Reddish pink nail polish (46 beautiful colors)

Thinking about trying a reddish-pink nail polish?

Reddish pink nail polish colors aren’t that easy to find.

I mean, do you look under red, pink, or both?

And how do you know which reds are reddish pinks and vice versa?

Sounds like finding the perfect red-pink polish is going to be hard work…

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve done the hard work for you.

So sit back, relax and scroll on through our fabulous selection of reddish-pink nail polish shades.

We’ve included all your favorite brands like OPI, Essie, Zoya, and many more.

So let’s get to huntin’ and find you that perfect reddish-pink polish!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What color is red-pink?

Before we look at the polishes, let’s nail down what color we’re talking about here.

Red pink or reddish-pink is a mixture of red (which is a primary color) and pink which is a tint of red (red with white added).

Poppy red and crimson are both examples of red-pink colors.

There is actually a wide variety of tints, shades, and tones of red pink ranging from browny-looking red pinks to gray-looking ones.

In between those 2 extremes, we have a lot of different red-pink shades from medium to light.

So when you’re picking out a reddish-pink polish, you’re going to have a lot of choices.

If you can’t quite tell if a polish is more red or more pink, chances are it’s a reddish pink.

Now that we know what color we’re talking about, let’s look at some polishes!

Best reddish-pink nail polishes

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best reddish-pink nail polishes out there.

Check out our top picks below.

Opi reddish pink polish:

opi 15 Minutes of Flame fuchsia pink nail polish

Firey and dramatic, this fuchsia is fyre.

opi hot pink nail polish

This one is worth a shot.

opi hot pink nail polish

A berry-licious pink.

opi hot pink nail polish

This bold pink is the berry best.

opi Aloha from OPI bright coral pink nail polish

This creamy coral is warm and bright.

opi From Here To Eternity bright salmon pink nail polish

Bright salmon pink shade.

opi Running With The In Finite Crowd raspberry hot pink

Bright juicy raspberry pink.

opi ElePhantastic Pink peachy pink polish
opi hot pink nail polish

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s pink. Plus shimmery.

opi hot pink nail polish
opi Mural Mural on the Wall red pink glitter polish
opi Strawberry Waves Forever bright pink glitter polish

Essie red pink polishes

essie hot pink nail polish

Check out this vibrant Essie bold pink nail polish.

essie hot pink nail polish

Make a bold statement with this vivid pink shade.

essie hot pink nail polish

This bold pink will add a fun pop of color to any outfit.

ESSIE perfect match point neon pink nail polish

The softer side of neon.

essie flying solo peach pink polish
essie peach side babe peach pink polish
deep dusty rose pink essie nail polish

A creamy dusty red rose that works amazingly well for dark skin.

Essie deep muted red rose nail polish

Muted dark rose pearl that’s sophisticated and versatile. Works for everyone.

Zoya reddish pinks:

ZOYA Minnie pink coral nail polish
  • Minnie – a pink coral cream.
zoya Zooey pink glitter pixie dust polish
  • Zooey – pink with gold and holographic medium-sized glitter.
zoya Cadence pink glitter polish
  • Cadence – classy pink with diamond holographic glitter.
Zoya Miranda pink glitter polish
zoya hot pink nail polish
ZOYA mae bright magenta pink metallic pearl polish

a warm-toned floral magenta shade.

Zelda Zoya neon pink nail polish

How bright is this bright neon pink?

Zoya Yana geranium bright pink nail polish

Gorgeous geranium pink cream.

zoya gigi bright pink red nail polish

Reddish pink floral.

Orly red pink nail polishes:

orly String of Hearts deep fuchsia pink nail polish

A classic deep fuchsia nail color.

orly Desert Rose mauve rose pink

A deep, dark desert rose pink. Very mysterious, a great first date color.

orly hot pink nail polish

You won’t regret buying this hot vibrant magenta.

orly blazing sunset bright red pink nail polish

Neon orange-pink polish.

Olive and June red pink colored nail polish:

This pink from Olive and June is too cool for school.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is olive-and-june-LD-rosy-hued-neutral.jpg

Rosy-hued neutral for fall and winter.

sinful color SUGAR SUGAR pink glitter polish
Smith & Cult  hot pink nail polish

I’m feeling hot hot hot pink.

nails inc hot pink nail polish

Coral pink if you please.

YAPA red pink nail color

yapa hot pink nail polish

The perfect reddish-pink for spring and summer.

INLP reddish pinks:

100% Pure (vegan and non toxic)

misbehaving ilnp bright pink metallic holo polish
  • MISBEHAVING – Neon holographic sheer pink that screams summer!
ilnp kiss and tell pink metallic polish 2
holo taco HOT WIRE PINK pink metallic polish

Holo Taco red pink colors:

holo taco PARTY PUNCH pink glitter
  • PARTY PUNCH – silver and pink glitter in a tinted almost red jelly base.

