101 of The Best Rose Pink Nail Polishes: A Guide

Craving a rose manicure? There are so many shades of rose pink nail polish, that it can be hard to find and hone in on one you like. 

If only rose pink polish was labeled as “rose pink”, life would be so much easier!

But no, the polish makers insist on giving them clever, funny, or exotic-sounding names that might make us smile, but that tells us nothing about the actual color in the bottle.

If only someone would make a list of all the rose pink nail polish colors and names!

Fret not my beauties, for we have done just that!

This is the ultimate list of rose pink nail polishes.

So now, you can find the best rose pink nail polish for you, faster than you can say “rose pink!”.

Whether you want the perfect dusty pink nail polish, soft rose petal pink, blush-colored nails, or a moody dark rose, this post is for you.

Let the search for the perfect rose nail polish begin!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Rose pink nail polish – colors and names 

To kick off the search, here’s a full list of rose pink nail polish colors, and their shade names.

I’ve included as many brands as I can think of, including some vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic options.

The list is organized by brand (in no particular order).

So scroll down, find your favorite brand, and then check out the shades of pink nail polish!

If you want dusty rose nail polish, deep rose nail polish, or dark rose nail polish, check out the sections dedicated to dusty rose, deep rose and dark rose below.

Oh, and there’s a separate section for rose pink gel nail polish below, too!

Rose pink nail polish colors (the list)

Let’s start with one of the most popular brands, and one of my favorites – Essie.

Rose pink nail polish Essie

Essie has a wide range of rose pink shades, from mauve pink nails and blush-colored nails to dirty pink nails.

Here are the shades:

Please note Essie gel couture does not need a UV lamp to dry.

essie dusty pink nail polish

A muted rose that looks great on light to medium skin tones.

essie rose pink nail polish

A flattering shade for fair and olive skin.

rose pink nail polish

Anyone can wear this retro bubblegum pink shade.

This is my favorite dusty rose pink, it works for all skin tones and all occasions.

dusty rose pink nail polish essie

A creamy nude rose that looks fabulous on dark or tanned skin.

deep dusty rose pink essie nail polish

A creamy dusty red rose that works amazingly well for dark skin.

This nude terracotta shade is stunning on any skin tone.

essie nude rose pink nail polish

A nude rose pink metallic that’s stunning on anyone.

Essie sparkling glitter rose pink nail polish

Add some sparkle to your rose collection with this crushed glitter rose pink.

Essie deep muted red rose nail polish

Muted rose pearl that’s sophisticated and versatile. Works for all skin tones.

essie rose quartz nail polish

This dusty rose quartz is gorgeous! It works well on every skin tone. I just love it!

essie soft mauve rose nail polish

I’m a lady don’t you know! This elegant soft mauve is perfect for doing grown-up lady things.

Zoya Rose nail polish

I love Zoya polishes, the quality is excellent.

They have plenty of gorgeous rosy pinks, including deep pink nail polish and dark pink nail color.

Here are the rose-pink shades:

dusty rose pink

Mix mauve, rose, and plum. Add a touch of silver shimmer and you have a victorian rose that’s sure to please.

zoya blush rose colored pink

A dusty, cool-toned rose pink cream. Great for cool skin tones.

zoya deep dusty rose pink

A nude, muted rose cream that’s perfect for everyday wear.

zoya mauve rose pink nail polish

A creamy nude mauve that’s as chic as they come.

muted rose cream pink

This brilliant blush cream is great for warm skin tones.

Zoya mauve rose pink

Try this muted, soft mauve cream if you have cool skin.

dusty rose pink polish

Cool dusty rose cream with blue undertones. Perfect for cool-skinned beauties.

ZOYA raspberry rose cream nail polish

Raspberry rose with warm undertones.

Zoya dusty medium mauve rose and brown nail polish

A medium dusty mauve rose with a hint of brown. Great for a natural look.

Nude maroon cream that’s chic and sultry. Cool undertones.

zoya vintage dusty rose cream polish

charming rose cream

zoya soft rose pink cream polish

Joss is one of my favorite Zoya shades. It’s a soft rose cream with a hint of pink.

