21 sparkling nail art designs with rhinestones and gems.

Love a bit of sparkle?

Want your nails to get noticed?

I feel ya.

Whether you need inspiration for an upcoming celebration

or you’re just celebrating yourself (and why wouldn’t you – you’re amazing!)

I’ve got you covered.

I’ve scoured the gram to find some of the very best gem and rhinestone-encrusted nail art.

So, let’s take a look right now.

Bling it on!


This is one of the easiest and most striking ways to use crystals in your nail art design.

Simply paint all of your nails (but 1) in your chosen color, then cover that accent nail in rhinestones!

The design possibilities here are pretty much endless.

For a subtle sparkle, you could use gems that are all the same color, choosing the same color as your polish (so, a red mani with red gems on one nail for instance).

Or for a more eye-catching look, you could go for a complementary color (think purple nails with yellow gems on one nail for example).

You could even use different colors – a black mani with multi-colored gems on an accent nail would look amazing!

I like the rhinestone pinky in the image above because the gems are all different sizes, which to me, makes things more interesting.

That huge gem in the middle really demands attention the same way a huge engagement ring would – love!


Here’s an extremely pretty, ultra-girly design full of inspiring ideas for incorporating rhinestones.

I love the idea of using crushed up pearlescent nail art gems – they don’t even look like gems, they almost look like flakes – to form the center of a flower like they’ve done on the second pink nail.

It works really well to gives the impression of light – like the kind you’d get on a sunny day.

I also really like the way they use nail art gems to draw attention to and enhance the delicate butterfly wings.


This striking design combines a classic red mani with rhinestones and leopard print to create a look that’s both elegant and bold.

I love how the nail artist has used different sized gems to create an eye-catching pyramid for each central nail.

This design uses four colors that we all have in our collections, (red, white, black, and gray) to create a stunning nail design that’ll work with almost any outfit!

The artist has chosen to use a matte finish for the above mani, which really makes the rhinestones pop, but this design would work equally well with a glossy finish, too.


Here’s a fun design that incorporates a little bit of negative space for the inside of the heart.

I think it may have taken a while to arrange the gems in a perfect heart like this.

The artist has done a really great job – the lines are so clean, it must have been difficult – but the result is so worth it because it’s simply stunning.


I absolutely love this idea!

It’s so whimsical and quirky, and who says that the gems can’t be painted on?

If you’re handy with a nail art brush, why not give this a try?

Or if you don’t fancy painting the “gems” on, grab yourself some nail art stickers and get cracking!


I’m always amazed by how many different looks you can achieve simply by combining different sized nail art gems.

This design is totally mesmerizing.

Everything about it is polished (pun absolutely intended) from the color choices and the clean lines to the perfect placement of each tiny gem.

The gems on the matte nails really stand out, and switching up the placement of the accent nails works so well.

Just imagine the awesome compliments you’ll get when your nails look like this!



Here’s an awesome variation of the one-color-mani-with-an-accent-nail look.

There really are so many totally different looks that you can get –  just from switching up the polish color and the style of gems you use!

Here the shape of the nail gems used is giving me old school CD vibes.

I’m thinking this would be a great look for music lovers, what do you think?



Wanna keep things simple?

Well, here’s a super easy idea that everyone can pull off!

3 nail gems – placed at the center of each nail in decreasing sizes.

Viola! – awesome nails without too much effort 🙂


Getting married? Or just wanna feel like you are?

This stunning white design just screams princess.

I’m also feeling this design for an extravagant and glamorous winter look.

White goes with absolutely everything too, so no need to worry about what to wear with these nails.

It’s the clever combinations of texture that elevate this monochrome mani from flat white to flat out fabulous!


Don’t you think these ice-cream nail polish bottles are super duper cute?

Me too!

I’m loving this sweet bubblegum color combo with a few gems added and a dollop of glitter that looks like sprinkles!

Anyone else craving a cone?


This intricate flowers and butterflies design is the perfect way to make a nude manicure sing!

I love how the 4 plain nails balance things out so it’s not too much, and the way that tiny little gem on each ties everything together.


Looking for something a bit less conventional?

Why not take inspiration from this awesome and hypnotically artsy mani?

You can never go wrong with black white and pink, and who doesn’t love pigs?


I’m loving this cool combination of crystals and pearls against a solid matte background.

It’s so easy to get carried away adding rhinestones, so I applaud this artist’s obvious restraint.

I think they stopped adding gems at just the right moment, don’t you?

I can’t wait to try this one!


Summer is approaching, and it won’t be long before everyone will be looking for that perfect festival nail art design.

Let me suggest this beautiful offering.

The color of this design is so summer-chic, I can just see it paired with some amazing turquoise jewelry and a floaty floral dress.

Also really feelin’ the four gems stacked on top of one another to make a slender triangle.


Miss deer

Who says that the gems have to stay on the nails?

This is a great out-of-the-box design for anyone with superglue strong enough to keep those bad boys in place!

Seriously, how is that huge gem not flying off her middle finger right now?


This is a great look for all my vintage queens (regal, not drag).

These amber gems are so well placed they look like they’ve been there for years.

I’m getting classy, elegant antique vibes from this one – delish!


As you see from this gorgeous image, any henna-inspired nail art design can be complemented perfectly by adding a few choice rhinestones.

Here, each nail has only 2 gems on it, but the placement is varied according to the 4 different designs.

Absolutely blissful.



11 tiny little gems are all it takes to create this simple yet elegant bow design.

Try mixing up the colors for a completely different feel.

I’m thinking of trying out an androgynous take on this in black, white, and red that looks like a bow tie…


This muted floral design almost looks like it could be painted underwater.

Personally, I think this would be a great design for the end of summer going into fall, as the colors would really compliment a fall palette.

The whole design is pretty, feminine, classy, and not too showy.


Miss deer

Here’s a somewhat simple snowflake design you can try out this winter.

Follow the steps in the tutorial above, and finish with a central gem.

Maybe add some glitter to the background for a bit of extra sparkle?

Snow pretty!


This understated and minimal design is so classy.

Sometimes, the cliche less is more fits and this design is proof of that.

I feel more elegance, poise, and sophistication just looking at it.

Simply beautiful.

That’s it! You’ve seen all 21 designs.

I hope you enjoyed this collection and that you found some inspiration for your next few manis!

Thank you for reading this, I appreciate you 🙂