positive outlook on life.

Does that sound like you?

Then read on my happy little pink lover, and let’s look at some undeniably beautiful light pink nails!

1. Light pink nails with design

ales.nail .artistry 1

2. Minimal white pink nails (color is Essie Peak Show)

apolishedbox essie peak show 1

3. Light pink nails with glitter tips

borcsanails 1

4. Light pink and white ombre nails with glitter

borcsanails2 1

5. Barely there light pinky nude nails

brooklynblushco 2

6. Pale pink round nails with creamy white ombre tips 1

7. Light pink coffin nails

corgiswineandnails 1

8. Popular light pink nail colors

curlycomedynailart pillow talk the talk 1

9. Zoya light pink nails (color is called dot)

dancemetonight zoya dot 1

10. Long nails with light pink and white ombre design

denna.officia 1

11. Light pink nail polish color by Essie (minimalistic)

emmaheartssnails essie minimalistic 1

12. Pale baby pink nails by Essie (color is Romper Room)

emmaheartssnails essie romper room 1

13. Light pink Zoya nails (shade is called evelyn)

emmaheartssnails zoya evelyn 1

14. Light pink nails with colorful blue and green glitter

fi.nail .li 1

15. Light pink nails with gold hearts

forestdale nailsandbeauty 1

16. Pale pink nails with cute dog design

gaba00000 1

17. Light pink nails with silver glitter tips and gems

gelledbylily 1

18. A gorgeous pink shade from the latest OPI collection (quest for quartz)

gimmeallthatpolish opi quest for quartz 1

19. Square nails fading from pale pink to milky white

golden filenailsalon 1

20. 4 stunning pink shades from Essie

gopolished essie stretch your wings 1

21. Another 4 beautiful light pink nail color options by Essie

gopolished stretch your wings 1

22 Light peachy pink nails from Olive and June (color is called study hall)

gopolished Study Hall oliveandjune 1

23. Light pink tips design with silver glitter outlines

haleyznailz 1

24. A barely there natural pink nail color from OPI (OPI Infinite Shine From Dusk Till Dune)

heidi polished OPI Infinite Shine From Dusk Till Dune 1

25. Large long pink tips with a snakelike pattern

heimi.nailkween 3

26. Very pale pink acrylic nails with a silver lightning design

hybrydynka 1

27. Pink, silver, and white nail design

kavisnailcare 1

28. Pale pink, lilac, and gold nail design.

kiaraskynails 1

29. Cute nails with orange, nude, blue, white, and turquoise dots.

kimc.nailz .it 1

30. Giant neon glitter pieces on a pale background

koko.dips 1

31. Long square acrylic nails painted in one color.

linxnailss 1

32. Mid-length mails in a peachy shade from Zoya (color is called Chelsea)

ludochka t zoya Chelsea 2

33. Beautifully shaped acrylic nails in a natural shade.

mirandasbeautynailssalon 1

34. Shimmer pink polish with metallic love design

moni wien92 2

35. A sweet pink shade from Zoya on short nails (color is called sweet)

myboyfriendhatesmakeup 1

36. 4 light pink nails from OPI’s pink collection

mylacqueredlife opi 1

37. Simple oval nails in a barely there natural pink

nailediteasy 1

38. Mauve medium-length nails in acrylic (color is called Natural Mauvement)

nailpolishgeek23 1

39. Clear acrylic nail design with light pink, gems, holo glitter, and 3D butterflies

nailsbysbb 2

40. Light pink nails with gold and black nail stickers design

nailsbyslavka753539612165 n 1

41. Clear, natural pink nails

nailsbyvickii 1

42. Square acrylics with light pink

nailsgss 1

43. Opaque pink nails with 3D flower design

nailz by nicole 1

44. Pink marble effect nail design

nanixnails 1

45. Pink and white ombre nails with square white tips, gems, and encapsulated butterflies

pastelbaby92 1

46. Candy pink gel nails

pazy.marti 1

47. Pale pink coffin-shaped nails with gold rings

philglamournails 1

48. 4 stunning OPI pink nail shades

polish.lab .rat 1

49. 4 baby pink color options from Essie

polish.lab .rat2 1

50. Light pink nails from Zoya (color is called Joanie)

polish3dmommy zoya joanie 1

51. Milky pink short gel nails (the color is called Agnes by Zoya)

polishandbloom 1

52. Long acrylic nails in pink with gems, flowers, butterflies, and glitter

polishedandglamorous 1

53. The perfect bridal pink nails from OPI (color is called Getting Nadi on My Honeymoon)

polishobsessed 1

54. A light, cool pink nail color from Zoya (the color is called Agnes)

polishplease ph 1

55. Beautiful nude pink nails for any occasion 1

56. Hot pink and candy pink reversed french tips and borders design

ravishingnails 1

57. Milky pink acrylic nails in a medium length

sculptednails 1

58. Short round nails painted in Zoya pink polish (shade name is Portia)

shell.manicured 1

59. Short stiletto nails in light candy pink

thenailcure 1

60. Medium-length nails in Essie’s most iconic pink shade (ballet slippers)

thenailpolishsh3lf essie ballet slippers 1

61. Beautiful pink and clear long nails with marbling and butterflies

thenailprogramme 1

62. Chic and classy long pale pink nails

yvette nailz 2

63. Short peachy pink nails by Zoya (color is called Joey)

zoyanailpolish joey 1

64. Beautiful short pink nails by Zoya (color is called pretty in pink)

zoyanailpolishaustralia pretty in pink 2

65. Pink, red, and nude nail design on long nails with hearts that have eyes

kiarra.j 4

66. Donut with sprinkles nail design in nude and pale pink

kiarra.j2 1

Final thoughts and tips for choosing the right pink shade

So, there you have it!

You’ve seen light pink nails in a huge variety of shades, lengths, and nail shapes.

You really can create a ton of different looks and feels with this simple but classic color choice.

Hopefully one or more of these gorgeous designs has got you inspired to create your next awesome manicure.

But wait!

Before you go, I have some knowledge to impart and some useful tips to help you choose the right color for you.

If you’re not sure which shade of pink is best for you, here are some essential tips to help you nail down the perfect light pink color for you.

  • Go with a light pink that matches your skin tone. 

That means peachy and coral pinks for my warmed-skinned beauties and cool icy pinks and pinky purple shades for my cool-skinned beauties.

 If you want to know more about matching nail colors to your skin tone read this.

And if you want to see a list of all the best light pink nail polishes from OPI, Essie, Zoya, and more check out this post.

  • Read the nail polish descriptions.

If you aren’t sure if a polish is warm or cool, reading the polish descriptions can really help you out.

Not all polish makers describe their colors very well, but some do.

Zoya in particular does a great job at explaining exactly what’s in the bottle.

They even allow you to search for light pink polishes based on whether they have cool or warm undertones – how good is that!?!

I can’t tell you how much my polish game leveled up once I found out that little tip!

Have fun creating your pink nail paradise!

Bye for now my beauties, see you next time 🙂


  • Phoebe Meadows

    Phoebe Meadows is a self-proclaimed nail addict, always on the lookout for the latest trends and techniques. When she's not creating stunning nail designs, you can find her researching the latest nail care products or experimenting with new techniques.