Perfect Pink Matte Nail Polish: 13 Colors to Try Out Now.

Pink matte nail polish 13 amazing colors for you

Want gorgeous matte pink nails? Looking for your perfect pink matte nail polish?

Then this post is for you my lovely!

Right now, we’re going to deep dive into the wonderful world of matte pink nail polish.

This guide will show you the best way to get matte pink nails, and which shades of pink matte nail polish are currently on-trend.

I’ll share my all-time favorite pink shades and the best matte topcoats to get your nails looking dull and fabulous!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

The best matte pink polishes and matte topcoats.

In this section, I’ll share my favorite matte pink polishes and top coats.

We’ll look at the best polish and topcoat combos for stunning matte pink nails that are long lasting and super cute!

Here’s my first recommendation:

OPI matte pink nail polish:

There are 3 pink shades I love from OPI. They are:

Mod About You opi pink nail polish
opi bubble bath soft pink gel polish
Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon opi pink nail polish

Pair any of these pinks with OPI’s matte top coat for stunning matte pink nails.

opi Matte Top Coat

OPI matte top coat

Essie pink matte polish:

Here are my favourite 3 Essie pinks for doing matte pink nails:

ESSIE pin me pink bubble gum nail polish
mod square
ESSIE stitch by stitch pink polish

Apply a coat of Essie’s Matte about you topcoat and you’re good to go!

essie matte about you polish

Essie Matte top coat

Zoya pink polish plus Matte Velvet topcoat:

Zoya makes a few pink shades I’m obsessed with. They are:

zoya Maddy flamingo pink nail polish
zoya kay pink nail polish

They also do a Matte Velvet topcoat which you can add to any of their beautiful pink shades.

zoya MatteVelvet Top Coat

MatteVelvet Top Coat

Orly matte pink polish:

Here are some Orly pink shades that look great in a matte finish:

orly Cool In California poppy pink nail polish
Fancy Fuchsia
orly String of Hearts deep fuchsia pink nail polish

Here’s the matte topcoat from Orly:

orly matte top coat

Orly matte top coat

Ella & Mila pink plus matte-ly in love:

Here is a super cute pink shade to get your matte fix:

ella mila sugar fairy pink polish

Cover this cute cruelty-free pink with Matte-ly in love – Ella & Mila’s fast drying matte top coat


Ella & Mila matte-ly in love matte top coat

What is matte nail polish and how does it work?

Matte nail polish is a type of nail polish that doesn’t dry shiny.

Most nail polishes have a pearlescent finish that reflects the light and makes them look shiny when they are dry.

Matte nail polish doesn’t have the stuff in it that makes the finish shiny, so the look you get when the polish is dry is flat and less reflective than regular polish.

Matte nail polish colors and topcoats may look shiny when you first apply them, but once they are dry, they will look completely matte for a chic and modern look.

Is there a matte finish nail polish?

Yes, there is such a thing as a colored nail polish that dries matte.

People often get confused between matte nail polish and matte topcoat.

So, let’s talk about how to get matte pink nails so we can clear up any confusion.

How to get matte pink nails

If you want pink matte nails, there are 2 main ways to get the look.

Option 1

You can paint your nails with either a regular pink nail polish or a gel pink nail polish and then add a (regular or gel) matte topcoat.

The easiest way to get a matte finish on your nails is to add a matte top coat to your regular pink nail polish.

A matte topcoat will give you a beautiful matte finish and it’s easy to find in most drugstores.

The only downside to this method in my experience is that some matte topcoats can dry yellow.

This is not really noticible on top of darker pink colors.

But if you want light pink matte nails then you’ll need to make sure that you get a good quality matte topcoat that dries completely clear.

Another downside to using matte topcoat is that it can sometimes cause wrinkles in your nail polish.

To avoid this, use a top coat that’s the same brand as your nail polish and make sure the color if fully dry before you apply the matte top coat.

Option 2

Buy a pink nail polish that is a matte finish.

You can also get a matte pink polish, but these are harder to find and not all brands make them.

Zoya does a range of polishes that are matte velvet finish and they are really good.

But I find that I still want to add a top coat to my nails to make them last longer.

So personally, I really don’t see the point of matte finish colored polishes.

I’ve found that the best way to get pink matte nails is to use a regular pink nail polish and then add a matte topcoat.

Or, if you are using pink gel polish, you can get a gel matte topcoat.

How do I make my nail polish look matte?

The best way to make your nail polish look matte is to use a matte topcoat.

A matte topcoat will dry completely matte and it’s easy to find in most drugstores.

Just apply your pink nail polish as you normally would, then instead of using a glossy topcoat, use a matte one.

You only need one coat for full matte coverage.

It may look a little shiny when you first put it on because it’s wet.

But once the matte topcoat dries, it won’t look shiny at all.

How to apply matte nail polish for best results

Here are a few tips for applying matte nail polish for best results:

– If you are using a regular pink nail polish, make sure that your nails are completely dry before you apply the matte topcoat.

If your nails are even slightly damp, the topcoat will take longer to dry and it won’t look as good.

– Good coverage is essential.

If you don’t get right to the edges with your matte layer you’ll end up with a shiny strip that will spoil the overall look.

-If you can, use a matte finish top coat from the same brand as your polish.

These formulas have been designed to work well together so you should minimise the chances of yellowing or wrinkling.

Short matte pink nails

You don’t need to have long nails to enjoy matte pink nails.

In fact, I think that matte pink polish looks really good on short nails.

Pale pinks will last a lot longer because the chips are way less noticable.

You’ll also get much more use out of your matte topcoat if your nails are short!

Dark pink matte nails

No matter what your favourite shade of pink is, you can turn it into a matte finish with the right topcoat.

Dark matte nails are chic, modern and mysterious.

I hope this article has inspired you to try out all different shades of pink in matte.

Final thoughts:

Matte pink nails are a trendy and modern way to wear pink.

The easiest way to get matte pink nails is to add a matte topcoat to your favourite pink polish.

To get the best results, use a top coat from the same brand as your polish.

Short nails or pale pinks will last longer, but dark pink matte nails are chic and mysterious.

Try out all different shades of pink in matte to find your favourite!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you.

Thanks for reading!


Does OPI have matte nail polish?

OPI does not make matte finish colors.

If you want an OPI matte finish, you’ll need to use the matte topcoat.

How long does it take for a matte top coat to dry?

A matte topcoat usually takes around the same time to dry as a regular topcoat (2 -3 minutes to be touch dry).

You’ll know when its dry because all the shine will go and it will look matte.

Can you use any matte topcoat on any polish?

Yes you can, but sometimes mixing brands causes yellowness and wrinkling.

To avoid this it’s best to use a matte topcoat from the same brand.

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