Freaky Fabulous: 31 Halloween Nail Art Ideas You’ll Love

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Looking for some nail inspiration for Halloween 2020? Wanna see the most creepy, creative, and awesomely freakish nail designs out there right now? Then let’s take a look at some of the best Halloween nail art!

Everyone’s social feeds are full of amazing Halloween-themed nail art this year, but there are so many awesome designs that it can get a bit overwhelming.

So, we’ve carefully curated a list of 31 Spooktacular Halloween designs that will have all your friends gagging come October 31st.

Whether you’re going for creepy, cute or classic, we’ve got something to suit, so without further ado – let’s get freaky!

Slasher chic featuring Michael Myers.

1 whoa its jessica Halloween Michael Myers

A lot of this Halloween’s best nail art is movie based, and we’re kicking it off with a creepy design based on John Carpenter’s cult classic movie – Halloween.

These blood-stained beauties are giving me chills!

If your nails are longer than this, you could probably fit in the tip of the knife too, maybe with some blood dripping off it – yes!

2. Baby Frankenstein.

2 whoa its jessica Baby Frankenstein

If you want maximum impact with minimum effort, this is the design for you!

It’s super easy to do – you only need 3 colors – and you don’t need any fancy tools.

Just paint on the black parts with a toothpick, dotter, or a hair grip and you’re good to go!

Why not add some plastic googly eyes and make it 3D?

3. Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray.

3 whoa its jessica Chucky

Wanna play?

No Halloween nail art list would be complete without everyone’s favorite two and a half foot doll-faced serial killer – Chucky.

I love how they’ve deconstructed Chucky’s outfit to create this clever design.

You have the denim nail to represent his dungarees, and the rainbow colors from Chucky’s iconic sweater to make a great eye-catching feature nail.

That mop of ginger hair really pops against the black too!

4. Stephen King’s Pennywise.

4 whoa its jessica penny wise it

If you want to dial up the freak factor this Halloween, try this design featuring Pennywise.

Don’t know who Pennywise is? Sure you do, he’s the notorious children-chomping killer clown from Stephen King’s IT.

5. The Ring.

5 whoa its jessica the ring

Fans of Japanese horror (or the American remake) will love this design.

The movie title appears exactly as it is on the 2002 poster – and for those who don’t get it – the movie title is right there!

How awesome is that abstract face – chilling!

6. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th).

6 whoa its jessica Jason v

Some Halloween villains’ never die, and Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise is a classic example.

Maybe those blood splatters are from one of his victims?

Or perhaps they are from that time he got totally dismembered but then still came back to life!

Yikes! I need a sofa to hide behind!

7. Spooky apple.

7 effkakoneffka spooky apple

Have you ever seen an apple with a skull before?

It’s such a simple idea but it works so well!

Top tip!

If you fancy this design – get a friend to write the message for you, it’s so much easier than trying to do it yourself!

8. Bloody Fingers.

9 replace

Nightmare before Christmas is 27 years old, but it’s still going strong!

This design is great because it could work with so many different costumes.

9. Matte cat.

9 effkakoneffka nude minimal cat

If you’re into minimal and classy Halloween nails then why not try this simple yet elegant nude and black design?

Every witch needs a black cat, and with this design you can have yours right at your fingertips!

10. Pumpkin patch.

10 effkakoneffka pumpkins

These pumpkins are ripe and ready for Halloween 2020.

What will you carve yours into?

11. Singing ghosts.

11 effkakoneffka singing ghosts

Everyone knows how much ghost’s love to sing!

But what’s a ghost’s favorite tune?

…………………… caution! bad joke ahead!

Boo – hemian rhapsody!


12. Witches in the woods.

12 effkakoneffka witches

This green and black ombre design is very atmospheric.

I can almost hear the chanting of spells and the bubbling of cauldrons…

13. Halloween mash up 1.

13 ujvary aneta boogle eyes

Can’t decide if you want ghosts, pumpkins, scary eyeballs or bats?

Then don’t choose!

This design proves that you can have a little bit of everything this Halloween and still turn heads.

Love it!

14. Halloween mash up 2.

14 ujvary aneta pumpkin bats

Purple with pumpkins webs and bats, (and a mummy thrown in for good measure).

