Feeling Regal? 21 Royal blue nail polishes You’ll Love

Craving royal blue nail polish right now?

Wanna trawl through all the polish websites for hours trying to find the ones that are royal blue?

Didn’t think so.

It’s not that easy to find royal blue nail polish.

Nail polish brands like to give their polishes cool, amusing, and witty-sounding names.

That’s a great marketing trick, but it doesn’t help us to know what color is in the polish bottle.

But fear not my lovelies!

We’ve saved you the trouble of trawling and compiled an oh-so-handy list of all the royal blue nail polishes from your favorite brands!

You’re welcome!

If you want all the boldest, chicest, and most regal royal blue nail polishes, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll share the best royal blue polishes from all the top brands, from drugstore to designer.

We’ll also give you a few expert tips for choosing the perfect royal blue nail polish.

So let’s get into it and find your perfect royal blue!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What color is royal blue nail polish?

You may have a pretty good idea of what royal blue looks like.

But in case you don’t quite know exactly what shade royal blue is, let’s nail it down.

Royal blue is a very specific shade of blue.

It’s a deep, rich, and luxurious color that looks amazing on nails.

Royal blue is a dark shade of cyan blue, which means it has some green in it.

Are royal blue and navy the same?

Navy and royal blue often get confused, but they are actually quite different.

Royal blue is lighter and more vivid, while navy is darker and more subdued.

You can actually use navy and royal blue together, like a navy dress with royal blue nails or vice versa.

Royal blue is far more intensely saturated than navy.

This makes royal blue less versatile.

Navy functions as a neutral, but royal blue does not.

Royal blue is perfect for making a statement and adding a touch of glamour to any outfit.

If you want to make an impact with your nails, royal blue is the way to go!

Best royal blue nail polishes

Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s move on to the good stuff!

Here are our top picks for the best royal blue nail polishes:

OPI royal blue polishes

opi Ring in the Blue Year royal blue nail polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Ring in the Blue Year – a vibrant cobalt blue cream.

Essie Royal blues:

essie front page worthy royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

front page worthy – a dark royal blue with a pearl finish.

essie mezmerised royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

mezmerised – a spellbinding deep royal blue.

essie butler please royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

butler please – a bright royal blue hue.

zoya royal blue nail polish:

zoya walker royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Walker – a deep, cool ocean blue.

zoyal Sia royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Sia – a true royal blue that’s highly pigmented – make sure you use a basecoat so it doesn’t stain!

zoya Maren royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Maren – a vibrant nautical blue that’s very royal.

Orly royal blues:

orly make waves royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Make Waves – a royal blue jelly.

royal royal navy blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Royal Navy – a cobalt blue with glitter.

orly Its Brittney Beach royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

It’s Brittney, Beach – a beautiful vibrant blue.

Nails inc royal blue nail polish shades:

nails inc baker street royal blue https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Baker Street – a stunningly vibrant cobalt royal blue.

nails inc Prince Arthur Road royalo blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Prince Arthur Road – a deep, delectable dark blue.

10 Free royal blue polish:

10 free DEEP SEA CRETS royal blue https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

DEEP SEA-CRETS – a royal blue that’s as deep as the ocean.

Yappa royal blue polish colors:

yappa Dianne royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Dianne – a lovely royal blue purple shade.

yappa Serena royal blue polish 1 https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Serena – a vibrant blue that’s almost electric.

Sinful colors royal blue polish:

sinful colors POP IT royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

POP IT – a strong and long-lasting blue.

ILNP royal blues:

ilnp MIDNIGHT KISS royal blur polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

MIDNIGHT KISS – a rich cobalt with blue shimmer.

Smith & Cult royal blue nail polish:

smith and cult SERRA BLUE royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

SERRA BLUE – an ultramarine blue.

smith and cult KINGS THIEVES royal blue https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

KINGS & THIEVES – a dark, inky blue.

Ten over ten royal blue polish

ten over ten commerce royal blue polish https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

Commerce – a royal midnight blue shade.

Olive and June royal blue polishes:

olive and june royal blue OMG https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

OMG – a deep indigo that’s edgy and sophisticated.

China glaze royal blue polish:

china glaze SIMPLY FA BLUE LESS https://nailhow.com/royal-blue-nail-polish/

SIMPLY FA-BLUE-LESS – a deep blue indigo cream.