Zoya dark dusty rose cream polish

Warm and sophisticated rosewood shade, beautiful on all skin tones.

Zoya naked rose blush Shimmer

This is a warm rose blush with a gold sheen.

OPI rose pink nail polish names

OPI has a wide range of roses that run the gamut from mauve and pink nails to dark rose nail polish.

Check out Another Ramen-tic evening, it’s my favorite OPI dusty rose!

opi Rose Against Time light rose polish

A bright rosy pink that’s perfect for summer.

opi rose at dawn deep dark simmering rose polish

This rose pink has a little attitude. Perfect for a night out.

opi Rosy Future shimmering rose pink

Sheer and shimmery, love this natural-looking rose shade.

opi Quest for Quartz rose quartz shimmer polish

Part of the spring 2022 Xbox collection. Classic rose quartz with added shimmer.

opi Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains rose pink polish

Luxurious nude brown rose. A versatile shade that works all year round.

opi dusty rose Another Ramen-tic Evening

My fav! A bright dusty rose that works well for spring.

opi Racing for Pinks dusty cream rose polish

Delicious dusty cream goodness!

opi Rice Rice Baby mauve rose polish

Mauve-elous! Easy to wear and works for all skin tones.

Deep rosy rouge.

Sally Hansen rose nail polish

Sally Hansen has 5 lovely pinky rose colors to choose from. No UV lamp is required.

Here they are:

Orly rose color nail polish

One of these 7 rose pinks from Orly might just be perfect for your next rose manicure!

orly Desert Rose mauve rose pink

A deep, dark desert rose pink. Very mysterious, a great first date color.

orly Santa Fe Rose Dusty Rose Shimmer

Delectable, deep, and dusty. Dark-skinned beauties take note!

orly Rose-Colored Glasses sheer rose

A sheer rose cream that’s very natural.

orly rose all day rose polish

A classic brownish rose pink shade. Also vegan and cruelty free.

orly Coming Up Roses

Bubblegum mauve, another classic and elegant shade.

orly Artificial Sweetener Dusty Rose Shimmer

Dusty rose with just a touch of shimmery goodness.

Nails Inc rose-colored nail polish

Whether you are looking for a light mauve nail polish or a medium pink nail polish, you’ll find it here in this post!

Here are the rose-pink offerings from Nails Inc:

nails inc dusty rose Mani Meditation

Pale and dusty pink that’s delicate and feminine.

nailsinc Uptown dusty rose pink

Classy dusty pink that will take you from work to the bar.

nails inc Shells Aloud dusky rose pink

Dusky pink with a golden pearl effect.

delicate pale rose pink

Delicate pale pink that works for everyone. You’ll get a ton of wear out of this one.

Deborah Lipmann rose pink nail polish

Deborah Lipman fans will go crazy for these luscious rose shades:

Bed of roses is a set of 6 rosy nudes that are simply stunning! Full of vintage, plum rose and sheer pale pinks, this set is hard to resist!

CALLING DR. LOVE warm rose

A lovely rose that’s as warm as your heart.

Deborah Lipmann SWEET EMOTION vintage rose creme

The perfect vintage rose cream.

Luscious plum rose creme.

China Glaze rose color nail polish

Could China Glaze have the perfect, deep or light rose petal pink?

Let’s take a look at their pink polishes:

KILL THE LIGHTS dusky rose

Classic brownish rose shade, great for dark and olive skin.

orchid pink PRETTY FIT nail polish

Glamourous orchid pink shade.

Revlon rose-colored nail polish

Here are 3 pretty pinks from Revlon:

Barry M rose nail polish

Check out these 5 rosy hues from Barry M. Beautiful!

Get your rose fix with 4 of the cutest rose-tinted jelly colors.

Lovely color that’s especially nice on medium skin tones.

Extra glossy and packed with rosy goodness.

A subtle pale rose that works for everyone, but looks especially good on tanned skin.

Bonjour rose! Deep, classy, and chic.

Butter London rose color nail polish

Butter London only has 2 rose pinks on offer. I guess that makes it easier to choose…

Coral rose pink creme.

The perfect cool rose creme that works on both dark and fair skin.

