Hot Pink Dress? Your Ultimate 2023 Guide to Nail Colors that Match

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Got a Hot pink dress? Need some polish inspiration? I’ve got your back! You’re about to learn what color nail polish goes with a Hot Pink Dress. I’ll give you all the best color matches for your dress. And I’ll even share some exact shades of polish that work with hot pink.

Want a fast answer?

Then, before we go deep into this, here’s the quick answer to your question:

Black, White, Navy, and Gray nails go with a Hot Pink dress. You could also choose Gold, Cyan, Light Pink, or Coral nail polish. Almost any shade of Green polish will work too. Cobalt Blue, Turquoise, Golden Yellow, and Red will go. Deep Purple or Orange nails will also work well with a Hot Pink dress.

Now you have an idea of what color nail polish goes with a hot pink dress – yay!

But how do you choose the right color for you?

We’ll go over that in the Tips and Advice section.

Here’s a table of contents for easy navigation:

Table of contents:

Expert tips for picking out a polish color

What neutral nail polish colors go with a Hot Pink dress?

What monochromatic colors go with a Hot Pink dress?

What complementary polish colors go with a Hot Pink dress?

What metallic polish colors go with a Hot Pink dress?

What other polish colors go with a Hot Pink dress?

Final thoughts

Tips and advice for choosing the right polish color

What does Hot Pink say about you?

Hot pink is sweet pink’s rebellious cousin.

It’s a color that has been used by punks and feminists.

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Hot Pink is an eye-catching color that makes a bold statement.

Associated with youth, energy, and fun. It’s a color that will get you noticed.

When you’re choosing a polish color, you need to consider what look you want.

Maybe you want a nail polish that matches the vibrancy and energy of Hot Pink.

Or you might want a polish color that will tone it down a bit.

Here are some things to think about.

What suits you and what are you drawn to?

Good news! There are a ton of polish colors that will go with Hot Pink.

So you have plenty of wiggle room to create different looks.

You’ll probably find that some of the color combos suggested in this post appeal more than others.

That’s totally ok.

Don’t get tempted to buy polish in a shade you don’t love, even if it goes with your dress.

I’ll give you an example. Red and Hot pink work very well together.

But personally, I don’t like them together.

Red nails don’t fit with my style or personal taste.

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So I let them be and choose something I prefer.

When it comes to choosing a nail color, don’t be afraid to let your personal style and personality shine!

That way you’ll feel confident and comfortable in your killer dress.

The time of the year

The answer to the question of what color nail polish goes with a hot pink dress might depend on the season.

You might feel that some colors work better for summer, fall, winter, and spring.


I’ll give you a few examples of what I mean.

For me, a bright, golden yellow is the perfect pairing for a hot pink dress in summer.

But in fall, I’d go for a mustard yellow, burgundy red, or deep purple.

There are no rules, but it’s good to be aware of how colors can read as seasonal.

What’s the occasion?

Something else you might want to give a bit of thought to is the occasion.

Are you going to a formal event?

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Or do you want a more casual vibe?

Think about where you are going to be and choose a polish color that matches the mood.

Let’s say you are wearing your dress on a first date.

The polish color you choose might be something flirty and girly – like a soft pink.

But for a beach party, you might go for a bright, bold, vibrant color like orange or lime.

Let’s find out what color nail polish goes with a hot pink dress.

Starting with neutrals.

What neutral polish colors go with a Hot Pink dress?

Want a nail polish shade that won’t draw attention from your dress?

Then a neutral color is your best bet.

Hot pink is a strong, bold color.

A Neutral polish shade can help to tone down the boldness a little.

I’m crazy about neutral polishes. They’re just so versatile!

I love how they go with everything and anything in my closet.

Interested in what nail polish colors go with everything?

Check out my 14 nail polish colors that go with any outfit post.

Here are some of the best neutrals to pair with your Hot Pink dress:



Black goes with pretty much any shade of pink.

But Black and Hot Pink together are extra fabulous!

If you want a look that’s sexy and stylish, go for black nail polish (and black accessories).

Try Opi’s Black Onyx for a true black.


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A hot pink dress with white nails is a match made in heaven!