What does royal blue nail polish mean?

As the name suggests, royal blue is associated with royalty.

The color is said to have been invented in England in the 18th century.

Apparently, there was a competition to make a dress for the queen (Queen Charlotte).

Someone customized the color and named it “royal blue”.

Interestingly, royal blue is also the shade of blue that’s on the British flag.

So yes, royal blue is a very regal color.

Because of its association with British royalty, it is also seen as a formal color.

This is why royal blue is often used for formal clothing like uniforms, suits, and bridesmaid dresses and for formal events like weddings.

Royal blue is also seen as a calm, tranquil, authoritative, and trustworthy color.

When to wear royal blue nail polish

Royal blue is, of course, the perfect choice for any formal event.

It could work for a wedding, prom, or a job interview for example.

If you want to make a good impression, royal blue will do the trick.

Be careful about chips though, because royal blue is dark and they will be noticeable!

Royal blue is an eye-catching hue that can add a pop of color to an outfit.

It works for summer and can be a great color to wear on vacation.

Pair it with a white dress and you’re good to go!

Royal blue is not really a seasonal color.

Depending on what you pair it with, it can work year-round.

You can even wear it as an everyday color, especially if you wear a lot of blues!

Royal blue nail polish with glitter

If plain royal blue nails seem a bit too formal for you, don’t worry.

You can always jazz things up with some glitter!

Glittery royal blue nails are perfect for a party or a night out.

They’ll add some fun and sparkle to any outfit.

If you want to go all out, you can even get royal blue nail art done!

There are so many ways to make your nails look amazing with royal blue polish.

The sky’s the limit!

Does royal blue nail polish suit everyone?

Great news!

Royal blue is one of those colors that most people can easily pull off.

It’s a universally flattering color.

One possible exception would be if you have older hands with visible signs of aging.

If you do have mature hands, then any blue nail color is going to draw attention to the signs of aging.

Check out my post on what nail colors to wear for older hands if you want some more flattering shades.

Other than that, it doesn’t matter if you have cool or warm skin tones, you can wear royal blue nail polish and it will look great!

Tips for choosing a royal blue polish

Here are a few useful tips to help you find a royal blue polish.

  • Look for polishes with “royal” in the name.
  • Read polish descriptions to see if it says “royal blue”.
  • Avoid navy blue – it’s not the same.

Some polish makers do a better job than others of describing their colors.

Zoya is brilliant because they give very detailed descriptions that are crystal clear.

Shade matching

Shade matching is another little trick you can try to get the best polish match for you.

What is shade matching?

Its a technique where you try to match up the intensity and the lightness or darkness of 2 colors.

In this case, the color of your skin and the polish color.

There are 3 things to think about when shade matching:

  • The hue (or color)
  • The Chroma (how intense the colors are)
  • The value (how light or dark the colors are)

To shade match, try looking for a polish that is of similar intensity to your skin.

For example, if you a very fair then go for a lighter blue shade.

If you are dark-skinned go with a darker color.

And if you’re in the middle then get a mid-range color that’s not too light or too dark.

What colors go with royal blue nails?

You have a ton of options when it comes to color-matching royal blue.

Since blue is a cool-toned color, silver pairs very nicely with it.

You can also wear gold with royal blue for a super luxurious vibe.

You can combine it with clothing, accessories, or other nail polishes in white, gray, tan, navy, ivory, and champagne.

For a bolder look, try pairing royal blue nails with orange, hot pink, or lime green.

You can even go crazy with neons, royal blue can take it!

Lighter blue shades, like sky blue, will also look great with royal blue for a monochrome look.

A deep, rich royal purple is also a great color to put with royal blue.

Soft pink can also work very well.

Teal and sage green also look nice with royal blue.

Final thoughts

That’s it my lovelies, before we say goodbye, let’s go over what we’ve learned.

Royal blue nail polish is a versatile color that can be worn in many different ways.

It’s perfect for special occasions and formal events, but can also be worn as an everyday color or on a summer vacation.

Anyone can wear royal blue nail polish but it may draw attention to some of the signs of aging.

So people with older hands might want to choose a more flattering color.

Royal blue goes well with silver or gold accessories and looks great with soft pastel blues and pinks as well as bolder shades like hot pink, and lime green.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you found it helpful in choosing your next nail color.

Until next time, take care!


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