What color nail polish goes with a green dress?

Not sure what nail polish will go with your green dress?

Let’s talk polish matching!

In this post, we’re going to look at the best nail polish colors for different shades of green.

We’re gonna go deeper into this, but if you’re in a rush, here’s the nutshell answer and some easy nail polish options that will go with any green dress.

For a green dress, choose a nail polish color with a similar undertone to the shade of green that’s in your dress (either blue or yellow). A green dress that has yellow undertones is warm and will pair well with a warm toned nail polish. A green dress with blue undertones is cool and will look best with a cool toned nail polish.

Neutral nail polish colors like black, white, cream, gray, nude, beige or sage green will work with any shade of green dress.

Ready to find the perfect polish to match your green dress?

Let’s get started!

Table of contents:

How do you match nail polish to a dress?

What color nail polish goes with an emerald green dress?

What color nail polish goes with an olive green dress?

What color nail polish goes with an army green dress?

What color nail polish goes with a forest green dress?

What color nail polish goes with a bottle green dress?

Should your toenail and fingernail polish match?

Should lipstick and polish match?

Does silver or gold go better with green?

Final thoughts and tips for choosing the best match for your green dress.

How do you match nail polish to a dress?

There are a few different ways you can go about matching a polish to your dress.

The easiest way is to go for a neutral color.

Matching with neutral nail polishes.

Because they aren’t super strong colors, neutrals blend easily with a wide range of stronger colors.

That makes them a safe bet when you’re trying to match polish to your dress.

Here’s a list of neutral nail polish colors that will go with anything – green dress included!

  • Pure Black
  • Pure White
  • Off whites
  • Slate Gray
  • Taupe
  • Navy
  • Cream
  • Sage green
  • Ivory
  • Tan
  • Blush
  • Beige

Neutrals are great for creating a sophisticated, pulled together look.

Neutral polishes won’t draw too much attention to your nails, so they’re great if you want to let your dress do the talking.

I love neutral nails because they go with so many clothes that I don’t feel the need to change my nails as often.

Matching with complimentary colors.

If you want to create a bold, eye catching look that works well with any dress you could go for the complimentary color.

Complimentary colors appear directly opposite each other on the color wheel.

For green, the complimentary color is red.

Done right, green and red can be unique and unexpected.

But green and red together can look a little christmas-y, so be careful with the shades you choose unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Here are some examples of complementary color matches using green:

  • Bluey green and orangey red

Polish examples:

Zoya – Harbor and Solstice

  • True green and true red

Polish examples:

Zoya – Wyatt and Carmen

  • Yellowish green and reddish purple

Polish examples:

Zoya – Scout and Donnie

Inspiration for pairing green and red.

Here are some awesome green and red color combos to inspire you:

  • Mint green and tomato red


Essie – Feeling poppy and Mint candy apple

  • Lime green and watermelon red


OPI’s To the finish line and Zoya’s Dixie

  • Crimson red and emerald green


OPI’s Suzi san climbed fuji san and Zoya’s Amal

  • Emerald and burgundy

OPI’s Stay off the lawn and Zoya’s Claire

The stronger the color the greater the impact, so go for fully saturated hues for maximum effect.

Matching based on tone.

Another strategy you can try for matching nail polish to your dress is to look for polish colors with the same undertone as your dress.

Most green shades will have either yellow or blue undertones.

Greens with yellow undertones – like lime and chartreuse – are considered warm greens.

Greens with blue undertones – like teal, jade and hunter green – are considered cool greens.

Warm greens:

If your dress is a warm green, it should pair well with a warm toned nail polish like ivory, peach, or coral for example.

Warm greens also look great with reddish purples like fuschia, burgundy and wine, as well as with gold, amber, apricot and copper.

Cool greens:

If your dress is a cool shade of green, look for a polish that has cool undertones like turquoise, bluey gray or magenta.

Cool greens look amazing with bluish purples like lavender, amethyst, violet and indigo.

They also work well with baby and rose pinks, silver, sapphire or royal blue, and ruby red.

What color nail polish goes with an emerald green dress?

Emerald green is a brilliant and vivid green shade.

It’s a medium green, so not overly dark or light – somewhere in the middle.

That means you can easily go lighter or darker depending on what you think looks best.

The best nail polish colors to wear with your emerald green dress are:

  • Navy

Example shades:

OPI – Get ryd-of-thym blues

Essie – Booties on broadway

Zoya – Sailor

  • Burnt orange

Example shades:

OPI – Have your panettone and eat it

Essie – Yes I canyon

Zoya – Heidi

  • Rose pink

Example shades:

OPI – Rice rice baby

Essie – Young wild and me

Zoya – Madeline

  • Copper

Example shades:

OPI – Worth a pretty penne

Essie – Of quartz

Zoya – Autumn

  • Light blue

Example shades:

OPI – Can’t find my czechbook

Essie – Sway in crochet

Zoya – Eleni

  • Peach

Example shades:

OPI – Machu peach-u

Essie – Peach side babe

Zoya – Meadow

  • Dark Aubergine

Example shades:

OPI – Lincoln park after dark

Essie – Model clicks

Zoya – Sloane

  • Lime green

Example shades:

OPI – To the finish lime

Essie – Mojito madness

Zoya – Jace

  • Beige

Example shades:

OPI – The beige of reason

Essie – Less is aura

Zoya – Avery

  • Chartreuse

Example shades:

OPI – This isn’t greenland

Essie – Take a walk

Zoya – Tracie

What color nail polish goes with an olive green dress?

