Shine On: 32 Metallic pink nail polishes to try now

Greetings fellow magpies! If you’re looking for metallic pink nail polish, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the different types of metallic pink nail polishes you can buy.

We’ll also share our carefully curated list of the very best metallic pink polishes that are trending right now.

By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need to find the perfect metallic pink polish for you.


Let’s find your perfect pink!

Here’s a table of contents:

Types of metallic nail polish

There are several types of metallic nail polish and lots of different terms used to describe them.

Because of this, buying a metallic nail polish can be a little confusing, so let’s try to clear things up a bit.

Metallic nail polish finishes

The 2 main types of metallic nail polish that you’ve probably come across are chrome and mirror.

Mirror polish gives a highly reflective, glass-like finish – hence the name.

Chrome nail polish gives a more metal-like finish that’s still super shiny but not quite as reflective as mirror polish.

Under the metallic umbrella, there are also holographic nail polishes.

Holographic (or holo) nail polishes contain tiny particles that create a metallic rainbow effect.

Duo chrome is a type of metallic nail polish that has more than one color (usually 2) and that seems to change color as the light bounces around on your nails.

Foil nail polishes are very similar to chrome nail polishes, but they can sometimes have a sort of cloudy effect that makes them look like foil.

Shimmer polishes are not technically metallic, though they can sometimes contain metallic particles.

I guess you could say that shimmer is the most subtle type of metallic finish.

Full list of metallic polish types

So, to recap the different metallic polish types are:

  • Mirror
  • Chrome
  • holographic (holo for short)
  • duo-chrome
  • foil
  • shimmer

So, which type of metallic nail polish should you choose?

It really depends on your personal style and how eye-catching you want your nails to be.

Now that you know all about the different metallic polish types, let’s take a look at the best metallic pinks.

The best metallic pink nail polishes

Here’s the full list of metallic pink nail polishes organised by brand:

Nails inc metalic polish

belgravia with love nail inc pink metallic
nail inc Starring Me In Soho pink metallic polish

Ilnp pink metallic polish:

ilnp fairy floss pink metallic polish
  • FAIRY FLOSS – creamy pastel pink with gold to green shimmer.
ilnp open skies pastel pink metallic polish
  • OPEN SKIES – a creamy pink with a tantalizing teal shimmer.
ilnp sweet pea sweet pink metallic polish
  • SWEET PEA – a sheer, seashell pink jelly polish with glass-like shine.
misbehaving ilnp bright pink metallic holo polish
  • MISBEHAVING – Neon holographic sheer pink that screams summer!
ilnp PINK FLAMINGO metallic nail polish
  • PINK FLAMINGO – Iridescant hot pink holo jelly. Plus plenty of sparkle.
ilnp kiss and tell pink metallic polish 2
cameo ilnp pink nail polish
  • CAMEO – a color-shifting chrome that’s part pink, part green.
daydreamer ilnp pink metallic polish 1
  • DAYDREAMER – flamingo pink metallic with silver flakes.
ilnp morning rays mauve pink metallic polish
  • MORNING RAYS – this is a marvelous mauve metallic that glows orange and green.
ilnp bliss holo pink polish
  • BLISS – If you want something a little more subtle, try this soft pink holo with golden orange sprinkles.
ilnp yes please soft pink holo polish
  • YES PLEASE – a soft pink holographic metallic polish with pop.
ilnp BALLET SLIPPER soft pink holo polish
  • BALLET SLIPPER – a delicate, gentle, and feminine pink with a peach shimmer.
ilnp pink mimosa holo polish
  • PINK MIMOSA – rose pink metallic with plenty of pink shimmer.

Holo Taco pink metallic polishes:

holo taco MENCHIE THE CAT pink matalic polish
  • MENCHIE THE CAT – baby pink with stunning silver and pink glitters in 3 sizes.
holo taco HOT WIRE PINK pink metallic polish
holo taco PINK FIZZ pink metalic polish
  • PINK FIZZ – cool-toned pastel pink metallic.
holo taco SUNSET SIMULATION pink metallic polish

Maybelline metallic pink nail polishes:

maybelline Nude Flush metallic pink polish
  • Nude Flush – a pale pinky nude that’s perfect for special ocassions.

Pear nova metallic pink polish:

pear nova Candy pink sheer metallic polish
  • Candy pink sheer – a candy pink sheer nail polish that’s vegan and cruelty free.

Barry M pink metallic nail polish:

barry m Pink Tourmaline metallic polish 1
  • Pink Tourmaline – this is a hot pink textured polish that reflects the light beautifully.

OPI metallic nail polish colors:

opi Cozu melted in the Sun pink metalic polish

Zoya metallic pink nail polishes:

Zoya Lauren pink matallic polish
  • Lauren – a warm, light. beige-pink with copper and gold metallic shimmer.
zoya Bebe pink metallic polish
  • Bebe – medium pink with deep pink and silvery-white metallic glitters.
zoya Happi metallic pink
  • Happi – a peachy pink duo-chrome metallic. Perfect for warm skin tones.
zoya azalea pink metallic polish 1
  • Azalea – a warm pink metallic with a flash of fuchsia.
zoya Rica pink coral metalic polish
  • Rica – a light coral shade with pink and orange tones. Warm-skinned beauties will love this shade.
zoya Joy pink metallic polish
  • Joy – medium rose pink with a splash of mauve and a ton of gold glitter.

Bluesky metallic pink polishes:

bluesky Blushing Topaz pink metallic

Kiara sky pink chrome nail polish:

kiarasky strobe erry pink chrome polish

STROBE-ERRY – luminous chrome pink dust.

Modelones metallic polish:

modelones vega pink metallic glitter polish
  • Vega a purple/pink metallic with reflective glitter.
  • Can anyone wear metallic pink nail polish?

Metallic pink nail polish can make a bold statement, so it’s not for everyone.

If you’re the type of person who likes to experiment with their style, then metallic pink polish could be a great choice for you.

Pink is traditionally seen as a feminine color, but that doesn’t mean that only women can wear it.

In fact, anyone can rock metallic pink nails  – it just takes a bit of confidence.

If you’re not sure if you can pull it off, start with a light pink shade and work your way up to the brighter pinks.

You might be surprised at how good you look!

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When to wear metallic pink nail polish

Metallic pink nail polish can be worn at any time of year.

It makes a great addition to bright and bold summer outfits and is perfect for festivals.

Holo polish has a fun and festive feel that goes well with the warmer weather.

In winter, you can also use metallic polishes to add a touch of glitz and glam to your look.

Metallic nails fit right in for Christmas and new year for example.

Metallic pink polishes are not the best choice for work unless you work in a creative field.

They are also not the most versatile of nail polishes, so you might struggle to find outfits that match.

For this reason, metallic nail polish isn’t a great everyday option.

If you want a toned-down look that’s a little more elegant and sophisticated, you might go for something like rose gold.

Final thoughts

So, what have we learned?

Metallic pink nail polish can come in a variety of finishes and a ton of different pink shades.

It can be worn by anyone, but some of the bold options may require a good dose of confidence!

This type of polish is perfect for summer and can also work well in winter.

Just be aware that it’s not the most versatile of nail colors and it might not be suitable for work.

So, what do you think?

Do you like the sound of metallic pink nail polish?

What’s your favorite shade of pink from the list above?

I hope that you enjoyed this little post on metallic pink nail polish and that you have fun picking out the right one for you.

Happy pinking!

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