Classic Halloween mish-mashed cuteness.

15. Hello zombie kitty.

15 nailz by dev hello kitty

Hello kitty gets a Halloween makeover in this sweet nail art design.

Love the cute characters, the bat inside the heart and those glittery webs!

16. Disney Coco.

16 nailz by dev coco

I’m loving this Disney Coco Inspired nail art design.

It has skulls, flowers, plenty of black and a perfect little replica of the Guitar from the movie.


17. Nickelodeon horror.

17 nailz by dev 𝘕𝘐𝘊𝘒𝘌𝘓𝘖𝘋𝘌𝘖𝘕

Kids’ stuff can be super creepy.

If you’re looking for a unique take on Halloween nail art, why not paint ghoulish versions of your favourite cartoon characters?

It’s interesting, different and nostalgic, a triple whammy!

18. 50’s B movie.

18 nailz by dev pastel 50s B movie

Science fiction movies can be great inspiration for Halloween costumes and nail art designs.

Check out these beautiful nails that are literally dripping with b-movie goodness.

19. Beetlejuice.

19 nailz by dev 𝐁𝐄𝐄𝐓𝐋𝐄𝐉𝐔𝐈𝐂𝐄

The scene where the couple rearrange their ghost faces (from the cult classic horror Beetlejuice) has inspired many a trick or treater.

But have you ever thought of putting those faces on your nails?

Well, that’s exactly what this nail artist did, and I’ve gotta say, I’m feelin it!

20. The Addams family.

20 nailz by dev adams family

This creepy and kooky nail art design features Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Pugsley Addams.

I only have one question. Where’s uncle fester?

21. Funky skulls.

21 urbannailart funky skull

If you’re bored with traditional Halloween designs why not jazz things up a bit with some funky skulls?

This design is colorful, modern and well, funky!

22. Gothic Crow.

22 urbannailart black crow

Despite being a classic gothic and Halloween trope, the crow is often overlooked on Oct 31st.

This bird on a barbed wire design is sophisticated and somber, perfect for all hallows eve.

23. Synthwave boneyard.

23 urbannailart synthwave graveyard

For some reason this design makes me think of music. Specifically, synthwave.

I’m getting post-apocalyptic vibes too.

I wonder what wiped them all out?

24. Spooky spiders.

24 urbannailart spooky spider

There are a LOT of spider and web designs floating around in cyberspace. But this is one of my favs.

The white spiders against the black webs is a nice twist, and those critters look ready to pounce right off those nails – eek!

25. Spooky sketches.

25 rosebnails anime manga

These creatures clearly sprang from a twisted and deranged mind.

And is that a gavel?

Is this some kind of auction for the depraved?

Who is buying these terrifying monstrosities?

I shudder to think.

26. Jack and Sally.

26 rosebnails nightmare before

Here we have the iconic Halloween couple.

That’s right, it’s Jack and Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas.

27. Not so classic Frankie.

27 the polished life Fank

I love a design like this one that takes a classic Halloween character and gives it a bit of a refresh.

This stood out because the artist didn’t go with the obvious stitches and bolts design but instead added some scientific symbols and molecule chains.

Cool no?

28. Cobwebs galore.

28 the polished life webs

If you want your costume to do all the talking and you’re looking for a simple classic design, then you really can’t go wrong with a spider web design against a glittery background.

There are some great spiderweb decals out there, so no need to spend ages painting them on by hand!

29. Scream.

29 19mmprincess69 scream

Have some fun this Halloween creating this awesome blood-spattered scream design!

The blood and handprints are cool enough on their own, but add in the scream mask and you’ve got yourself a kickass Halloween nail art design!

30. BOO! Who?

30 19mmprincess69 spooky ghosts

This is a cute take on a ghost design.

I think he picked the wrong victim though!

I’m liking the trees with the spiderwebs mingled in on this one.

31. Baba Drac.

31 19mmprincess69 baby drac

We’ve seen a baby Frankenstein, but why stop there?

You can have a baby witch, a baby zombie, or even a baby vampire!

This lil’ guy is so cute, but would you accept his invitation?

There we have it, folks, 31 ghastly ideas to inspire you this Halloween.

Have fun, stay safe, and don’t eat too much candy 🙂

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