Blinded By Bling: 44 Glitter Nail Art Ideas to Love

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Holo. If you love shiny things (and nail art) then you’re in for a treat! I’ve scoured the Gram looking for the very best nail art that sparkles, shimmers, and shines. Here are some of the awesome designs I found. Ready for a major dose of inspiration? Let’s take a look at some of the best glitter nail art designs.

1.  Classic glombre (glitter ombre).

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When it comes to glitter nail art designs, this is a classic.

One of the reasons I love glitter so much is because glitter is just so damn versatile.

Glitter nails can go from quirky, whimsical, and fun – to elegant, classy, and modern.

This design is a great example of the latter.

Love the ring, too!

2. Balloons & bling.

1 3

I’m calling nail art design “balloons and bling”.

This is such a cute idea for a celebration.

I’m thinking that this would work for birthday nails, graduation, prom, or even to celebrate the birth of a new baby!

I’m a big fan of simple ideas with impact, and the above design is a classic example.

Just 2 colors (glitter polishes of course) and a balloon stamp and you’re good to go.

3. I’m blue.


If you love glitter nail art designs but you’re not really into ultra-girly designs, then you might wanna try something like this.

There’s a lot going on in this blue, green, black, and silver geometric design.

I’m lovin’ the combination of ombre, glitter, and squares.

4. Watermelon heaven.

1 4

I’ve fallen in love with this super cool gold glitter and watermelon design from Urban Nail Art.

It’s giving me 1980’s vibes and making me want watermelon juice!

Is it just me, or do those rinds look a bit like old film reels…

Here is a tutorial for the design.

5. Enchanted forest.


This forest design perfectly captures the beginning of the fall.

I love everything about this design.

First off, the use of glitter here is really creative. Doesn’t that tree-lined path look so inviting?

I’m also lovin’ the colors the artist has chosen for the leaves, and the way the whole design looks like a watercolor painting.

6. Black and gold geometric.


Glitter nail art designs come in all shapes and styles.

This gold and black design is minimal, elegant, and classy.

It also scores points for being fairly easy to do.

You can get this look with some striping tape, a nail stamp, and some matte topcoat.

If you don’t have a stamp you could try using a dotting tool and a nail art brush or cocktail stick to create the pinky design.

7. Striking stripes.


Let’s take a moment to admire the length and shape of these beauties!

Look how those stripes elongate the nails even more.

Here, the artist has cleverly varied the shades and the striping designs to create 3 awesome feature nails.

I can’t wait to have a go at this one!

8. Red bombshell.


Ooooh sexy…

This bombshell means business!

Her hair is the color of roses, and her eyes are the color of leaves.

Love the glittery eyeshadow and the sparkling gown!

Definitely one of my current favorite glitter nail art designs

9. Raspberry sparkle.

2 1

This one’s for those of you who like to keep it fruity 😉

If you scroll the IG feeds as much as I do, then you’ve probably seen tons of watermelon nail art, pineapple nail art, and even apple nail art.

But raspberries! With glitter on them! Need I say more?

I can’t wait to try this one out – bring on the summer!

10. Roses of gold.

3 1

If you’re looking for the perfect nail art idea for spring and summer, this could be it.

This sophisticated, elegant, and oh so girly look is created with silver holo glitter over a peachy background.


11. Teddy Fresh.

1 5

It’s hard not to love a glittery teddy bear, and this one is adorable.

I know what I’m asking for next time I treat myself to a mani done by someone other than me!


12. Hot pink half-moons.


This is a simple glittery twist on the half-moon design that we all know and love.

The colors and the design here work really well together to create a clean modern look that’s perfect for all seasons.

I’m not a huge fan of pink nails myself but this is so cute!

13. Geometric Gems.

3 2

Here’s a geometric gem design with silver glitter that totally pops.

The silver works so well against that cool blue-gray background.

To create this look, get yourself a gem stamp (or freehand the gems if that’s how you roll).

Play around with the placement of the gems and the glitter colors for a completely different look every time!

14. Buffy little bunnies.


*sings loudly* “Bunnies, bunnies it must be bunnies!”

