Purple pink nail polish (59 beautiful shades for you)

Are you looking for a purple pink nail polish?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a post that listed all the best purple pink polishes?

This is that post!

Whether you’re looking for adorable and angelic or dazzling and divine, we’ve got you covered.

Right here, you’ll find a purple-pink nail polish shade to suit your mood, personality, or the look you’re going for.

This post is dedicated to the cutest, chicest, and most fun to wear purple pink polish shades.

We’ll share the best purple-pink polishes from all your favorite brands like OPI, Essie, Zoya, and more.

We’ll also give you a few expert tips for choosing the perfect purple-pink nail polish.

So let’s get into it and find your perfect shade!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is purple-pink nail polish?

There’s a fine line between purple and pink.

Purple pink polishes walk that line.

If you can’t say for sure whether a polish is pink or purple, you just might have spotted a purple-pink!

The mix of these 2 colors can vary, which leads to lots of variations of purple-pink.

You can get purple pinks with more purple in them so that they look very, well, purple.

Or you can get a mainly pink mix with just a hint of purple.

You may also come across pink nail polishes with a purple shimmer or vice versa.

Some purple pinks look purple but seem to almost change color to pink when the light hits them.

And some purple-pink polishes look pink but have a subtle purple shimmer when they catch the light.

So you see, you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a purple-pink polish!

Now, let’s see some polishes!

OPI Purple pink nail polish

opi hot pink nail polish

This intense purple-pink will get everyone talking. Drama!

opi hot pink nail polish

This bold pinky purple is the berry best.

opi hot pink nail polish

A charming fuchsia shade with attitude.

opi hot pink nail polish

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s pink (or purple). Plus shimmery.

Flashbulb Fuchsia opi neon nail polish

Glitzy pink purple fuchsia shade. Very glam.

Eyecatching bright berry pinky purple color.

A holographic, futuristic fuchsia.

Stunning rose pink pearl shade.

La Paz-itively Hot opi neon nail polish

Intense hot pink shade -perfect for summer.

A chic, classic pinky purple.

  • Emflowered – a bright, cheery pinky purple color.

Essie purple-pink nail polish

essie hot pink nail polish

This is a bright, fun, magenta-toned pink.

A creamy, luminous fuchsia shade.

A deep fuchsia with cool blue undertones. Great for cool skinned beauties.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Essie-Island-hopping-mauve-nail-polish.jpg

Rich, deep plum mauve polish that looks great on all skin tones.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is get-a-mauve-on-essie-nail-polish.jpg

Smokey dark purple polish with gray undertones.

Zoya purple-pink nail polish

zoya hot pink nail polish

It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s magenta.

zoya hot pink nail polish

Super bright bubble-gum pink, I chews you.

zoya hot pink nail polish

You can find me in the club… this hot fuchsia neon will light up any dancefloor!

zoya hot pink nail polish

Back to the ultra-bright fuchsia.

zoya hot pink nail polish

This brilliant pink will give you a new cerise on life.

A slightly subdued fuchsia.

Nearly neon purple-pink sparkle jelly.

  • Sandy – blue toned flamingo pink

Orly purple-pink nail polish

orly hot pink nail polish

I glitterally can’t get over this pinky purple shimmer!

orly hot pink nail polish

The fuchsia is bright, the fuchsia is pink/purple.

Hot pink purple jelly.

Bubblegum pink-purple with shimmer.

A classic floral fuchsia for fingers and toes.

Va Va Voom

A bold, sexy pink-purple shade.

Deborah Lippmann fuchsia nail polish

Neon Heat

Bold and bubbly.

Beach Cruiser

The perfect vacation pink-purple.

Oh Cabana boy

Hot pink shimmer.

Deborah Lippman  hot pink nail polish

Pink, right to the glitter end.

A bluish fuchsia creme that’s lovely on cool skin.

Deborah Lipmann SWEET EMOTION vintage rose creme

The perfect vintage dark purple rose cream.

Nails inc purple pink nail polish

Neon raspberry shade.

Butter London purple pinks

Sally Hansen purple pinks

Fancy purple pink floral.

Cote pink purple nail polish

Deep, dark, and mysterious.

China glaze purple pink polish

Neon pink.

Olive and June Mauves

A true mauve.

A lavender gray mauve polish.

Flora 1761 Mauve Polish shades


Chic gray-purple.

Jinsoon purple pink nail polish


Opaque dusty lavender shade that’s perfect for all skin tones.

yapa (non-toxic) purple pink polish

Yapa makes quality nail polishes that are gluten, cruelty-free, and nontoxic.

yapa Liz non toxic neon nail polish

100% Pure (vegan and nontoxic) neon pink nail polish

The fuschia is bright, and so are your nails! With Zero hassle.