Olive is a warm and fairly dark green shade with a strong dose of yellow in it.

Typically, olive is made up of 3 parts yellow to 1 part blue which is why olive skin is classed as a warm skin tone.

If you have an olive green dress, think about pairing it with one of these colors:

  • Light orange

Example shades:

OPI – Exhibit a line

Essie – Resort fling

Zoya – Sawyer

  • Violet

Example shades:

OPI – Meet me on the star ferry

Essie – V.I. please

Zoya – Lois

  • Gold / bronze

Example shades:

OPI – This gold sleighs me

Essie – Mosaic on down

Zoya – Aggie

  • Maroon

Example shades:

OPI – Can’t be beet

Essie – Not so low key

Zoya – Courtney

  • Light gray

Example shades:

OPI – Suzie talks with her hands

Essie – Without a stitch

Zoya – Dove

  • Coral

Example shades:

OPI – Corral-ling your spirit animal

Essie – Coastal couture

Zoya – Wendy

  • Royal blue

Example shades:

OPI – Mi casa es blue casa

Essie – Aruba blue

Zoya – Jen

  • Blush pink

Example shades:

OPI – Sweet heart

Essie – Ballet slippers remixed

Zoya – Steph

  • Turquoise

Example shades:

OPI – Eternally turquoise

Essie – Turquoise and caicos

Zoya – Talia

  • Yellow

Example shades:

OPI – Don’t tell a sol

Essie – Avant garment

Zoya – Pippa

What color nail polish goes with an army green dress?

Army green is a dark yellow-based green.

An army green dress will pair well with these nail polish colors:

  • Pure white

Example shades:

OPI – Alpine snow

Essie – Blanc

Zoya – Purity

  • Sage green

Example shades:

OPI – S-ageless beauty

Essie – Sage you love me

Zoya – Bevin

  • Cream

Example shades:

OPI – Tenacious spirit

Essie – Rainwear don’t care

Zoya – Lulu

  • Dusty sky blue

Example shades:

OPI – Reach for the sky

Essie – Make a splash

Zoya – Kristen

  • True Black

Example shades:

OPI – Black Onyx

Essie – Now or never

Zoya – Willa

  • Mustard

Example shades:

OPI – Sun, sea and sand in my pants

Essie – Fall for NYC

Zoya – Darcy

  • Magenta

Example shades:

OPI – No turning back from pink street

Essie – New year new hue

Zoya – Fallon

  • Camel

Example shades:

OPI – Barefoot in Barcelona

Essie – Low tide high slit

Zoya – Spencer

  • Beige

Example shades:

OPI – Put in neutral

Essie – Mindful meditation

Zoya – Taylor

  • Tan

Example shades:

OPI – Substantially tan

Essie – Kaf-tan

Zoya – Spencer

What color nail polish goes with a forest green dress?

Forest green is a dark green shade that makes you think of trees and bushes.

It pairs well with most of the earthy and natural colors found in nature.

Here are some polishes that will work well with a forest green dress:

  • Earthy hazelnut brown

Example shades:

OPI – That’s what friends are thor.

Essie – Cliff hanger

Zoya – Channel

  • Chocolate brown

Example shades:

OPI – Chocolate moose

Essie – Chocolate cakes

Zoya – Dea

  • Fuchsia

Example shades:

OPI – Flashbulb fuchsia

Essie – The fuchsia is bright

Zoya – Nana

  • Gray

Example shades:

OPI – Steel waters run deep

Essie – Master plan

Zoya – Tommy

  • Terracotta

Example shades:

OPI – My Italian is a little rusty

Essie – Rocky rose

Zoya – Heidi

  • Burnt orange

Example shades:

OPI – Have your panettone and eat it

Essie – Yes I canyon

Zoya – Annie

  • Bright pink

Example shades:

OPI – La paz-itvely hot

Essie – Secret story

Zoya – Esty

  • Gold

Example shades:

OPI – Many celebrations to go

Essie – Down to the herringbone

Zoya – Goldie

  • Beige

Example shades:

OPI – Samoan sand

Essie – Buns up

Zoya – Cala

  • Metallics

Example shades:

OPI – Worth a pretty penne

Essie – Beat of the moment

Zoya – Tanzy

What color nail polish goes with a bottle green dress?

Bottle green is a deep, dark, bluey green with cool undertones.

It pairs well with light neutrals like white, cream and tan.