 Just a little reference for all the Buffy fans out there 🙂

This is my absolute favorite Easter design!

That glitter polish is ah maz ing!

It’s so Alice in Wonderland.

I love the combination of the negative space-bunny on the left and the cute bunny ears on the right.

Take me to Wonderland, white rabbit – I’m so ready!

15. Beach star.

1 6

Looking for a fun, simple, cute-but-eye-catching design for the beach this summer?

Look no further!

Glitter nail art designs catch the sun and add a bit of whimsy to your beach look.

I love the high contrast between the blue and the orange in this design.

And the way the stripy background on the feature nails looks like sand!

I think I’d be tempted to paint starfish instead of stars!

16. Drippy glitter.

4 1

This sweet nail art design looks good enough to eat!

The pastel colors are paired perfectly with the holo glitter to create an awesome fresh take on the paint drip design.

This one is giving me birthday cake vibes with gooey shiny rainbow icing!

Anyone else want cake right now?

17. Moonlight and magic.


Having 1 awesome signature nail like this is a great way to spice up your glitter mani.

I love this moonlit night idea, it’s so atmospheric and artsy!

18. Best of British.


Do you love Downton Abbey, a nice cup of tea and all things English?

Then why not try out this sophisticated vintage nail art design, straight from England.

It’s incredibly classy and elegant don’t you know…

19. Unicorn fantasy.


Ohmygosh, unicorns, glitter and pink.

Could this nail art design be any cuter?

Also, why have one feature nail, when you can have three?

20. They’re here!

2 2

Let any 5 year old choose their favorite nail art design and this is the one they’d pick!

The truth is out there.

This is a space design that’s a little bit different.

I think it’s great how the artist has included the planets as well as the moon and stars.

There are even a rocket and a little green man!

21. Just a glittle.

2 3

Glitter can be hard work. Especially when you’re trying to remove it.

Why not make life easier for yourself by using just a little bit to make your nail art really pop?

Here’s a bright and summery design that proves that a little glitter can go a long way.

22. Cirque de dott-ay.


Next up is a super easy nail art idea for spring and summer.

This is a simple but effective nail art idea that anyone can pull off!

Start by applying a couple of coats of your chosen glitter polish, then grab a dotting tool to create the flowers.

23. Glitter city.


I absolutely adore how this nail artist has transformed a simple glitter ombre into a star-filled sky at sunset.

I’m sure you’ve seen glitter polish used to create a sky before, particularly in space-themed designs.

But have you ever seen one complete with a beautiful sunset and cityscape?


24. Glitter party.

17 1

Birthday nails!

This awesome design has everything you need for a great birthday.

Flowers, check.

Balloon, yup.

Gift, of course.

Wine, absolutely.

Cake, always.

And lots of glitter!

What more could you ask for on your special day?

25. Confetti junction.

6 1

Oh, my goodness, this is so cu-yute and so simple!

To get this look, first apply base coat. Don’t skip the basecoat or the glitter will not stick as well and it will be harder to get off!

Next, apply any glitter you like, (chunky pieces work really well) to the top 2 thirds of each nail.

Leave the bottom third of each nail clean and finish with topcoat to seal.

26. Ribbons and bows.

7 1

I wish I could paint leaves like this.

Unfortunately, my artistic skills leave a lot to be desired (I do draw mean stick people though).

Anyhoo, this pink ribbon and leaves design is super pretty.

27. Keeping it simple.


Not everyone has the time, patience or skills to create fancy nail designs.

But don’t worry, you can still have some creative fun with color combo manis like the one above.

Choose 2, 3, 4 or 5 glitter polishes that work together and experiment with different combinations and placement.

The possibilities are endless.

28. Somewhere over…

5 1

Even though I’ve seen a million of them, nothing puts a smile on my face like a super cute rainbow design!

I do some variation of rainbow nail art pretty much every summer.

I’m currently loving the “I made an awesome rainbow design but I didn’t try too hard” vibes of this simple and easy DIY masterpiece 🙂

This design is proof that there is gold at the end of the rainbow!

