What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress?

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Let’s find out!

In this post, we’re going to look at what colors go with Leopard Print.

I’ll even recommend some exact nail polish shades from some of my favorite brands.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to find a polish that works perfectly with your dress.

In a hurry to make it to the party?

Then, before we deep-dive into Leopard Print, here’s the short and fast answer:

Black, White, Tan, and Nude nails go with a Leopard Print dress. You can also wear Gold, Blush, Cream, or Khaki nail polish. Rust, Olive, Forest or Emerald Green, and Red will go. Vibrant Pink, Canary or Marigold Yellow, and Orange nails will also work well.

So you have some options for what color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress – Great!

Now, let’s go over each of these colors (and more) to see what kind of looks you can create.

Here’s a table of contents for easy navigation:

Table of contents:

Tips and advice for choosing the right polish color

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Neutral polish colors.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Earth tones.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Bold polish colors.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Metallic polish colors.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Other polish colors.

Final thoughts

Tips and advice for choosing the right polish color

In this section, we’ll go over how to choose a polish that works for you.

Let’s start with what Leopard print is and the message it sends to the world.

Is my dress really Leopard Print?

There are lots of animal print dresses out there.

Before we go any further, let’s triple-check that your dress is a true Leopard Print.

Leopard print has 3 main colors.

The background is a warm golden tan.

Then the pattern is black and light brown.

The light brown looks different from the background, and appears in the center of the “spots”.

A lot of people confuse Leopard print with cheetah print.

They are quite similar, but there are some key differences to watch out for.

Cheetah print, like Leopard, is also tan, but it’s a lot cooler. 

The pattern of Cheetah Print is also more minimal than Leopard Print.

If the black spots in your print don’t have light brown in the center, it’s Cheetah.

What does Leopard Print say about you?

If you’re wearing Leopard Print, chances are that you’re independent, confident, and bold.

You may also be non-conformist, or a bit of a rebel.

Despite its big visual impact, the densely woven pattern means that it reads to the eye as a neutral.

This makes Leopard Print versatile.

There are lots of nail polish colors that will work with your Leopard Print dress.

Depending on the colors and accessories you choose, a Leopard Print dress can be daring and fun.

Or chic and timeless.

So you’ll need to think about the look you’re going for.

Do you want a strong, bright nail color that matches the boldness of the dress?

Or do you want a more neutral color that will let your dress do the talking?

What do you like and what suits your style?

There are so many vibes you can create with your Leopard Print dress.

You should base your color choice on your personal style and personality.

Want a rebellious and punky vibe? Then try a hot pink or a cherry red.

Want something a little more elegant and classy?

Then try taupe, Olive, or Blush.

The important thing is to choose a nail color you like, and that works for your style.

No use wasting money on a nail color that goes with your dress, but that isn’t really “you”.

Choose a nail color that compliments your style and your personality.

That way, you’ll feel super confident in your amazing dress!

Time of year

The season is something that can also factor in when you’re making color choices.

You don’t have to consider the season, but it is sometimes useful.

Let me give you some examples of how I choose my polish based on seasons.

Let’s say I’m wearing a leopard print dress in summer.

Then I’d go for a bright canary yellow or a bold orange.


Because those are bright colors associated with sunshine and fun in the sun.

Now let’s say I’m wearing Leopard Print in the fall.

In fall, I’d go for mustard yellow, brown, or burgundy red.

There are no rules here.

But being aware of how certain shades can read as seasonal can help you choose.

What’s the occasion?

Another thing that might influence your choice is the occasion.

By occasion, I mean when and where are you going to wear this dress?

Is it a formal affair?

Lunch with friends?

Maybe a date?

It’s a good idea to think about the vibe you want.

Gold nail polish would be perfect for a formal event with your Leopard Print dress.

But for lunch with the girls, you might want a more casual look.

That being said, let’s see the nail polish colors that go best with a Leopard Print dress.

First up, neutrals.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Neutral polish colors.

Most neutral nail polish colors will work with a Leopard Print dress.

If you want to learn about neutral polish colors, check out our 14 nail polish colors that go with any outfit post.

Some neutrals will look slightly better than others.

Here are the best neutrals to go with Leopard Print:

Black and White

Both black and white will work with Leopard Print.

Black polish is a no-brainer since your Leopard Print already has black in it.

A bright, crisp, white will also look great.

Leopard Print has warm undertones.

This means that you can also wear off-white shades of nail polish like Ivory or Cream.


Most shades of brown will look flattering with your dress.

Since Leopard print contains brown, brown nail polish will look monochromatic.

If you want all eyes on your dress, and not on your nails, then brown is a good choice.

Shades of brown that are warm will look best.

Light neutrals:

Most light-colored neutrals will complement a Leopard Print dress.

For an understated but pulled-together look, try taupe, beige, or nude nail polish.

To add a touch of femininity, try painting your nails blush pink.

Other options include Camel, Khaki, Pale Gray, and Pewter.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Earth tones.

Earthy colors look great with Leopard Print.