You can also match a bottle green dress with these polish colors:

  • Canary yellow

Example shades:

OPI – Exotic birds do not tweet

Essie – Check your baggage

Zoya – Daisy

  • Greeny grays

Example shades:

OPI – I can never hut up

Essie – Maximilian strasse her

Zoya – Yuna

  • Pinky nudes

Example shades:

OPI – Dulce de leche

Essie – Come out to clay

Zoya – Joss

  • Sandy nuetrals

Example shades:

OPI – Maintaining my sandity

Essie – Sand tropez

Zoya – Enza

  • Peach

Example shades:

OPI – Matchu peach-u

Essie – Peach side babe

Zoya – Tessa

  • Lilac

Example shades:

OPI – Do you lilac it?

Essie – Lilacism

Zoya – Vee

  • Soft yellow

Example shades:

OPI – Suzi’s slinging mezcal

Essie – Sunny buisness

Zoya – Bee

  • Dark vampy reds

Example shades:

OPI – Complimentary wine

Essie – Wicked

Zoya – Sam

  • Light gray

Example shades:

OPI – Suzi talks with her hands

Essie – Without a stitch

Zoya – Carey

  • Tangerine orange

Example shades:

OPI – I’ll have a gin and tectonic

Essie – Any fin goes

Zoya – Thandie

Should your toenail and fingernail polish match?

This is a tough one, and even the experts can’t seem to agree!

Some high-up fashionistas in the beauty industry think matching your nails and toes is tacky.

Oprah’s magazine beauty director Valerie Monroe said that herself.

But then there are others like Ji baek (owner of Rescue beauty Lounge in NYC) who say that matching your fingernails and toes makes you look more pulled together.

So, is matching your fingers and toes tacky or chic?

I guess it’s up to you to decide!

As for me, I agree with the artistic director at OPI.

She says it’s better to co-ordinate your toenail polish with your fingernail polish.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, instead of painting your fingernails and toes the same color, paint them in different colors that work well together.

You know how you can have more than one accent color in an outfit?

Well, think of your nails as the place to display your accent colors!

Then choose 2 colors that match your wardrobe and that work together.

Not sure what colors to match?

Don’t worry.

Here are some examples of polish pairings that rock for inspo:

  • Coral and teal
  • Peach and lime
  • Lavender and deep purple
  • Tan and burgundy
  • Lilac and mint
  • Navy and mustard
  • Royal blue and hot pink
  • Cobolt blue and wine
  • Emerald green and cobalt blue
  • Blush and sage green
  • Turquoise and light orange
  • Mocha and tangerine

Should lipstick and polish match?

The current trend for matching lipstick and nail polish isn’t a new thing.

It was all the rage back in the early 50’s, then it fell out of vogue for a while – and now it’s back with a vengeance!

You don’t have to match your lips and tips, but if you do want to indulge in the trend, then you can buy a lipstick and nail polish set from most of the major players.

Matching your lipstick and nails isn’t the sort of thing you do when your chillin’ in jeans and a sweater.

But it does create a deliberate, sophisticated, classy put together and elevated look that’s perfect for a special event or a night out.

If you prefer not to match – that’s totally ok too.

You can create a stunning modern look with a great pop of color by wearing complimentary lips and tips.

Match, don’t match.

Alternate between matching and not.

There’s no golden rule when it comes to matching lipstick and nail polish – so just do you!

Does silver or gold go better with green?

Great question! I’ve struggled with this myself.

I’m cool toned, so silver jewelry looks best on me.

I also love to wear forest green.

I’ve been wearing my forest green top with a silver and pearl necklace, but I was never sure if I should have been pairing it with gold instead.

So I did some digging and here’s what I found out.

Silver is basically a metallic with a gray base.

That makes silver a neutral color, so it can be worn with green.

Gold is yellow based and yellow and green are next door neighbors on the color wheel – so gold also works well with green.

But which is better?

Well, after looking at how graphic, fashion and interior designers use green, gold and silver –

  • I can conclude that anything goes!

Green and silver are used widely and so are green and gold.

I wanted to give you some kind of helpful advice to follow (like to say light green pairs best with silver and dark green with gold).

But the truth is that there doesn’t seem to be any rules.

I thought that silver might work better with cool greens and warm greens would be paired more with gold – but gold and silver can both be used equally with very similar shades of green.

So that settles it – neither is better or worse so wear what you want!

Personally, I’d stick with the color that best flatters your skin tone.

Final thoughts and tips for choosing the best match for your green dress.

There are 3 main ways to go about matching a polish to your green dress.

You can either:

  1. Paint your nails in a neutral color.
  2. Choose a complimentary color.


  1. Find a matching polish by looking at the undertones in your dress.

For the most harmonious look, choose a polish that matches your skin tone (warm skin plus warm color polish and cool skin plus cool colored polish).

Some polish descriptions will tell you outright (Zoya in particular is really good for this) or at least give you a hint as to whether the polish is cool or warm toned.

I hope that you have found this post helpful and good luck choosing your color!