Jinsoon rose nail polish

This charming dusty rose from Jinsoon is well worth swooning over.

Charming dusky rose that compliments all skin tones.

Olive and June rose-colored nail polish

These rosy pinks from Olive and June are too cool for school.

Vintage rose pink.

A soft and fresh floral with a dash of mauve.

Rosy-hued neutral for fall and winter.

A true mauve.

Tenoverten rosy pinks

Here are 2 lush pinks from Tenoverten, but will you give them ten out of ten?

Berry-toned dusty rose that’s nuetral.

The perfect spring mauve.

Cote rose pink polish

Sometimes, one rose pink nail color is all you need.

Could this be your perfect pink?

A bottle full of bright creamy rosy goodness.

Smith & Cult roses

Can we take a moment to appreciate the bottles, please?

Stunning! And great rose pink shades too!

An opaque dirty rose that you’ll be lusting after.

Glitzy, glamourous micro rose, bring on the summer parties.

Mischo Beauty rose color nail polish

You don’t need rose-tinted glasses to appreciate these shades:

Gucci Beauty rose pink colors

Gucci polish to match my rose pink Gucci bag?

Well, a girl can dream…

Here are the Gucci rose pink nail polish shades:

An Ellen-gant pink blush that’s simply perfect.

A rose coral that will be right at home on the beach.

ILNP rosy pink shades

Holo, soft pink! Hi, rosy mauve. Check out these amazing shades from ILNP!

Soft, peachy pink holographic nail polish. The stuff daydreams are made of.

Light, rosy mauve holo that really stands out.

Flora 1761 rose pink nail shades

Channel your inner English rose and explore your sweet side with these 2 delightful pink nail colors:

Warm and rich classic rose shade for when you’re feeling regal.

Classic medium pink. Great for weddings and outdoor gatherings.

Chanel rose pink nail polish

It’s Chanel darling. Nuff said.

Dreamy, creamy and chic.

Rose pink gel nail polish

Do you love gel nail polish?

You do? Well, now that’s just dandy!

Here’s a list of the rose pink nail polishes you can get in gel polish – just for you.

kokoist rose pink gel polish

Get your rose on – gel style – with these perfect pinks:

Pale pink with warm undertones.

Sheer medium beige pink.

A nude rose shade for everyone to love.

Deep, dusty berry shade.

Kiara Sky gel polish – rosy pinks

These rose colors will have you gel set in no time:

Sweet rose pink mauve polish.

Crimson rose, the deepest color on our list.

The best rose red for valentines day.

Rich and dusty, just how I like my roses.

Beetles gel polish in rose colors

Everyone’s favorite gel brand, with roses on top!

This 6 color set had a rose for every mood.

Try adding a white under your rose for some extra pop. Or glitter on top.

Bluesky gel polish in rose pinks

Your nail future is rosy. Here’s the rose pinks from gel polish maker, Bluesky:

Stoned rose is a natural nude rose pink.

Does it get any more classic than this?

This is a bubblegum pink that goes rather well with champagne.

Slightly subdued, lazy day rose.

Sundays vegan rose pinks

Sundays sell rose pink nail polishes that are vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free, so buy with confidence and a clear conscience.

Delicate, romantic, feminine. Plush mauve with purple and pink.

Earthy rose red for everyday chic.

Muted, orange-red sunset rose cream.

Deep rose nail polish

Huweeee! That was quite the list!

Now, let’s pull out all the deep rose nail polish colors to make life even easier for you!

Here ya go, these shades are all deep rose:

Deep rose pink gel polishes:

Here are some deep rose gel polish options:

Dark rose nail polish

Looking for a moody, mysterious dark rose shade?

Try these dark rose nail polish shades on for a darker rose manicure:

Dark rose gel polish names

Here are some dark rose gel polishes for you to try:

Dusty Rose nail polish OPI

Looking for a dusty pink from OPI?

These are the OPI nail polishes that are classified as “Dusty Rose”.

There are only 2 to choose from. They are:

Final thoughts:

So, that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this article on rose pink nail polish.

There are so many different shades and colors to choose from, it can be hard to decide!

But, with this list, you should have no problem picking out the perfect rose pink for your next mani. Thanks for reading!

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