Any color that would be around a Leopard in the wild will work.

Think, rust, burgundy, maroon, olive, and forest green.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Bold polish colors.

Do you want maximum impact?

Then wear your Leopard Print dress with bright bold shades of Red, Yellow, Pink, or Green.

Red is a tricky one.

The shade of polish to go for is cherry red.

Leopard Print with red nails, or a bold red lip, can be super striking and fierce.

But some people think red and leopard are a bit tacky.

If you are at all concerned about looking tacky or trashy – you should avoid red.

But if you want an edgy look that fashionistas love, despite the tacky associations – then go for it!

Yellow and Leopard Print looks super chic.

Try a canary yellow for an eye-catching combo or marigold for a slightly toned-down version.

When it comes to pairing Leopard Print and Pink – the more vibrant the better!

Think hot pink and bold shades like fuschia.

If you like the idea of green nail polish but don’t wanna go too dark.

A lime green could be perfect for you.

Lime green and Leopard Print makes a bold statement – so it may not be for everyone.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Metallic polishes.

A metallic version of any of the colors we’ve discussed will go with your dress.

But what about gold and silver?

Well, as we’ve learned, Leopard Print has a lot of warmth in it.

This means that Gold is a natural partner to Leopard Print.

The warm tones of gold and golden yellow nail polishes will harmonize with your dress.

Leopard Print can work equally well with silver and gold.

If you have cool skin, silver will look better.

If you have warm skin, Gold will make you glow.

What color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress? Other polish colors.

Still not found your perfect match?

Then here are some other colors that go with a Leopard Print dress:

Other colors:


Darker shades of green work best.

Any shade of dark green, like Olive, Hunter, or Forest will look beautiful with your dress.

Emerald Greenadds a richness to Leopard Print.

It makes it more luxurious and flattering.


Mustard nail polish is another great option.

Mustard and Leopard Print together is the perfect combination for fall and winter.


Burgundy nails are so chic and sophisticated!

Again, I love this combination for fall and winter.


Peach nail polish looks amazing with Leopard Print.

I like it because it’s not an obvious choice.

If you want to look stylish and chic and add an unexpected touch, peach is perfect!

Prom nails for a leopard print dress

If you’re wearing leopard print to prom, this section is for you!

Prom is a formal event, but it can also be an opportunity to show off your creativity and personality.

I’m guessing you already have your dress picked out, right?

Then let the dress guide you in your choice of nail color.

What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s break it down.

Here are some things to think about.

Tips for choosing prom nails to go with a leopard print dress

First, take a few seconds to think about how you would describe your prom dress.

Is it classicly elegant? Fun, and flirty? Minimal and modern? Or quirky and different?

When you’re choosing a nail color for prom, try to match the overall look of the dress.

For example, if you’re wearing a dress that’s elegant, classy, and very formal, then you’ll want a nail color that matches that vibe.

Some great options for a more traditionally formal leopard print dress would be, emerald, forest green, chocolate brown, ivory, champagne, gold, and copper.

If your dress is on the fun and flirty side, then you might get a little more playful with your nails.

Some great ideas for a fun flirty leopard print prom dress would be red, vibrant pink, or a canary yellow. Orange and peach nails would work too.

For a modern and minimal look, plain nails in a neutral color like black, off-white gray, navy, tan, or beige will do the trick.

What are the undertones in your dress?

My second tip is to look at the undertones in your dress. Is it a warm or a cool leopard print?

We already talked about how true leopard print is warm. But you could also have a cooler (cheetah) printed dress.

Once you know if the print shade of your dress is warm or cool, a great trick is to find a nail polish (in any color you like) that has the same undertone as your dress.

So if your dress is cool, look for nail polishes with cool undertones, and vice versa.

This tip works for any color of dress by the way, not just leopard print.

If you’re not sure whether a nail polish color is warm or cool, check the polish descriptions.

Zoya is great at explaining the overall tone of the polish and you can search on their website by warm or cool.

Do you want your nails to stand out?

My third tip for matching your nails to your prom dress is to think about how much you want your nails to stand out.

I mean, it’s prom so you’re probably going to want all eyes on your dress, right?

Leopard print is pretty bold so you can either keep your nails simple or match the boldness of the print with an eyecatching nail color.

To keep it simple and chic, avoid too much bling or eye-catching colors.

You can compliment a leopard print prom dress by adding a modest nail color and design.

If you have a lot of detail on your dress then you don’t want a ton of gems, glitter, etc on your nails, as this will draw attention away from the dress.

If your leopard print prom dress is minimal, vintage, or understated, then you might want to go bolder with your nail choice.

You could go for a highly contrasting color like red or a bold metallic to finish the look.

Final thoughts

Congratulations! You made it to the end!

You just absorbed a lot of great info.

I’m sure by now you have a good idea of what color nail polish goes with a Leopard Print dress.

And what polish color you’re going to go for.

So I wish you happy painting!

Good luck and have a wonderful time in your fierce Leopard Print dress 🤗