Bubblegum pink nail polish 41: amazing shades for you

Looking for a bubblegum pink nail polish?

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of going through every polish website trying to find the bubblegum shades, there was a post that listed all the best ones?

This is that post!

If you want all the hottest bubblegum pink nail polishes that are trending right now, we’ve got you covered.

This post is dedicated to the sweetest, tastiest, and most poppin’ pink polish shades.

We’ll share the best bubblegum pink polishes from all your favorite brands, from drugstore brands to designer.

We’ll also give you a few expert tips for choosing the perfect bubblegum pink nail polish.

So let’s get into it and find your perfect bubblegum!

Here are all the brands and what we’ll cover:

The 41 best bubblegum pink nail polishes:

We scoured the web to find you the very best bubblegum pink polishes.

We’ll break em down by brand, starting with OPI.

OPI bubblegum pinks:

A sweet, dusty pink rose.

Vibrant gummy goodness.

Light, bright, and super chic.

Peppy pink for a pretty look.

Zoya bubblegum shades:

  • Jolene – bold, cool, girly pink
  • Sandy – blue toned flamingo pink
  • Winnie – soft, watermelon pink
  • Tweedy – bright bubblegum shade
  • Kitridge – neutral bubblegum that works for all skintones
  • Shelby – cherry blossom pink
  • Sweet – light candy pink

Nails inc pinks:

Essie bubblegum pink nail polishes:

Orly pinks:

Deborah Lippmann bubbly pinks:

Pretty pinks from Cote:

Butter London perfect pink:

China Glaze bubblegummy pinks:

Sweet cutesy pink.

Gummy pink.

Lovely medium pink shade

Sally Hansen bubbly pinks:

Bright pink that pops.

Subtle, sweet pink.

olive and june bubblegum pink nail polish

Too cool for school.

Bubblicious bubblegum.

ILNP bubblegum pink nail polish

Bubblegum holo!

Pastel pink holo shimmer.

Sundays bubblegum pink nail polish:


Soft pink bubblegum shade.

Holo Taco bubblegum pink polish:


cool-toned bubblegum pink for cool skinned beauties.

jolie vegan bubble gum pink polish


Classic bubblegum pink shade.

Kokoist bubblegum pink gel polish:

NT-21 Bubblegum

Ella & Mila bubblegum pink nail polish

classic bubblegum that’s also guilt free.

Clear bubblegum pink nails

Can bubblegum pink be clear? What color is bubblegum pink?

Well, technically, bubblegum pink is a rose pink mixed with white.

It’s a sweet, adorable tint that’s more vibrant than the millennial pink that was everywhere back in the 2010s.

Most bubblegum nail polish colors are not clear.

If you want clear bubblegum pink nails, you might be better looking for a bubblegum pink that is marketed as either “sheer” or “translucent”.

There are 2 main types of polish that come under the “sheer” umbrella.

The first type is the translucent pink nail polishes.

These are basically see-through polishes.

Translucent sheer nail polish doesn’t cover your natural nail fully.

They are not opaque because they’re designed to enhance the natural nail rather than cover it up completely.

Translucent sheer polishes are very natural-looking. You can think of them as tints.

The second type of sheer pink polish is a very subtle bubblegum pink that goes on sheer but that can look opaque with enough coats.

Neon bubblegum pink nail polish

For maximum eye-catching impact, go for a bubblegum pink in neon.

A neon bubblegum pink is a super-bright, in-your-face kind of color.

Neon bubblegum pinks are not for the faint of heart.

They’re perfect for summertime, festivals, nights out, or any time you want to make a statement with your nails.

If you’re looking for a bubblegum pink neon shade, I’d highly recommend Zoya’s Janie.

Who suits bubblegum pink nail polish?

Most people can pull off bubblegum pink nail polish.

It’s a fun, bright, vibrant, and happy color that works for all skin tones.

Bubblegum is the perfect color for vibrant, bolder than bold, look-at-me outfits.

However, it may be harder to pull off a chic and sophisticated look with bubblegum pink nails.

This is because it’s not really a mature color, so if you want something chicer I’d go with a blush or a nude pink instead.

If you have warm, cool, neutral, or olive skin, you can wear bubblegum pink.

That’s because bubblegum pinks can have either warm or cool undertones.

You’ll need to find the right shade that compliments your skin tone (we’ll help you out with that later).

When to wear bubblegum pink nail polish.

Bubblegum pink nails are a great option for spring and summer.

They also work well for a night out on the town.

A sweet bubblegum pink might be perfect for school, or for a summer vacation.

But it’s probably not going to be appropriate for the office, especially if you’re in a conservative field.

But if you’re job is creative, then why not go for it!

Personally, I don’t really think of bubblegum pink as a fall or winter color.

But it certainly would liven up a dark grey or navy blue outfit, so maybe that’s an experiment you want to explore.

If you’re looking for a pink that will work in fall and winter, a nude pink will work in all seasons.

In short, wear bubblegum pink polish anytime you’re feeling fun and playful.

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How to choose the perfect bubblegum pink

There are plenty of awesome bubblegum pinks to choose from.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect bubblegum shade for you:

– If you have warm skin tones, look for bubblegum pink nail polishes with peachy or yellow undertones. If it says “warm” on the description – you’re golden.

– For cool skin tones, look for bubblegum pinks with blue or cool undertones.

– If you have neutral skin, you can rock any kind of bubblegum pink.

My top tip for getting the right shade (and making your nails look their best) is to read polish descriptions.

Not all polish makers describe the colors well, so I always like to go for a brand that gives thorough and accurate descriptions on their website.

Zoya is a great example of this.

You can actually search for cool or warm polishes on their website.

Final thoughts:

That’s it my lovelies!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little chat about the different types of bubblegum pink polishes available and how to find a shade that best suits you.

We’ve given you loads of amazing bubblegum pinks to choose from and covered pretty much every brand I could think of.

So all that’s left for you to do is to have fun picking out your favorite!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you got some useful advice.

Thanks for reading, and good luck finding your best shade.

Happy pinking!

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