Pear nova red pink polish:

pear nova Candy pink sheer metallic polish
  • Candy pink sheer – a candy pink sheer nail polish that’s vegan and cruelty free.

Barry M pink reddish pink nail polish:

barry m Pink Tourmaline metallic polish 1
  • Pink Tourmaline – this is a hot pink textured polish that reflects the light beautifully.
zoya Happi metallic pink
  • Happi – a peachy pink duo-chrome metallic. Perfect for warm skin tones.
zoya azalea pink metallic polish 1
  • Azalea – a warm pink metallic with a flash of fuchsia.
zoya Rica pink coral metalic polish
  • Rica – a light coral shade with pink and orange tones. Warm-skinned beauties will love this shade.

Wow, that was a lot of pinkish-reds!

Did you find your favorite?

Now that you’ve had a chance to look at all the available shades of reddish-pink nail polish, let’s talk about when and how to wear this color.

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When to wear reddish-pink nail polish

Reddish pink is a great color to wear any time of year.

It’s perfect for the spring and summer months because it’s bright and cheerful.

But it can also be worn in the fall and winter, thanks to its warm tones.

Reddish pink can be a great choice of nail color for work or for a job interview.

Pinky reds also work well for casual events and going out with friends.

What shade of red polish is right for me?

The right reddish pink shade for you is going to depend firstly, on your skin tone (more on that later).

You should also consider the outfits you want to wear with your reddish-pink mani.

Reddish pink is not a color that goes with everything.

If you like to wear clothes in neutral colors like black, white, navy, and gray then reddish pink is going to add a nice pop of color to your outfits.

But if you like to wear a lot of icy cool colors like blues, purples and greens then a reddish-pink may not be the best choice to gel with your wardrobe.

Does red-pink nail polish suit everyone?

Most people can wear reddish pink.

It does look most harmonious on those with warm undertones to their skin though.

If you’re not sure what your undertone is, take a look at the veins on your wrist in natural light.

Do they look greenish? Then you have warm undertones.

If they look bluish, then you have cool undertones.

And if you can’t really tell then you probably have neutral undertones.

People with cool undertones can still wear reddish pink but they may want to go for a cooler toned reddish pink.

Tips for choosing the right reddish-pink nail color

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect reddish-pink nail color:

Consider your skin tone.

If you have warm undertones, go for a warmer toned reddish pink.

If you have cool undertones, go for a cooler toned reddish pink.

So, how do you know if a polish has cool or warm tones?

Check the description.

Not all polish brands do a good job at explaining what color is in the bottle, but some do.

Zoya is a great example.

You can easily filter and search for polishes based on whether they are warm or cool on Zoya’s website.

Consider what colors you like to wear.

If you wear a lot of neutrals, then a brighter reddish-pink will add some nice color to your outfits.

But if you like to wear cool colors, then you might want to go for a more muted reddish pink or even a browny-red.

Think about what time of year you’ll be wearing your polish.

Some reddish-pink shades are more seasonal.

If it’s summer, then you might want to go for a brighter reddish pink.

But if it’s fall or winter, then you might want to choose a deeper or more muted shade.

Think about the occasion.

Is this polish for work? A job interview? A casual day out? A night out?

Reddish pink can work for all of these occasions, but some shades are better suited for certain events than others.

A vibrant reddish-pink might be too playful for a job interview, but it could be perfect for a casual day out.

For special occasions, brighter polishes could work really well. You could also go for something with a shimmer or glitter finish.

Shade match

Matching up shades can give you a more cohesive look.

The trick to shade matching is to try to find a reddish pink that is a similar intensity level to your skin tone.

So, if you have fair skin and soft features, go for a light or muted reddish-pink.

If you have medium skin, go for a mid-toned reddish pink.

And if you have dark skin, go for a deep reddish-pink.

Don’t forget to match up the undertones too, cool tones for cool skin and warm tones for warm skin.

You can also use the shade matching trick when choosing what colors to wear with your reddish-pink

What colors go with reddish pink?

For an elegant and sophisticated look, pair reddish pinks with champagne and white.

Fall colors like gold and brown look nice with reddish pink and will create an earthy look.

For a striking contrast, try teal or a dark cyan with reddish-pink.

Bronze, maroon, and greens will all give you a traditional and classic vibe.

For a more modern look, pair reddish pinks with other pink shades or sandy neutrals like beige.

Final thoughts:

Reddish pink nail polish can be a beautiful addition to any outfit, but it’s important to choose the right shade for your skin tone and occasion.

In this article, we’ve given you tips on how to choose the perfect reddish-pink nail color and talked about what colors go well with it.

We’ve also shared some advice on when you should wear reddish-pink nail polish.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you’ll be able to rock reddish-pink nails like a pro!

Happy pinking!

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