If you want a look that’s sophisticated, elegant, and minimal then go for white nail polish.

Be sure to get a white that’s crisp and pure.

A word of caution about white nail polish!

If you do a Tik-Tok, everyone will think you’re single.



Navy blue is one of my absolute go-to shades for a classic and sophisticated nail look.

It’s my favorite neutral nail polish, it’s timeless and versatile.

Hot pink and Navy Blue is a popular wedding color combo, and with good reason.

If you’re wearing Hot Pink to a formal event, you can’t go wrong with navy nails.

Navy nails are posh, classy, and go with everything.

They’ll also look amazing with blue jeans the next day!



Most shades of gray nail polish will go with a Hot Pink dress.

Dark gray will give you a sophisticated and dramatic look.

Whereas mid to light grays are more playful and feminine with Hot Pink.

What monochromatic polish colors go with a Hot Pink dress?

If you want a monochromatic look, then why not go for another shade of pink?

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Any other shade of pink will work and make you look pulled together and fashionable.

Softer pink shades, like blush, for example, can create a nice contrast with vibrant Hot pink.

What complimentary nail polish colors go with a Hot Pink dress?

Here’s a little bit of color theory.

Did you know that all colors have an opposite?

color wheel

And If you put 2 opposite colors together they compliment each other?

If you ever need a nail polish color to go with an outfit, google the color wheel.

Find the color you want to match, and then check what color sits opposite it on the wheel.

Complimentary colors are high-contrast pairings that make a statement.

The complementary color for pink is green.

This means that most shades of green, from earthy to vibrant will work with any pinks.

We can get even more specific.

Each shade of pink has its own exact green shade that looks perfect.

The best shade of green to pair with Hot Pink is Lime Green.

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Wear lime green polish with your hot pink dress and wait for the compliments to roll in!

What metallic polishes go with a Hot Pink dress?

Hot pink can work equally well with silver and gold.

You can also wear a metallic version of any of the polish colors that go with Hot Pink.


Whether you go with gold or silver nail polish is up to you.

But my advice would be to go with gold if you have a warm skin tone, and silver if you’re cool-skinned.

This advice applies to jewelry, too.

What other polish colors that go with a Hot Pink dress?

Still haven’t found a color you like?

Here are some more options for polish colors that go with a Hot pink dress.

Cobalt Blue


Cobalt blue is a bold blue shade that will match the intensity of your dress.

OMG, this color combo is stunning!

If you want a vibe that’s bright, impactful, and full of energy,

you could also try Tallulah from Zoya for a metallic finish.



Turquoise and Hot Pink is another fun and fabulous combo you can try.

If you want a good turquoise polish, I can recommend In The Cab-Ana from Essie.


It looks amazing with Hot Pink.


Coral is a mixture of pink and orange.

Both colors work well with Hot Pink!

Coral and Hot Pink make a great choice for spring and summer.

Check out Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal from OPI to go with your dress.

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Keep it pale and muted, or go full-on bright to keep it feminine and fierce!

Most shades of yellow polish will work.

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Particularly if you have a warm skin tone.

Marigold yellow is a great choice with Hot Pink.

Any golden yellow shade will look incredible.


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Orange and pink are analogous colors.

This means they sit next to one another on the color wheel.

Next door neighbor colors always work well together.

So you can’t go wrong with a bright, vibrant orange, or even a peachy nail polish.

Be careful if you have cool-toned skin.

Orange is a warm color that works best with warm undertones.


Red is another color that is analogous to pink.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of pink and red together, but that’s just my opinion.

Maybe you love red and pink together.

If you do, go for it!

A nice bright cherry red will work well for cool skin tones as well as warm.

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I have cool skin.

Purple is the color I would go for if I was wearing a hot pink dress.

You don’t want a bright purple, because that’s going to make the look a bit retro and psychedelic.

What you want with your Hot Pink dress is a rich, deep dark purple.

Like eggplant.

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Final thoughts

That was a lot of information to take in.

Well done for making it to the end – you rock!

By now, you should have some great ideas for what color nail polish goes with a hot pink dress.

Hopefully, you now have plenty of inspiration for how to paint your nails.

Good luck and have an awesome time in your cute Hot Pink dress 🤗


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