29. Round 3.

7 2

This overlapping circles design is sure to get the compliments rollin’ in.

The 4 colors the artist has chosen really complement one another.

This one is giving me dreamy, whimsical yet also sophisticated vibes.

30. Under the sea.

4 2

Sing it with me. “The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else’s lake…”

Lovin’ this under the sea nail art idea.

It’s another great example of how a glitter ombre can be used to create an awesome background for a themed design.

31. Pucker up!

13 1

Don’t you just luuurve this design?

Me too!

Those faded glitter lips are ultra cool and oh so chic!

I like how they’ve used the 2 glitter backgrounds together on the ombre nail, it really ties the whole look together.

Just throw on some jeans and a graphic tee and you’ll be ready for anything life can throw at ya.

32. So much heart.

5 2

Need a cute valentine’s day nail art design?

How about this cutie?

Simply paint on some nude shimmer polish and add either hand drawn or stamped red hearts.

Then finish with a glittery feature nail, perfection.

33. Bubble pop.

5 3

I want a pink denim jacket so bad!

These beautifully shaped nails in bubblegum pink with gold glitter tips are simply stunning.

If you want something classy, feminine and fun, this is the one.

34. Stars gonna shine.

3 3

This design has 1 of my all-time favorite nail art color combos.

I wear blue with silver jewelry all the time so this is the perfect mani to compliment pretty much everything in my wardrobe!

If you love blue and silver together and you love stars, this is the nail art design for you.

That silvery rainbow glitter is gorgeous!

35. Pretty with pink.


This simple design with a single stunning feature nail is so fabulous!

Black and gold always look so luxurious and elegant, but that pink adds a touch of fun and makes the whole look less “dressy”.

36. Hot flash.

1 7


How awesome are these silver and red flames?

Pretty awesome I’d say!

Don’t you just love it?

But where could you rock this?

I’m thinking festivals, weekends out, and summer nights playing pool at the local bar…

37. I wear my heart on my nail.

4 3

This sophisticated, elegant, and mature design would be perfect for Valentine’s day, or a romantic special occasion like an anniversary dinner.

Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to that stunning gold-encrusted gem-adorned feature nail, which I’m guessing is exactly what the artist wanted!

38. Great Scott Fitgerald that’s gorgeous!

4 4

This is a great 1920’s inspired gatsby-esque mani from Nails by Nina.

This design is proof that you can get an elegant look that just oozes class by investing in some striping tape and a make-up sponge.

39. Superfine flowers.

2 4

Looking for something a little different to spice up your glitter game?

Why not try using stencils to create an awesome shiny nail art design?

This technique works best with super fine glitter, and as you can see in the pic above, the results are amazing!

You can play around with different glitter colors to create a fresh look every time.

40. Flowers don’t need color to shine.

5 4

Such delicate flowers.

The fact that this is a floral design but done in black and white makes this nail art creation really unique and interesting.

I’d definitely be happy if I left the salon with this!

41. Keepin’ it clean.

6 2

Are those blue roses?

What do you think?

Maybe my eyes are playing tricks, but this nail art design is giving me floral vibes.

Those white nails are so perfectly painted.

And for me, the length is just right.

42. We are all made of stars.

10 1

Purple and silver is a classic nail art color combo that always works.

I really like how the amount of glitter on each nail in this design varies.

Also lovin’ the little nail art gems at the center of the stars.

43. Love Lace.

7 3

This is such a cute design.

The design itself is really quite simple, but the placement of glitter on the accent nail elevates the whole look.

Kinda reminds me of lace, beautiful!

I’m feelin’ the mix of glitter colors used here too.

44. Marvelous marble.

6 3

The colors in this design are so perfect! I love them so much.

I can’t decide if the artist was going for a drippy paint effect, a water marble effect or both.

In any case, the result is stunning.

I really like that there’s plenty of room to make mistakes experiment creatively with this idea.

So, that’s it!

You’ve seen all 44 glitter nail art designs! I hope you found something you like 🙂

Happy painting.

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