This is a 20-free neon masterpiece.

Ella and Mila (toxic-free cruelty-free vegan) neon pink polish

This is described as a “bright highlighter pink”. Takes me back to my school days.

Cirque Colors Jelly pinks:

Marsala Jelly

A pinky purple that’s good enough to eat.

Bluesky bright purple pink gel nail polish names:

bluesky hot pink gel nail polish

The perfect party pink.

bluesky hot pink gel nail polish

A bold fuchsia gel polish.

bluesky hot pink gel nail polish

Dazzling fuchsia pink neon.

Deep Fawn Mauve Gel Polish

Deep fawn is dreamy and creamy. Love this shade!

Hot Chocolate Mauve Gel Polish

Browny mauve that’s great for fall and winter.

Marvellous Mauve Gel Polish

Rich and super dark puple pink polish for medium to dark skin.

Light purple nail polish

Light purple nail polishes can sometimes be purple-pink.

Take lavender and lilac for example.

They are both light purple shades but one is purple and one is purple-pink.

Can you guess which is which?

If you guessed that lilac is purple-pink, you’re right!

Lilac has a pink tint while lavender has blue undertones.

Dark purple nail polish

Can darker purples be purple pinks too?

Well, darker purples often have red mixed in with them which makes them look more like reddish purples than pink purples.

However, some darker “purple” shades, like mauve and magenta for example, are a mixture of both pink and purple.

On the color wheel, mauve sits between violet and pink and magenta is a pink-purple mix with a lot of pink in it.

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Can anyone wear purple-pink nail polish?

Yes, anyone can wear purple-pink nail polish.

There are so many different warm and cool shades of purple-pink, so it’s easy to find one that works for any skin tone.

Purple pink polish is perfect for school, work, or a first date.

It also works for weddings, interviews, proms, and special occasions.

In fact, it’s hard to think of a scenario where a purple-pink wouldn’t work!

Purple pink is a great color for everyday wear, especially the pastel shades on the lighter end of the spectrum.

The bolder pink-purple shades (like magenta and fuchsia) can be very eyecatching, which is great for when you want your nails to get noticed!

You can easily pull off a fun and quirky look with purple-pink nails.

It’s a versitile color that’s pretty much timeless.

It doesn’t matter if you have warm, cool, neutral, or olive skin, you can wear purple-pink.

That’s because purple-pink nail polishes can have either warm or cool undertones.

You’ll need to find the right shade that compliments your skin tone (we’ll help you out with that later).

Pink purple polish also works well for any age group.

When to wear purple-pink nail polish.

Purple pink nails are a great option for year-round.

In spring and summer, you could go for a pastel shade like lilac.

And in fall and winter, you could go for something like mauve or a deep reddish-purple like a plum or berry shade.

Pinky purples also work well for a night out.

Purpley pink polish isn’t the most versatile shade, so you will have to think about what you’re going to be wearing if you plan on keeping your purple-pink nails for a while.

Purple pink can also be appropriate for the office, but you might want to stick to classic plum, berry, and pastel shades, especially if you’re in a conservative field.

Save the color-changing shimmer effect pink purples for a night out or fun events and activities.

In short, pinky purples can be chic and sophisticated, or outrageous and fun.

So, choose a shade of purple-pink polish that works for the occasion or for your lifestyle.

How to choose the perfect pinky purple

There are plenty of pretty purple pinks to choose from.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect shade for you:

– If you have warm skin tones, look for polishes with peachy or yellow undertones. If it says “warm” in the description – that’s perfect.

– For cool skin tones, look for purple pinks with blue or cool undertones.

– If you have neutral skin, you can wear any kind of purple-pink.

My very best tip for getting the right shade (and making your nails look their best) is to read the polish descriptions.

Some polish makers do a better job of describing the colors than others.

I always like to go for a brand that gives thorough and accurate descriptions on its website.

Zoya is a great example of this.

You can actually search for cool or warm colored polishes on their website.

Final thoughts:

That’s the end of this post my beauties!

I hope that you enjoyed perusing purple pink polish shades.

Did you find this post helpful?

I sure hope so.

We’ve given you loads of amazing shades to choose from and covered pretty much every brand I could think of.

So now, all that’s left for you to do is to have some fun picking out your favorite!

I hope you liked this post and found the advice useful.

Thanks for reading, good luck picking out a polish, and happy pinking!

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